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Fans of fast Fords will be glad to know that our sources at the Blue Oval have confirmed that the Ford Focus RS is on its way for a 2016 debut. It will be (relatively) affordable, provide a measurable performance boost above a Focus ST, and it will be imported from Europe.

According to our source, the 2.3L Focus RS will be equipped with all-wheel drive and be priced a couple of thousand dollars higher than a loaded Ford Focus ST3. But getting your hands on one will be tough.

The Focus RS will have to be imported from Europe, since it apparently won’t fit down the production line at the Michigan Assembly Plant that builds our Focus. This means a very limited run of cars, serving as a halo car for those who want something more rally-inspired than a Mustang.

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18 Comments on “Exported To Detroit: Next Ford Focus RS Won’t Be Built In Michigan...”

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    Please put this powertrain and new AWD system into the Fusion, and then take my money.

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    Add a brown paint option and they’ll have mine.

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    I really hope they go Big on this and destroy the STI and upcoming Golf R.

    I really loved my STI except for the lack of comfort and tech until the engine blew.

    I’d love to have another hatch or wagon and shake it in SOA’s face.

    Come on Ford 350hp and then 400hp with some Ford racing components and warranty. I’ll buy it and mod the shit out of it. I’ll just miss my v-8 sound.

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      Until that one blows up, too. Then we’ll get to enjoy your next rant about shoving your purchase of the next hot hatch that comes along in FoMoCo’s face.

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        Until Subaru drops the EJ in the STI, it just seems easier to build an inline 4 strong enough to take lots of boost and power. See Evo 4g63, 4B11, Dodge SRT-4 all seem to take a ton of abuse. The Subaru problems are overblown as typical with Internetz but the fact exists the ringlands do go, and every Subaru tuner knows you have to pay special attention to number 4 cylinder when tuning.

        The Golf R and Focus RS are really going to stick it to Subaru for not building a hatch STI/WRX, or maybe not.

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        Ford can build a sturdy motor if they desire. The 03-04 Terminators can put down almost double the factory horsepower rating at the wheels and run day in an out without a hiccup. Same with the later model SVT Mustangs albeit not quite double the factory rating but 700+ horsepower at the wheels is no sweat for those cars.

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    A couple of thousand higher than the ST3? So 36 grand give or take? Well that settles it…. Off the ST goes.

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    300+ hp and AWD in a Focus sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

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    Any clues as to why it wont fit down the production line?

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    Some people sure don’t mind spending big money on an economy car it seems.

    Alternative idea
    1) Buy a normal economy car 12-16k
    2) build a track able go cart with a big (relative) engine and heavy(strong) roll cage, max 10-12k if you wanna get insane but still do it yourself.

    More fun, and you still have to same car to return to everyday.

    All over V8 Mustang prices but without decent proven drivetrain, and room to fit people.

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      You have a viable plan there, really depends on what you want from your motoring experience.

      I could flip this around…as a Boston dweller this is a typical conundrum, why build a sweet track ride you have to stuff in the garage half the year and drive a penalty box most of the time. Not looking to start another one of those damn AWD face offs, but the rally cars are a lot of fun no matter what the weather or road surface so you get to drive the thing you paid too much for all the time at least. The rally recipe makes a great all year sports car for the crumbling frozen northeast infrastructure.

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    I love idea on paper but almost 40k for a hatchback, rough everyday ride, hard seats, premium gas and a awful infotainment system, eh no thanks… this car will come and go before we know it.

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    This really appeals to me… depending on price point. Rumours are swirling the web at $40k CAD for this. I am hoping that FCA continues its plan to make an SRT Dart with 300+HP and AWD. A bonus would be if they can still make it at SHAP in Michigan with some volume and value. Say low 30s and use something from the upcoming FCA parts bin (9-spd & turbo 2.4 or 3.2) Heck, they can even put the Hellcat/Scat Pack Charger front end treatment on it!

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