US Average Gas Price Per Gallon Falling To $3.15 By Year-End

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Once upon a time, a gallon of regular could be had for under $3. Then, prices climbed as reduced production and geopolitical uncertainty played their respective roles. However, 2014 could feel like 2010 again as prices tumble back down to $3/gallon.

A report issued by GasBuddy last week forecasts that the average national price for a gallon of regular could fall between $3.15 and $3.25 by the end of the year, with 30 states expected to pump gas for prices below $3/gallon during the period.

The report bases its forecast on three factors: the transition from summer to winter-blend gasoline, the latter easier to produce by refiners; lower crude prices per barrel, led in part by boosted production in areas such as Alberta and North Dakota; and a combination of overall lower consumption over the autumn and winter months, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, and fewer younger drivers hitting the road.

Right now, 17 states in the South, East Coast and Great Plains already have stations delivering gas at $3 or less per gallon, with the Springfield, Mo. Metropolitan Statistical Area holding the lowest average at $3.005/gallon. Meanwhile, the West Coast will likely keep the highest prices per gallon during the period, though said prices will see the most severe drops through November and December.

Finally, though 2010 is considered a convenient reference point, GasBuddy states this season’s average won’t match that year’s low point, when the average price/gallon was $2.828.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Mandalorian Mandalorian on Sep 24, 2014

    The Swag decade is back. 2010-2013 never happened. Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999.

  • RogerB34 RogerB34 on Sep 24, 2014

    Californians are in for a minimum 10 cents per gallon tax levied by the California Air Resources Board 1 Jan 2015. Social justice, green and bullet train. The fools won't have the slightest notion that they voted it.

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    • RogerB34 RogerB34 on Sep 24, 2014

      @Dan Simple strong-arming of a simple electorate. Right on.

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Sep 24, 2014

    So in constant dollars, we're back to the prices of: 2012 2010 2008 (the all-time highest also occurred then) 2007 2006 2005 1983 ""

  • Turboprius Turboprius on Sep 24, 2014

    Does anyone else remember Chrysler's $2.99 gas guarantee back in mid-2008? They'd give you a gas card that charged $2.99 for gas, and it was good for like two or three years. Then, they went bankrupt and gas prices fell below $2.99 (at least in my Confederate, RWD truck utopia).