Paris 2014: Ferrari 458 Speciale A Unveiled

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Prefer your Ferrari 458 Speciale to allow the wind to rush through your hair? Then the 458 Speciale A is for you.

Behind your head is the same naturally aspirated V8 as the closed-cockpit model, delivering 605 stallions and 398 lb-ft of torque tightly controlled by the Speciale’s SCC traction control system.

Over your head is an aluminum roof that folds away when not needed, adding only 110 pounds to the total curb weight of 3,310 pounds. Ferrari claims this won’t affect the convertible’s nil to 60 run of 3 seconds, adding the Speciale A is the automaker’s most aero-advanced convertible ever.

Like the Speciale, the Speciale A is track-ready, from the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires, to the Formula One-inspired gear awaiting the driver inside.

Alas, should you desire this one, only 499 will be assembled. Of course, if you’re on the list, you more than likely already got yours.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Stumpaster Stumpaster on Oct 02, 2014

    soo hot until you see the prancing horse on the intake fin. still what an interior!

  • S2k Chris S2k Chris on Oct 03, 2014

    If only this edition would cause the 'regular' 458 Spyder to plummet in price to, say, $25k or so, it would make the day of us humble enthusiasts who would be plenty satisfied with the plebian version.

  • Bd2 If they let me and the boyz roll around naked in their dealership I'll buy a Chinese car.
  • THX1136 I would not 'knowingly' purchase a Chinese built or brand. I am somewhat skeptical of actual build quality. What I've seen in other Chinese made products show them to be of low quality/poor longevity. They are quite good at 'copying' a design/product, but often they appear to take shortcuts by using less reliable materials and/or parts. And , yes, I know that is not exclusive to Chinese products. When I was younger 'made in Japan' was synonymous with poor quality (check John Entwistle's tune 'Made in Japan' out for a smile). This is not true today as much of Japan's output is considered very favorably and, in some product types, to be of superior quality. I tend to equate the same notion today for things 'made in China'.
  • Mike Beranek No, but I'm for a world where everyone, everywhere buys cars (and everything else) that are sourced and assembled regionally. Shipping big heavy things all over the planet is not a solution.
  • Jeffrey No not for me at this time
  • El scotto Hmm, my VPN and security options have 12-month subscriptions. Car dealers are not accountable to anyone except the owner. Of course, the dealer principles are running around going "state of the art security!", "We need dedicated IT people!" For the next 12 months. The hackers can wait.