By on November 17, 2014

All we’ve got for now are these CGI renders and a clip of the exhaust. But Ford’s most track-focused pony car will have a flat-plane crankshaft displacing 5.2L

Also on board is MagneRide suspension, and an optional diff cooler to chill the Torsen LSD. A 6-speed manual is the sole transmission offered. Massive 6-piston Brembo brakes squeeze 15.5 inch front and 15 inch rear rotors. 19×10 and 19×11.5 inch rims are wrapped in bespoke Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. We’ll see this snake in the flesh at this week’s 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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16 Comments on “Our First Official Look At The Ford Shelby GT350...”

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    Also the first one developed that Carroll won’t see for himself. :(

    Seems like previous versions looked a little more special than this one does.

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    bumpy ii

    Flat-plane crank? Really? Cue six billion whiny “It sounds like a Honda!” complaints from the V8 aural fetishists.

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      They better not complain. The sound is magnificent.

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        Yes, it will sound magnificent in real lifr, being the only V8 like Ferrari with a flat plane crank on the street. Any resemblance to Honda will be strictly in the minds of non-believers. Shriek plus basso profundo. Nice.

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      Helen Keller would have said this thing sounds like a Honda. Everyone else knows better.

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      An overhead cam Ford that sounds like a Honda at high RPM instead of a Vitamix full of dimes would be great. This looks like a desirable car, but then I remember how you can still buy a new Boss 302 because some Ford dealers are so in love with gouging when they have anything desirable.

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        “some Ford dealers are so in love with gouging when they have anything desirable”

        This is the problem. I know Ford dealers in the Detroit area that sold Boss 302s under MSRP. However, I know others that still have a Boss or a Shelby on their lot. I’d pay MSRP for this, but I am worried that won’t be enough.

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    4100+ pounds. Anyone want to take the under on this bet?

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      It’ll weigh less than the current car.

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      David Walton

      Under, easily.

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      I’d be surprised if it’s more than 50lbs over a current GT, and that’s just the brakes/shocks/minor stuff. The whole point of a flat-plane engine is the lighter rotating assembly. Why would you assume it will be 4100+ lbs?

      I can’t believe I’m defending a Ford. I feel a little light-headed.

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      So you think it will weigh more than a G8 GXP or a Chevy SS????


      Ya – I don’t see that.

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      Under as well. It doesn’t rely on the old school MOD engine platform, doesn’t have the whole heat exchanger and supercharger adding weight as well plus the standard Mustang GT with performance pack already has the big calipers. The GT350 is using larger two-piece discs so while they are heavier the weight penalty is mitigated or eliminated with the aluminum hats.

      I’m going with 3800 pounds myself.

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