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In the market for a new Panamera, yet fear it may be a tad pedestrian? Porsche’s got you covered.

For just $264,895 to start — approximately the same base price for the Rolls-Royce Ghost — one can purchase the Panamera Exclusive Series, based upon the Turbo S Executive.

Each of the 100 limited-edition models possess a 4.8-liter turbocharged V8 upfront that will send 570 horses with 590 lb-ft of overboosted torque to all four corners. The sedans also receive a hand-painted two-tone suit, 20-inch wheels, multi-toned Italian leather, and a newly developed entertainment system — dubbed plus — to keep your friends entertained. The more jet-set crew can enjoy made-to-measure luggage, as well.

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12 Comments on “Los Angeles 2014: Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Debuts...”

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    No matter how “exclusive” there are still blank buttons where buttons should be.

    A sign of poor design.

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      You want those buttons filled, you buy the Turbo S Executive Exclusive Plus Platinum Edition, which entitle you to order the Sport Chrono Package, enabling you to select the $25K Carbon Ceramic Brakes Option, then, when you add the Carbon Dash Accents Package for $2500, you get the button that selects the brake fluid temperature display overlay. That is, if you already bought the $4500 upgrade that gives the 1″ larger display. Recommended is the use of $640 lamb’s ass leather Panamera driving gloves so as not to void your warranty by scratching the new button.

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        “Recommended is the use of $640 lamb’s ass leather Panamera driving gloves so as not to void your warranty by scratching the new button.”

        Thanks for making my day a little better.

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    This will be the winner and category killer on the School Run in upscale burbs near you. At 25 mph, iding….

    Autobahn pedigree, indeed !

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    I love the Panamera and have actually done some track time in these…part of the reason I love this car. These are incredibly common where I live and I have no doubt I’ll see one of these at some point. But seriously, for that money, I’d be in a Ferrari, or a Continental GT, etc. Not to mention a 911 GT3 or Turbo S.

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      spreadsheet monkey

      I would imagine most Panamera owners already have a GT3 or Ferrari or whatever for the weekends. The Panamera (maybe not this limited edition) is their sensible car, a car that can carry their wife and children, occupying a space in their garage that might previously have been occupied by an M5 or an AMG E-class.

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        In my experience, it is more commonly bought by people who can “finally justify rewarding themselves with a Porsche…….”

        They’re really, really good GTs. The best I’ve ever driven. But GTs make increasingly less sense now that Nav systems proliferation has shifted more cars, hence more of the tax feeders that prey on them, off of main highways and onto secondaries, where GTs once provided a tangible benefit.

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    You got to hand it to the Germans. Original Panamera a bit too dowdy for you? Add 100 grand to the price and suddenly, it’s gold as a Special Edition, just $1999 bi-monthly on a 4 year lease.

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    There’s a butt for every seat. In this case, there are 100 butts for 100 seats. Seriously, I can’t think of a single example in which these heritage European brands had any issue selling their special-edition wares. Porsche, in particular, shouldn’t have any trouble with shifting these.

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    Honestly, I feel sorry for the owner every single time I see one of these.

    I’m sure it’s fun to drive but my God….it’s such a homely looking vehicle.

    Poor thing.

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    an innocent man

    That center console/center dash contraption thingy looks like its from a 747. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

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    Those wheels are some ghastly retro nonsense, and do NOT fit on that car. And the price is too high. And this is not an “Executive Express” type chauffeur vehicle. And it’s ugly.

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