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Last September saw the end of the availability of 55,000 HOV lane stickers for California’s plug-in hybrids – but another slate has been able available.

Cars Direct reports that as of January 1st, another 15,000 stickers have been made available for plug-in vehicles. According to their report, HOV lane access is a big reason for purchasing a plug-in

High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane access continues to be one of the top motivators for purchasing plug-in hybrids according to the Center for Sustainable Energy. Perhaps this isn’t surprising, however: who wouldn’t want the power to move in and out of the carpool lane and have a shorter commute?

With gas prices at record lows, the HOV lane stickers are an easy way to goose sales of environmentally friendly vehicles.


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27 Comments on “California Revives HOV Lane Stickers For Plug-In Hybrids...”

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    When liberals take over your state – this is what you get.

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      It’s weird it seems like such a conservative thing to do. The government letting you buy into a hwy system that’s supported by all taxpayers but only benefits a few privileged EV owners and car poolers

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        “that’s supported by all taxpayers but only benefits a few privileged EV owners and car poolers”

        the “Conservative” thing to do would have been to NEVER ALLOW this situation in the first place.

        California’s middle class population has fled because they are the one shouldering the tax burden. Now it’s just rich and poor their – and illegals.

        Meanwhile – Texas and other Red states are blowing up – job creation up the Wazoo.

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          Don’t let those pesky facts deter you from your opinions.

          In the last two years, California leads all the states — yes, even Texas — in job creation. They had a difficult few years during the recession but they’re coming back in a big way. An innovation economy and a well-educated population, it turns out, brings at least as many benefits as lowering regulatory burdens.

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            SCE to AUX

            Do you mean in sheer numbers or per capita growth? Because California will always lead with numbers alone.

            They probably lead in numbers of people leaving the state, too.

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            I’ve heard that many are fleeing CA for CO, and Denver in particular.

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          > Now it’s just rich and poor their – and illegals.

          LOL, are you from Texas like me? The educational system is pretty bad *there*, glad I moved out of that crap hole a few years back. No taxes, but no decent schools, or roads, or much of anything else.

          But seriously, big truck dude, if government policies affecting vehicle choice push your button, did you get all knicker-twisted when the Cheney regime instituted those tax breaks to sell all those SUVs back in 2003? Yeah, I thought not. Hypocrite.

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          Really? Job creation up the Wazoo in red states? Do, please, tell us: what kind of jobs are available?

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        Ahem, let me provide a bit of California perspective:

        Said “commuter lane” is a previously-available “regular” lane that I paid for with my tax dollars. My use of said lane is now forbidden, unless I pay more every day. Said “commuter lanes” are monitored by equipment and personnel that I now must pay for, so they can prevent me from using the lane when driving to work (while at the same time I’m paying them some extra $0.5 for each gallon of diesel I burn). They do however happily turn the lane over to the more equal ones, who pay far less or nothing in fuel/road tax but totally save the planet while driving their govt. subsidized vehicles (to the tune of up to $10K each) while I drive along in the other slow and congested lane, burning more fuel and wasting more of my life, in my car, paid for WITH MY OWN MONEY, and listen to them on the radio telling me that I’m nowhere close to having paid my fair share despite those fat checks I send out each April.

        So yeah, everything is peachy here.

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      Master Baiter

      You should know.

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    HOV lane access was a huge part of my decision to buy (lease) a Volt in July 2013, since in LA it can make a HUGE difference in travel times, especially when I have to drive across the entire city to get to race tracks and filming locations on a pretty regular basis. I was concerned that the stickers would run out before my lease, and when the lease is up in 2016, not having that sticker would seriously impact my decision to get another Volt, even though the car itself is everything I expected and more when I took it on. Now I’m optimistic that there may be a few left by the time I can trade my Volt in for the 2016 model.

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    Master Baiter

    Why not a free monthly night with a hooker if you buy a plug in hybrid? Or $1000 in casino chips at an Indian reservation? Or a dime bag of weed a month. C’mon fruits and nuts in Sacramento–I want to see you get really creative with this.

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    HOV lanes and these stickers are great for those who qualify, however, the majority of us and planet Earth suffers. They absorbed a lane so now I sit, along with thousands of others, in bumper to bumper traffic for an extended period of time.

    I agree with Master Baiter, let’s get hookers.

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    The b*tch is : WE the Taxpayers paid for that HOV lane then the conservitards took it away so crony capitalist a-holes get to make money off yet another Taxpayer built thing . so much for ‘ Liberal ‘ California .

    Grrr…. this is the TRUE face of ‘ Conservatism ‘ don’t let BTSR’s and other apologist’s B.S. fool you .

    What I wonder is : isn’t it possible to crank our fake stickers and slap ’em on your non compliant ride ? .

    If I could get such a thing , I’d gleefully slap it on my old Mercedes Diesel beater just to piss off the dickheads .

    I’ll never , _EVER_ pay to use the HOV lane I already paid for , I just get off the freeway when it’s jammed and use side streets , if you pay attention you can move right along and make good time in rush hour .


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      Just carry a second person with you in the car. Then you can use the HOV lane without paying for a hybrid OR a sticker.

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        Larry David on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm did just that with a rather large prostitute while trying to buy marijuana for his glaucoma-stricken father.

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          Monina: “I got that red snapper that talk to ya!”

          Larry: “Yeah, and it’s sayin ‘I’m charging way too much.\'”

          Hilarious. It was Jackee of 227 and Sister Sister fame. She was also in the Pass The Courvoisier video.

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        “Just carry a second person with you in the car. Then you can use the HOV lane without paying for a hybrid OR a sticker.”

        _WRONG_ ~

        You have to purchase a transponder and PAY to use the lanes now that the conservitards gave the HOV lanes away to FOR PROFIT corporations .

        I got stuck processing the tickets for a while and interestingly , L.A.P.D. Motos are both BMW’s and Harleys ~ the Harley get a pass , the BMW’s all get tickets that have to be paid ~ not even FIRE TRUCKS nor AMBULANCES get to use these lanes for fee .

        (who enjoyed Jakee’s looks and humour)

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    I think it’s fair to complain about HOV lanes existing in the first place. I never understood the logic of taking a four lane road and essentially reducing its capacity by 25% during the busiest times of day.

    On the other hand, since these stupid things exist, why not create a market incentive that essentially costs the state nothing except for printing a few stickers? The state has a goal to reduce emissions and get cleaner cars on the road… this seems fully aligned with that mission.

    In contrast, back in the mid 1990s, California had a MANDATE in place forcing manufacturers to sell electric cars. I worked for GM/Saturn at the time and was involved in the EV1 launch. We were asking for an incentive like this. After all, since the state was mandating that we build and offer for sale electric cars, it seemed that an essentially zero-cost incentive was the least the state could do to help push for market acceptance.

    This would have meant a lot more to someone with a 1st generation EV with a 60-70 mile range. Getting stuck in stop and go traffic could make a big difference to one’s sanity in one of those.

    Yet, at the behest of oil-industry lobbyists, then Governor Wilson twice vetoed bills to do this.

    Talk about mixed messages, when the first cars were delivered in December 2006 in Los Angeles, the CA DMV wouldn’t issue plates for them. Apparently, the years of advanced notice weren’t enough for them to figure out that tailpipe tests weren’t necessary for cars without tailpipes. It took a few months to figure that out while high-profile customers were driving around with paper tags.

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      Face palm!

      Let’s also look at the logic of forcing the polluting ICE cars to spend even MORE time idling in even heavier traffic to carve out this HOV/EV “incentive” lane

      Double face palm!

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      “… back in the mid 1990s, California had a MANDATE in place forcing manufacturers to sell electric cars.”

      That mandate is still in place and has now been extended to nine other states–including mine. I think it’s a good thing, though the OEMs don’t.

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    The only HOV a I know is married to Beyonce. He don’t need no stickers.

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