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Aston Martin Lagonda Prototype

Prior to becoming Aston Martin’s new CEO, former Nissan senior exec Andy Palmer proposed to the automaker to buy a stake in AM, only for Nissan to decline.

Reuters reports Palmer brought up the issue Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn in 2012 and 2013, with one insider claiming the company “looked carefully at the proposal” before rejecting the idea. Said insider declined to explain the proposal or the reasoning behind the rejection, as did a representative for the company.

Meanwhile, Palmer’s new role as AM’s CEO may lead to more cooperation between the premium automaker and Daimler AG, the latter already in possession of a 4 percent stake in the former while also providing engines and electronics to Aston’s offerings. Palmer helped Daimler and Nissan’s Infiniti develop a similar relationship, resulting in a joint-venture on a plant in Mexico, as well as a family of engines to be shared with the Q50 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

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16 Comments on “Nissan Declined Stake In Aston Martin As Early As 2012...”

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    I think that new Lagonda really looks the part. A very stylish car, beautiful.

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    juicy sushi

    I am not surprised Nissan/Renault didn’t pull the trigger on this. It would effectively cap any up-market aspirations for Infiniti, and the character of Aston Martin doesn’t fit with any of the design philosophies of the group.

    And I can’t imagine there would be much of a decent business case on the profit side either…

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    Although I do like the typical Honda concept car/Ford Fusion front end, I think the stretched appearance and boring sides makes this car look quite ugly. Luckily I’m not rich enough to be bothered :)
    It could have worked as a new Thunderbird maybe?

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    I can even see some of the 80s Lagonda in the sides.

    Coming to the UAE next fall, the new Lagonda Town Sedan.

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    I like it, if only for the large greenhouse. Man I miss tall greenhouses in cars.

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    Hardly a surprise, given the amount of money Nissan would have to dump into Aston to make it viable. Nissan has almost nothing off-the-shelf that would work.

    Mercedes basically got their stake in exchange for access to AMG engines and some luxury bits and bobs; very little risk on their end, with some upside if the firm starts to stagger and MB can pick up the rest of it for peanuts.

    In a weird, alternate world, I could see Nissan buying Aston Martin for the brand. They already have a luxury car line, but they don’t have a well-defined or respected market position. Facelift the Infiniti lineup, plop a couple DB9s in each rebranded dealership, and call the combined brand Aston Martin. Aston purists would flip out(all five of them), but Nissan would have a MUCH easier time marketing it as a global luxury brand. Keep the English factory as the loss-leader it already is, produce a couple thousand halo models a year, and cash out on Nissan-derived entry-level sedans and crossovers.

    Even if Aston costs a billion, it’d still be cheaper than trying to fix Infiniti.

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    Aston finally designs the new Lincoln just a few years late.

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    A skyline Aston would be very cool. Silvia, would look hot.

    Then have some bleed over to the maxima…

    Fast, reliable and it looks good- who is doing that now?

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    Why do I see nothing but future Fusion?

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    Ford borrows the Aston snout for its cars and now Aston borrows the Lincoln snout.
    Aston got the short end of the stick.

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