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Wanted a Chevrolet SS, but wanted to row your own? Your ship has arrived.

AutoGuide reports the 2015 SS can be had with either a six-speed auto or, new for this year, a six-speed manual. Either option won’t add onto the $46,740 base price, with the only costly options being the $900 sunroof and the $500 full-size spare. Leather seating and Chevrolet’s MyLink system are standard.

Out back, the manual comes with a 3.70 gear ratio, more aggressive than the 3.27 paired with the auto. Power to the back comes from a 6.2-liter V8 delivering the same figure for horsepower and torque: 415.

Annual production of the SS is limited to 2,500, a run that will likely cease when Holden closes its last Australian factory in 2017.

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77 Comments on “2015 Chevrolet SS Now Available With Six-Speed Manual...”

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    Nice. Get one while you can.

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      Holden production has died, best selling vehicle is about to die. GM appointed CEO lasted 9 months, till he was sacked and left GM. Looking very grim for GM in Australia, sales have tanked big time

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    I’ll come back in a couple of hours to see how the comments have veered off into a wasteland of anti-GM rubbishing.

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    Wagon Of Fury

    Last of the V8 Interceptors indeed…

    How are these holding up in the market ?

    Depreciation ?

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    Barring physical injury that makes it impossible for me to drive a manual, I will forever drive one, and furthermore, I will not consider any automaker’s products for ANY household purchase (even vehicles not driven by myself) if that automaker doesn’t offer manual transmissions in at least some of its offerings.

    So I salute Chevy for making a true manual transmission available. Kudos deserved.



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      *cough*, *cough* Cadillac *cough*, has manuals

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        And that’s one of the extremely few things they are to be commended for.

        Watch Johan “Soho Style” de Nysschen eliminate manuals in BMW chasing Caddys that Zag (and ride harshly) just as he was underway doing while at Infinity.

        Johan “One Hit Wonder Audi, Milking That Glory Forever” de Nysschen.

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          The killing off of manual Infiniti models is a freaking crime. I was very sorely tempted by a G35/7x sedan (the swoopy facelift, not the derpy first gen) but I was tempted too much by a new car (which is sure working out great), and slightly wanted to stay in the comfort zone of the pseudo lux car.

          Probably would have been happier with a gently used Infiniti though.

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        Who do we thank for Buick manuals? sarc Daewoo? endsarc

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          You can thank David Dunbar Buick, bet you didn’t know you were named after him

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            Unless the ghost of Mr. Buick is haunting someone at RenCen, I actually am sort of seriously asking, from where did the notion of modern stick shift Buicks arise? Can we thank Opel, seeing as the Regal and Verano are underpinned by their work?

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            Yes, the manual transmission is Opel

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            Your Verano uses the GM F40 six-speed manual transaxle (first developed for Fiat, Opel, and Saab applications), built in Rüsselsheim, Germany. The first North American application was the 2006 Pontiac G6 as well as certain Saab 9-3 and 9-5 models.


            “To adapt the F40 to North American applications and maximize performance, 3rd through 6th gears have been changed to higher-ratio gears starting in 2007 model year. The ratio for 3rd gear is now 1.37:1, and the ratio for 4th gear is no longer an overdrive, with a new ratio of 1.05:1. The 5th gear ratio is 0.85:1 and the 6th gear ratio is 0.71:1.”


            2006 Pontiac G6 GTP
            2007 Pontiac G6 GT
            Saab 9-3
            Saab 9-5
            Opel Cascada
            Opel Signum
            Opel Vectra
            Opel Insignia
            2012 Opel Astra GTC/OPC
            2010 Opel Insignia OPC
            2010 Chevrolet Cruze
            2011-13 Buick Regal
            2013 Buick Verano
            Alfa Romeo 156
            Alfa Romeo 159
            Fiat Croma

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            Hey DW, I knew roughly the history of the F40. What I was wondering was who decided it should appear in a Buick.

            Here is what really pisses me off. I bought the Verano knowing the history of the F40 (7 years in service, etc) and the LHU 2.0T, which was derived from the solid LNF. I thought drivetrain, especially transmission problems would be the least of my worries, and the easiest to fix if they showed up.

            I thought wrong.

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            Also, according to a pdf available from, the Cruze doesn’t use the F40, it uses the M32.


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    Run of 2500 MT or 2500 total. Finances dictate that I wait until 2016 or 17 to replace my daily driver. This is on the short list.

    Hopefully a new generation built off the ATS chassis comes in 2017. Lighter than current car, larger than the CTS and holding the line on pricing.

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    I thought that these had been introduced in August. And not available in Canada.

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    $47k for a Chevy sedan. No.

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      I know, right? I just can’t help thinking about the nice Tahoe/Silverado I could get for that money

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      SCE to AUX

      You can juice an Impala up to $42k, a Camaro to over $70k, Corvettes can be over $100k. Suburbans go over $75k.

      Chevy hasn’t been pigeonholed as the cheap-only brand for a very long time.

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        Tahoe prices are insane, too.

        At least Chevy trucks come with an implicit 10k to 15k off sticker.

        The two Chevys that are price competitive and offer segment competitiveness are the Corvette & Cruze.

        I test drove the new Sonata to kill time yesterday. It was a base one with just the $1200 popular equipment package that the dealer was willing to sell for $18,080 including destination, plus tax.

        Honestly, if it proves reliable enough, I’d be sharting my shorts if I were Toyota, Honda, GM, VW, Ford, etc.

        It’s not that the Sonata is solid, quiet, smooth and so well built, for it’s segment, at such a competitive price; it’s what the Sonata represents in terms of how competent and competitive in ways of fabrication and refined product know-how that will translate across other product lines that should put the competition on notice.

        The new Sonata is more solid, more comfortable, with a superior suspension, and more interior room than the last gen Genesis sedan, at half the price.

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        Chevys are still (and always will be) cheap. It’s just that cheap now costs a lot more.

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          Not really.

          Name a single Chevy that’s built as well, as refined, with anywhere near the fit & finish of the new Sonata for even 5k more.

          I’ll save you time; there isn’t one.

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            The top 20 longest running vehicles are as follows…

            Longest Lasting Vehicles



            % of cars over 200K miles


            Ford – F-250 Super Duty



            Chevrolet – Silverado 2500HD



            Chevrolet – Suburban



            Toyota – 4Runner



            Ford – Expedition



            GMC – Sierra 2500HD



            Chevrolet – Tahoe



            GMC – Yukon XL



            Toyota – Sequoia



            GMC – Sierra 1500



            GMC – Yukon



            Honda – Accord



            Dodge – Durango



            Subaru – Legacy



            Toyota – Tacoma



            Toyota – Avalon



            Ford – Explorer



            Ford – F-150



            Lincoln – Navigator



            Chevrolet – Silverado 1500


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            Stuff that’s truck based, widely used commercially, but under utilized and well maintained? The drivetrain will normally outlast the body. Kinda pointless to not abuse the maintenance schedule on my under utilized 4.6 F-150. No point in having the truck outlast *MY* body!

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          87 Morgan


          That’s just a stupid statement.

          Of those that I associate with AND have vehicles over 150k on the Odo, only one has a non GM or Ford. The bulk of us have either a Chevy Suburban/Yukon or 1500 pickup of some variant.. One has an Expidition and one has a Frinier CC.

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          I could buy 2 toyota Camrys for this.

          Or one Honda Accord sport, + used truck, a trailer, motorcycle, and jon boat to go with it.

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    So $500 for a full size spare? Minus that option does it come with a spare at all or one of those BMW type kits with a can of fix a flat?

    I want to like the SS, I do but I’m not into halo sedans. Need me a 300 hp $25,000 to $30,000 family sedan based of this car to support it.

    I know that’s not the point, Australian factory, blah, blah, blah… But ever since Lutz opened his big mouth (just about the time he exited) asserting the W-Impala replacement would be RWD. Though the denials from GM came fast and furious, I’ve been sad since then.

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      I thought $500 for a full-size spare was a little pricey, too. But then I considered it’s performance rubber and surely a matching aluminum rim. Add the jack and the labor it probably takes to get all that stuff into the trunk, and $500 doesn’t seem quite as outrageous.

      As to how many manuals they’ll sell, I’d be surprised if they’re able to unload 2,500/year. It’s yet another case of the American auto consumer clamoring for something then not buying it when it actually becomes available.

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      Not exactly 300hp but I certainly enjoy my malibu 2lz with its 259 and 294 lb ft and the changes to the 14 were beneficial.

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    I emailed TTAC last week with the pricing info as well as the additional colors. Some like it hot red, royal peacock, alchemy purple, etc basically every color available on the Holden. One change is that 46k with the manual already has the gas guzzler tax added in so it is slightly cheaper

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    My local police forces have a lot of these, in cop trim, of course. I foresee a lot of folks waiting at the “surplus” auction waiting for them. Haven’t yet seen one “in the wild” with a manual…

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      Compaq Deskpro

      The police Caprice is not quite the same as these, I think they are an older revision of the Commodore, sort of like the old W-body Impala that is still in production.

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    My only wish is that this is still available when the Verano lease is up.

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    A red SS recently showed up in my work lot. Don’t yet know who owns it.

    When I find out, I’m going to find her/him and shout “Fool! You could have had his & her Camrys!”

    Some people… what can you do?

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    OK, we asked for it. Now are we going to buy it, in brown?

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    87 Morgan

    I rode in an automatic SS two days ago.

    Wow, the 6.2 sounds fantastic. I could imagine worse fates than having to saddle up in one if these everyday.

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    This is a car that I just could not care less about, manual or auto. It’s just so bland and a half-hearted, cynical attempt compared to the prior g8 and pricing per performance is nowhere near as good as the Chrysler scat pack LX cars.

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      Yes it is bland and dorky because some product planner/non car guy/girl told Holden to replicate the Malibu or pump up a Cruze for the design and look. VF Commodore that isn’t selling well because it looks like a oddly proportioned Cruze. Roll on Insignia!

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        By that time people will not care. I know they wanted to “impalaize” the Holden Commodore. What a bright idea that was, they sold the staggering number of 95 Impalas, YTD. End of the marque here will be cruel

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    This is awesome. If it’s between this a 6-spd M5, I’d rather take this and bank the 60K price gulf

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    I admire GM for charging an additional $900 to put a sunroof on a $47K vehicle.

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      That’s not really a fair thing to say, the Germans sell you a very expensive base car and then make a lot of the luxury features very high dollar options that one would think should automatically be included in a (insert high number) thousand dollar vehicle..

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    Mr. Orange

    If you do decide to order one. I come across info that states that these come across the ocean in two batches per year. The lead time for custom order is around five months. So considering that if you want a manual, hope that a dealer has one in stock or expect a possible long wait.

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    Big Al from Oz

    This isn’t a Chev for starters.

    This isn’t a Buick, Pontiac, etc.

    It’s a GMH product.

    Your cars a different, especially your locally manufactured vehicles. Many times you guys are having headaches with recalls and what not and we don’t seem to have those issues a bad as you guys.

    This isn’t built like a Chev either.

    This vehicle has a very well designed chassis for starters. They guys who designed this defected from BMW. The vehicle is within a poofteenth of what a 5 Series is in it’s chassis and suspension.

    This is why this is a great platform.

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    47K may seem a bit steep but a dealer here in MA is advertising 2014s for 38.8 which seems just about right.

    I’m pretty sure total production is limited to 2500/yr. What’s the manual rate for a car like this, 10%? Of those most will end up as press cars, GM executive cars, 20K marked-up dealer showpieces, and NASCAR race infield jungle-gyms. The rest will go for MSRP directly to the lucky and devoted. I’d be surprised is a manual ever makes it to the lots for me to drool over.

    Also, I see now you can black out the hideous fender vents for $200!

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      I’d figure the manual rate for this car would be a bit higher. I also figure that the overwhelming majority of buyers are well aware of its provenance. It’s a niche performance sedan. The manual should do relatively well.

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    I like it, but who honestly pays around $50,000 out the door for a Chevy Impala?

    Something like a Audi A6 or BMW 5 series is twice the car, who cares if it’s a few tenths of a second slower in the quarter mile.

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    This could well be the best Q-ship ever…

    But this one is even better:

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