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Were you hoping to take a 2016 Acura NSX home when the hybrid supercar leaves Ohio this fall? You may need to get in line.

According to AutoGuide, NSX project chief Ted Klaus says production will be on terms of “demand minus one,” with no plans to add more manpower or shifts to the car’s annual production. No word thus far on how many will leave Marysville per year.

Right now, the NSX is undergoing final validation prior to production, but Acura announced that the exotic’s twin-turbo hybrid V6 system is expected to deliver at least 550 horsepower. As far as price of admission goes, nothing firm has been confirmed, though one insider says the brand is shooting for a target of $150,000.

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14 Comments on “NAIAS 2015: 2016 Acura NSX To See Limited Annual Production...”

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    “This is destined to be a collector’s wet dream one day.”

    Said none of the navel-gazers standing around the unveil of the Acura a-non-nym-X SuperCar.

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    S2k Chris

    Interesting, that’s the opposite of what happened last time Honda built a new factory to build its supercar.

    And on that note, if they’re limiting production but building a “Performance Center” I wonder what other things will be coming out of it.

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      And last time, they built so few of the NSX’s in the later years that it was almost funny.

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        Turbo Is Black Magic

        It’s part of the Honda business plan of engineer a great product, ignore it for a decade with nearly no updates till it’s not even close to competitive, finally cancel the model and move resources to design a new front bumper for some CUV.

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    For a non-boutique shop it’s not easy to do a limited production run like LaFerrari or Porsche 918. Those cars are in the 7-figure area. At $150k, the NSX would do well to be produced in numbers similar to the 911 Turbo.

    We need more supercars on the streets to raise the next generation of car fans!

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    $150k isn’t really too bad compared to the previous generation price range.

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    I’m just wondering whether or not my local Acura dealership will have one. If so, may I sit in it? Please?

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    johnny ro

    I distantly lust after first gen but am indifferent to this. Its my money we are talking about, right?

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    I actually like the design better than the revised ford GT. (although both are a distant second to the ford gt from a few years ago).

    Realistically…ill probably pick up a used 911 turbo or something else before this. (Gotta have the plus 2 seats if you’re gonna pimp).

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    Ok so if neither Leno nor Seinfeld wind up buying one… well that would just speak for itself now wouldn’t it?

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    And this is going to make want a lesser Acura? Kudos to Acura for not putting that fugly metal contraption on the grille.

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    Well, I’m number 7 on the wait list at a local dealer in Canada. Of course, the estimated price was a bit of an unpleasant surprise, much higher than what they were aiming for when the first concept showed up 3 years ago. I wonder what that will do to those on the wait list, including me. At least I have the summer to mull it over.

    The higher than expected price could cut down demand. At least Acura is being realistic and not building too many that may end up languishing in dealer showrooms.

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    Designed, engineered, and built in the USA?

    Looks like what an Acura CRX would look like?


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