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No new details have been announced since today’s earlier briefing (and Ford is still cagey regarding output, only stating “over 500 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque) but at least we have pics that aren’t just crappy CGI renderings.

At this point, it’s worth wishing a hearty “thank you” to our army of sources who fed us dead-on accurate info about the car over a year in advance. We salute you.

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35 Comments on “Los Angeles 2014: Ford Shelby GT350 Revealed...”

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    Nice, that interior… Thanks for the updates

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      It looks very good.

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      Why no shots of dash/gauges?

      It would be icing on the cake if Ford had gone to German style gauges (ala BMW; ala simple white numerals/letters against a black background, enshrined in a clear, glare free glass-eque casing).

      This is one area where the Germans such as VW & BMW excel, because they do simple yet fully informative, elegant, functional yet sporty gauges supremely well.

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    It’s interesting that Ford has moved away from the throwback days that GM and Dodge have stuck with for their body themes. Good looking car, just doen’t look like anything “American”.

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      //just doen’t look like anything “American”.

      Are you serious? Even I can instantly spot the bull-balls styling cues and overall brute menace of this thing. What other car culture has ever produced anything like it. It’s the P-47 Jug of global performance cars.

      Where you from?

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        Boy somebody got just a little butthurt.

        Am I not entitled to my own opinion? I’ve owned 2 Mustangs and to me this generation has more of a European twist than any previous Mustang bodies. Take away the snake eyes head lights and there is little to no resemblance Of the previous generations. I didn’t say that was a bad thing, I did say it is a good looking car, so try not to get so upset over somebody’s opinion.

        Kumbaya Ford swallowers, Kumbaya.

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      Why does a car have to be retro styled to be “American”? Haven’t 2 generations of retro Mustangs been enough? I think it’s time for the Mustang to join the modern era.

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        “Why does a car have to be retro styled to be “American”? Haven’t 2 generations of retro Mustangs been enough? I think it’s time for the Mustang to join the modern era.”

        Is retro styling an American thing? Is old design language keeping the Yanks from the ‘modern era?’

        That contention is odd; because a 458 Italia looks kinda-sorta like a 308, and I don’t think that’s an accident. A Countach driver from 1984 could pick out the Lambo Aventador from a dealer’s lot of modern exotics. Porsche 911…enough said.

        Retro-inspired design is not a particularly American thing, nor exactly a bad thing.

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      What petezeiss said. I can’t imagine what other country anyone could think this thing came from. It’s way too in-your-face (not to mention big) to be Japanese. It’s way too hard-edged to be Korean. It’s way too much about the shape rather than the details to be European.

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      Still looks like a Mustang to me. It is nice to see less retro.

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        +1 This was a major problem with the PT Cruiser. When you design a car to be “retro” where do you go from there? I think Ford has handled that design problem very well with the Mustang while still retaining it’s heritage

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      The 2005 Mustang looked like a modernized version of a 1965 Mustang. The new Mustang simply looks like a modernized version of a 2005 Mustang, and I couldn’t imagine such a design coming from anywhere but America.

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    I don’t care to too much for what many people call “American”. I want a great chassis, a great engine, a great suspension all melted together. The U.S. has had an abundance of resources and finally its putting them to use. Next up agility, as it is a universal desire of most car enthusiasts imo.

    8000 RPM and 5.2 liters should get atleast 550HP no?

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    Master Baiter

    So, did ole Shel design this one from the grave?

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    Big Al from Oz

    I like the looks of the car. It’s how I’d think the Euro’s would have made a Mustang look. The good thing is you can still identify this with the Mustang.

    The IRS will give it superior handling over the older horse and buggy assend. With this IRS it should be quicker around a race track.

    I’d never thought I’d see the day when the Mustang attempts to emulate a good Euro car, you can even get them with a 4!

    For the price it is nice, but it still has a little way to go to be an AMG, M Series, or for that matter a HSV.

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    That is the most beautiful Mustang ever (to me, of course).

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      Right up there with the “Eleanor” 2nd gen

      The above picture is so much this…

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    Athos Nobile

    As said in the other thread, America F!_!CK YEAH!!!11!!!.

    That motor sounds awesome.

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    didn’t care much for the exterior looks of the GT; although the interior is a definite improvement.

    definitely like the GT350.

    a shame you have to buy the GT350 to get a set of factory wheels with proper offset.

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    I was holding out for the M2 but this might end up being my next fun car. Looks fantastic. A Ford with GM suspension, I can hear the forum wars already.

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    Here’s the $64K question tho. This, or an M4?

    For me, the answer is obvious.

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    i am hopelessly in love. that @^$&# sound. i will buy it just to listen to that every day. to have a flat-plane crank V8 in something other than a ferrari..

    youtube – search for ‘l-UmFO_RpYs’

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