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For potential California PHEV owners, time may soon run out to obtain the Green Clean Air Vehicle Sticker issued by the California Environmental Protection Agency for HOV lane use, as only 3,770 of the 40,000 stickers remain available.

Inside EVs reports a huge spike in applications for the green stickers since the start of 2013, with 12,000 issued last year, and 8,000 more since January. This is in contrast to 2012, when around 500 stickers per month were issued in the first seven months of the year.

The stickers, meant for AT PZEVs such as the Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt, will likely be gone by the time BMW brings the i3 extended-range model to the United States this summer, and in spite of the automaker’s best efforts, only the pure-electric i3 will be eligible for the White Clean Air Vehicle Sticker issued to as many approved EVs, fuel-cell- and CNG-powered vehicles — like the Tesla Model S, Ram 2500 and Honda FCX Clarity — as can be registered.

Both green and white HOV stickers are set to expire New Year’s Day 2019, extended from the same date in 2015.

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58 Comments on “Fewer Than 4,000 Green Calif. HOV Stickers Remain...”

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    #1 “green vehicles” tend to be driven more than regular I.C.E vehicles. A person buying a “gas guzzler” is less likely to drive more because of the fuel costs. I have two 6.4-Hemis only because I drive fewer than 10 miles a day. I am more cautious about distance than a Hybrid driver. I can post a URL to back up that claim.

    #2 I DO NOT believe CO2 is the greenhouse gas we should be worried about. Any chemist knows there are other, more poisonous gases – and carcinogens to be worried about.

    CO2 is essential to life on Earth because Plants require it for photosynthesis.

    KNOWING THAT – “they” SCAM us by controlling our “energy”.

    #3 Man-made CO2 and other air pollutants is nowhere near NATURAL emitted CO2 (and other gases). Just ask Iceland or other areas near volcanoes.

    Even SULFUR DIOXIDE is natural and occurs in vents at the sea floor.

    #4 HOV lanes and “green parks” are ELITIST. Regular car-buyers can’t afford hybrids and EV.

    I REFUSE to be suckered. I drive in and out of HOV lanes at will.
    I REFUSE to take second place to a Prius, a Tesla or any of those lame cars Honda comes up with.

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      It might surprise you to know that neither science nor Nature cares what you believe.

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        And it may come as a suprise to you but I will keep fighting the system and gaining support.

        Lay down and surrender if you will.

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          Lay down and surrender to what? You and your “beliefs?” Have you got any experiments to back up these “beliefs?”

          Thanks just the same but I think I’ll put my faith in the basic and well understood optical properties of gasses and the guys who sweat the details, rather than some random “belief” of yours especially when, for example, your “belief” in item #3 up there is easily checked and found to be WRONG. I don’t have a lot of respect for the “beliefs” of people who can’t do basic fact-checking.

          By the way, plants were getting by just fine with CO2 concentrations of 320ppmv and don’t seem to need or benefit from 400ppmv, unless they are magically given water and nutrients to match, which isn’t a situation that will necessarily go hand-in-glove with ACC.

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          MYTH: EVs don’t have enough range. You’ll be stranded when you run out of electricity.
          FACT: We drive from one big box store to another because IT IS OUR RIGHT. EV’s are BETTER for those short trips because INSTANT POWER.

          MYTH: EVs just replace the tailpipe with a smokestack
          FACT: The Tesla can be charged BY THE SUN through photovoltaic! Gasoline cars can’t even run without burning gas!!

          MYTH: Charging is too inconvenient, there’s no infrastructure
          FACT: Getting gas is too inconvenient, I HATE having to go out of my way then STAND in the COLD pumping gas like a poor person.

          MYTH: The grid will crash if millions of plug-ins charge at once
          FACT: Yeah but WE SURVIVED when the gasoline grid crashed during the oil embargo. Emphasis!

          MYTH: EVs take too long to charge
          FACT: It’s CRAZY that it takes up to 10 minutes to get gas, longer when I get a Big Gulp. Shell and 7-Eleven need to join forces and figure this out STAT.

          MYTH: Batteries will cost $15,000 to replace after only a few years
          FACT: Volkswagen’s require $15,000 in repairs after only a few years, but I still miss mine :(.

          MYTH: There isn’t enough lithium in the world to make all the new batteries
          FACT: Lithium can be made from recycled iphones. I bought shares in IPHONERECYCLING.COM, I made 10x my money, but I still think phone recycling is a waste of time.

          MYTH: Lithium batteries are dangerous and can explode
          FACT: I know batteries are dangerous, but I just trust them more, since I’m used to them.

          MTYTH: You won’t save much gas money
          FACT: Tesla stations offer FREE refills. I know gas is cheap but FREE as in BEER.

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            “FACT: It’s CRAZY that it takes up to 10 minutes to get gas”

            Takes me fewer than 5.

            “FACT: Lithium can be made from recycled iphones. I bought shares in ”

            ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Have you any idea how much energy is needed to “recycle phones”???

            I BOUGHT SHARES IN MARIJUANA: fitx, mjna, cann, vape… I’ve already more than quadrupled my investment because they were penny stocks.

            “FACT: Tesla stations offer FREE refills. I know gas is cheap but FREE as in BEER.”

            In all the years I own my $56,000 300SRT, fuel and maintenance WILL NOT cost me the $100,000 it would cost to buy a Model S with the same features – and it lacks many optional features I have.

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            Pumping gas in December may be annoying, but man up already!

            I can drive any of my cars virtually anywhere in America, and can buy fuel for them in just a couple minutes.

            If an EV run out of fuel halfway between Laramie and Rock Springs, WY, I’m out of luck.

            Solar panels are great- when there’s sun. On some winter days, there may not be sun.

            Plus, EV’s are expensive. A Plug-In Prius is 6k more than the standard Prius. The $6,000 difference would pay for 1500 in gas at $4/gallon. The Prius gets roughly 50MPG. Your initial savings would fuel the Prius for 75,000 miles before breaking even– assuming electricity for the plugin is free. Electricity isn’t free, so you could drive the regular Prius even farther than the plug-in before noticing ANY savings.

            Or, if you just need to drive around the city, buy a used Camry for $10,000 and drive it for 137,000 miles before breaking even with the Plug-In Prius.

            Electric cars may be the future, but right now, they stink! They’re a social symbol, just as a designer shirt is. They make you look “cool”, and aren’t much (if any) more functional than their traditional gas-only or hybrid counterpart. Instead of throwing away the idea of gas or diesel engines, let’s just improve on them.

            We can then all join hands and sing Kumbayah together.

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      There’s lots of things that are natural. Water is natural.

      Let’s try an experiment and cover you in it up to your eyeballs for, oh, twenty minutes and see how that works for you.

      For that matter, let’s flood some farmland and cities with it and see how well crops grow, diseases spread and commerce proceeds. You can ask people in Somerset (UK) or Calgary (Canada) what they thought of All Natural, 100% From Nature Water when it was running into their houses and businesses.

      You can ask people in California how they feel about the lack thereof–or you can ask yourself that question when food prices more than double.

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      heavy handle

      You are thinking of European CO2 regulations. That’s half a world away. California’s regulations have historically focused on smog gasses: NOx, HC and CO.

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      You live in NYC right? Not hard to only drive 10 miles when you live in a city. For most America getting to work means a long commute.

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      Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

      “#4 HOV lanes and “green parks” are ELITIST. Regular car-buyers can’t afford hybrids and EV.”

      “Regular” buyers buy used, and there aren’t many used EVs of any variety available yet. For new-car buyers, electrified vehicles and hybrids have a premium, but it’s offset somewhat by lifetime lower-cost mileage.

      My Volt “fuel” costs 4 cents a mile, worst case, when on electric. When I charge publicly, it costs $25 for 6 months unlimited, and at 10kWh per business day that puts me at around $0.007/mi. How much does your truck cost per mile for fuel?

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      bigtruckseriesreview……..are you a employee of faux news? Your total disregard of science, disregard of traffic laws, belief is conspiracies, and your adherence to a dogma based on fantasy is foolish and shameful.

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        “disregard of science”

        Do me a favor and find out what the LIBERALS are calling “climate change” this week – since the whole global warming thing fizzled out.

        I will however agree with you on the traffic laws, but it’s not my fault because those other people were driving slower and on their cellphones.

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          Fizzled out? Having been born and raised in Alaska it is painfully obvious that its getting warmer every year. In 1971 you could drive to within a half mile to Portage glacier just south of Anchorage. Now you can barley see it from the same parking lot. Glaciers everywhere are disappearing and the seas are rising. Check out this link and reassess your fizzled out comment:

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          Conservatives are in no place to call out “liberals” regarding science.

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            I wasn’t aware “liberals” had a monopoly over modern science.

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            Isn’t the point of science to experiment and find out what is going on, to hypothesize and then change our ideas based on findings?

            I tend not to see that with this “Proven Science”. We haven’t proven that cars are the cause of global warming, or whether global warming is due to humans. We may hypothesize, but it could easily be due to something else. That’s the point of science.

            Note: People on the Left: Please replace “Global Warming” with “Climate Change” when reading this post.

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            “We haven’t proven that cars are the cause of global warming, or whether global warming is due to humans. We may hypothesize, but it could easily be due to something else. That’s the point of science”

            We haven’t proven gravity, either, but things still fall down. Just sayin’

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          BMSR: “Do me a favor and find out what the LIBERALS are calling “climate change” this week – since the whole global warming thing fizzled out.”

          As TOTitan points out, Alaska has had some pretty toasty weather lately. As has Australia. Check the Arctic ice cap… going going… The consensus is that it will be there until something like 2100 but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it melted away Summers in my lifetime (my sell-by date is probably before 2050).

          28: “I wasn’t aware “liberals” had a monopoly over modern science.”

          We’d rather we didn’t but in certain branches, it seems we do.

          matadaor: “… yadda yadda yadda proven science yadda yadda yadda…”

          In fact, the root of ACC *is* proven science. CO2 changes the optical properties of the atmosphere. This changes the greenhouse effect and, unless there’s some negative feedback that hasn’t yet been discovered (and people continue to look for it), warming is forecast. And it’s going to be very rapid warming that stresses everything, including our comfy civilization.

          Now, if you know what that negative feedback is, climate scientists the world over would be delighted to see your evidence. Get on it.

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            Not being snarky but whenever one ideological group is alone in a thing, what does this say about said thing (not necessarily the group)?



            Nah you’re fine. I’ve been posting detailed geopolitical analysis whenever someone brings up Ukraine.

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            sunridge place

            I”m agreeing with Kix AND making a post regarding climate change on an auto blog. I need to see a doctor. I recall debating someone on here about something a couple years ago only to find out that we both disagreed on everything except the fact that we both liked peanuts.

            That said, some people don’t believe science is ‘proven’ until the volcano explodes. Science can show dozens of signs that its about to explode…but there are those that have to see it to believe it.

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            sunridge place

            Thanks 28…needed a sanity check.

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            28: “Not being snarky but whenever one ideological group is alone in a thing, what does this say about said thing (not necessarily the group)?”

            You’re asking the wrong question.

            What does is say about an ideological group who have no expertise in a subject but reject the opinions of the experts in the field (the guys who do the work and sweat the details) as unfounded (or conspiracy or some other BS)?

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            Also a good question.

            The reason I asked the first question was this: the company an issue keeps can negatively affect the opinion of said issue regardless of its validity.

            For example, I think most people find polygamy to be socially unacceptable and only a fringe ideology thinks otherwise. Social science might tell us children produced this was live better lives and medical science might say children are healthier because of a strong male donor etc, but by-and-large no one would be listening. People who are not in the ideology which embraces it will decry it without facts, this is just human nature.

            I’ll give you another example of human nature. Science was never my strong suit, but I did like it and if it had been my passion I may have become a nuclear engineer as I always found nuclear technology interesting. I’ve taken in reams of information on Chernobyl and what went wrong. I falsely believed it would never be repeated. Prior to Fukushima I had a less than stellar opinion of people in the anti-nuclear movement, and although I wasn’t gung-ho per se for the technology I wasn’t against it. Especially since I have friends who work for Westinghouse Nuclear. But then Fukushima happened, and although I didn’t “get it” when it first happened I do now. The science was there about the dangers of nuclear technology and I ignored it because of the perceived ideology behind it. This is human nature, even if the science is there in black and white, the bulk of people won’t believe it if only one perceived ideological group is propagating the information. My two cents.

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            sunridge place


            This will be my last climate change statement on TTAC.

            See my comment above on volcanoes.


            Something to think about.

            EDIT: For clarification purposes, I’m not trying to imply that you have 16 cats….and I did spell volcanoes wrong on my first post…I rarely use that word living in Texas.

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            Thank you for sharing, I’ve never heard of this man. His life and behavior suggest a few different things, but I certainly see the point you make by him.

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            sunridge place

            Thanks…just something to think about. I’m 40ish….I actually wrote an essay about him in 1983 in the 5th grade. I have no clue how I knew about him pre-internet…probably something in Time Magazine. Completely forgot about him until my mom recently dragged out her box of ‘things she kept from my childhood’ to show me.

            This quote got my attention:

            “If the mountain goes, I’m going with it. This area is heavily timbered, Spirit Lake is in between me and the mountain, and the mountain is a mile away, the mountain ain’t gonna hurt me… boy.”

            Apparently, my mom was raiding my schoolwork and saving them for eternity. I wrote some really stupid stuff as a kid…but its fun to read. My point, at the time, was to say that this man knew what was going to happen but that was the only way of life he knew. Now, perhaps I see it differently. I did get a 100 on the paper.

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            I read it as he spent something like 54 years of his life on that mountain and he didn’t want to live without it. The other lesson there is stubbornness in the face of science (or better judgement) can get you killed, which I think was your point.

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          Japanese Buick

          Global warming has not fizzled out, it’s still going strong. In fact despite a cold winter in the eastern US this past January was one of the warmest on record.

          Let me guess, you’re part of the “it’s cold today where I am therefore there is no global warming” camp.

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      Nonsense, people buy what they want and have decided what they can afford as a trade off. They buy “efficient vehicles” because they want to drive more, not the other way around. People who live far away because of family, or high housing price (gas is free compare to housing price in many part of the high income area), will have no choice but to drive far, and therefore decide to get cars that have good fuel economy, not the other way around.

      #2 #3
      It doesn’t matter. What matter is crude oil based fuel is expensive and most of them are imported.

      If you boil down to the technical detail, your fossil fuel power plant is more efficient than your gasoline engine, and burn fuel that are not as likely to be imported (i.e. coal, natural gas) even after all the battery and power line loss.

      I can go on a talk about NOX, HC, CO, PM emission which is what is scientifically proven to be harmful to human, but given your hostility toward science, never mind.

      2006 Civic GX is only $14k and most of them already have white stickers, so there you go.

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    Can someone explain something to me, why is it necessary going up 95 into DC for them to have 12 traffic stop arms at the entrance of every HOV lane?

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      Because if there were only 11, some texting dipsh*t wouldn’t notice them and would enter the restricted lanes against traffic.

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      Land Ark

      On the Dulles Toll Road they have a couple bus entrances onto the airport-only lanes – you need a transponder to make the gate go up. Whenever I drive by them it’s always quite shocking to me when I see them intact.
      When traffic backs up someone (probably a Maryland driver) decides they need to drive through the gate. And traffic backs up a lot.
      At least in that instance you don’t wind up going against traffic like on 95 though.

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    So I’m guessing 200 posts by tomorrow morning…place your bets, place your bets!

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    Are those stickers easily removable? It would look stupid on a sleek black Tesla.

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    I don’t live in an area with HOV lanes, so forgive me if this seems like an ignorant question. Has anyone considered printing up counterfeit stickers? The one’s I’ve seen online seem simple enough. If you have a car that’s close, but not green enough to qualify, just slap it on and move along.

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      You get a very nice fine. It is like speeding or not reporting income on your taxes. You could likely get away with it but the risks are nowhere close to being worth the small reward.

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        Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

        Do they have RFIDs or some other means for cops to validate them remotely or at entrance/exit points?

        Cuz otherwise, the only way they’d know is if they were to check them as part of a traffic stop or checkpoint of some sort.

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      I have those stickers on my car and they are very detailed. There are all sorts of multi-layer holograms and images built-in. They may not be easy to spot going by you on the freeway but I’m sure a trained law enforcement person would notice if you are ever pulled over.
      Like Hillman said said you could probably get away with it in the short-run but if you ever got caught you would looking at more than a fine. Most states take a very dim view on counterfeiting.

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      Got ’em on both my cars, right along with my homemade registration stickers and tags I picked up at the swap meet. [In best Clarkson voice] What could possibly go wrong?

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      Receiving the stickers from the DMV puts a note on your car’s registration which can be easily checked.

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      Unless you drive a car that is known to have these stickers, up to a certain license plate number (i.e. non custom plate) that is known to the back of LE’s head that the stickers have already expired (i.e. it expires on plate number 7NDE853, but your plate is 7PDE853, way pass the last plate issued), then yes you can fraud (i.e. buy a used bumper with the stickers or ask your friend to mail you a “replacement” while claiming that they never received it from DMV).

      Or you can just buy a used car with sticker already and call it a day.

      The easier way to do it is to just buy an EV if the range is good enough, buy a used car with sticker already, or buy a CNG car for the range and low cost (I’ve seen Civic GX, 2006 or later, for $14k).

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    Where did the original 40,000 number come from? Why not 50,000? or 400,000?

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      Remember, the initial purpose for these lanes was for carpools to not have to sit in traffic. I would hope they base the number of stickers on some sort of formula, based on what sort of capacity the roads can handle. Of course, I am the optimistic sort, so they probably just pulled that original number out of thin air.

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        No idea about Southern California, but here in the Bay area, I can tell you that during rush hour, carpool^WPrius ^W Volt ^W Lexus(*) lane is not different than other lanes. Not on US-101, not on CA-85 or I-280. All clogged.

        (*) Some portions of freeways have been converted to allow people with Fastrack passes drive on the carpool lane and pay a toll (I-680S, CA-237). The plan is to have all of them be like this. We cannot have new immigrants in their 92 Camrys clog the carpool lane while Joey VC steams in his brand new Lexus IS-F you see.

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        I would hope they base the number of stickers on some sort of formula, based on what sort of capacity the roads can handle.

        Have you met the California legislature? A more vapid group of children, ideologes, and incompetents I’ve never seen.

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    jim brewer

    Don’t understand why we incentivize these kinds of cars on one hand, and then, in some states, propose to revamp road taxes to tax these cars which supposedly aren’t paying their fair share. Which is it?

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    This should be illegal, but then again it’s Commiefornia.

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    With the stickers gone, sales of the green machines will plummet.

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