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As a parting gift to the world, Holden is set to built what should be the fastest Ute ever produced, borrowing the LSA V8 from the HSV GTS sedan. reports the ute will receive its power from the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 powering the HSV GTS Sedan, capable of delivering 577 horsepower and 546 ft-lb of torque to the back through either a manual or automatic with flappy paddles. Other pieces from the sedan, including a stronger differential and additional engine/transmission cooling systems, will likely make it to the ute.

Suspension and handling, meanwhile, will be retuned pieces from the HSV Maloo over the magnetic-controlled setup found in the GTS Sedan, just in case the lucky owner wanted to haul between 473 kg and 487 kg (1,043 lbs – 1,074 lbs) of hay, depending on transmission chosen.

And we do mean lucky: Only 150 HSV GTS Utes will be assembled, with potential owners paying $85,000 ($79,000 USD) for the honor of driving the fastest ute in the world when it arrives in showrooms at the end of 2014. Though speed is limited to 250 kph (155 mph), the sedan was able to hit 280 kph (174 mph) once the speed limiter was removed.

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32 Comments on “HSV Unveils Its Last, Fastest-Ever Ute...”

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    $85,000 for what amounts to a CTS-V ?

    I don’t care who doesn’t believe it…

    Bring back the DODGE MAGNUM.

    -Pentastar V6 with AWD
    -5.7 Hemi RWD/ AWD
    -6.4-L SRT
    -6.2-L Supercharged HELLCAT.


    It’s numbers dwindled just like everything else after Chrysler ran into problems with Cerberus – and the rest of the automotive world was in jeopardy. With the new technology, the Magnum would succeed and be far less expensive that this RIDICULOUS looking Kangaroo hauler.

    Even HELLCAT costs more than $10,000 less than this monstrosity.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      While it will sell, maybe well, a Suburban style Ram wagon would sell like hotcakes. I don’t understand why they have never produced one.

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        Did they not have the 300c wagon , that died?

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        A Ram based full size SUV (Tahoe and/or Suburban sized) seems like it would print money for Chrysler. Very little additional tooling and development costs + high margins = profit. Plus the V6 diesel would be a great option for the RV/boat trailer/highway cruiser crowd.

        The Ram full size SUV has been mentioned many times since the Ram pickup redesign in the 1990’s; Popular Mechanic’s even had a prototype on their cover many years ago. Why is has not happened is a secret known only to the product planners at Chrysler.

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          They built one for Mexico a while back.

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      Agree. Don’t see how they could go wrong squeezing another model out of the LX platform. They would sell about as well as Challenger. I still see them around quite often; apparently there’s a sizable number of people that still like the wagon concept. I’d bet that the original Magnum would have been even more popular if it hadn’t had the dismal interior quality mandated by Daimler.

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        I really think the Magnum would sell fewer than the Charger. Maybe even fewer than the 300. The charger is more popular and less expensive than the 300. I assume a Magnum would slot between a Charger and 300.

        That is, unless they market it better.

        I’d say the Magnum would be produced in small numbers unless demand says otherwise, with AWD optional on all trims.

        Of course, they do have a Journey SRT coming so it’s possible that might be the “Magnum” I’m looking for, only with higher ground clearance.

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          BTSR: Without a doubt. Wagon variants have always been a subset of the sedans from which they’re derived. I think they’d be good for about 30-40,000 a year in sales to people that just don’t want an S/CUV.

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            Compact wagons sell in decent numbers. Something like 40% of Foci & Mazda3s are the hatch/wagon variants.

            As the vehicle gets larger, the harder it gets to sell a wagon because (IMO) people just get an SUV.

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          Big Al from Oz

          I think smALLPAR is another website??

          Maybe you should be over there discussing the virtues your beloved Fiats.

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      It wouldn’t cost this much in the US for reasons you apparently don’t understand.

      Just as you can’t compare USD price to CAD price for vehicles.

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    “As a parting gift to the world,…..”

    Not exactly, in the U.S. at least, “It’s no Ute for you (of any kind)”.

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    Hey, look, Holden did their own Peugeot 207CC!

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    The Maloo will out handle, either the Magnum or the Hellcat., both slower and not as quick

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    Big Al from Oz

    I do expect this to be a little faster than 174mph.

    The Holden Maloo smashed the SRT Ram title back in 2006 with 168mph with a non blown engine and gained the title as the world’s fastest pickup.

    As expensive as it is here it would sell for around $50 000 in the US judging the cost of the Chev SS.

    So, for ten to fifteen grand more than a Tremor you’ll could of had something special.

    According to the Top Gear track times the current ‘normal’ Maloo is quicker than a Rousch Mustang and many other Euro performance marques, not bad for a ‘pickup’.

    It’ll be a handful to drive……but fun.

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    I’m surprised. I’ve always liked the Commodore, but I am *really* starting to gravitate toward the Ute as well. If I ever end up in Australia for an extended period of time, I may very well have to get one. I used to think they were hideous and pointless, and now I just really want one…and for that blame the B&B, whose tastes have irreversibly rubbed off on me.

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    Wow – a 2015 version of the Chevy SSR!

    I don’t understand why one would pay money for something like this when a good pickup truck would be immensely more practical, if it were the primary vehicle but it must be an Aussie thing.

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      For the price, you can buy a truck and a Corvette.

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      It is – the Ute Was up to just a couple of years ago the tradesman pick up truck of choice.

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      Big Al from Oz

      So $43 000 for a ‘performance’ pickup like the Tremor is good value??

      Come on, a Tremor has a max speed of 98mph, even a 2.2 diesel $hitter global is quicker, and probably handles as well.

      Also, don’t use the US ‘scale’ of pay as what we have in Australia. Our minimum wage is over $17 US per hour.

      So, as for price of our vehicles remember the guy in the car yard detailing the vehicles is earing over $20ph.

      Concerning pricing it’s like a Mexican complaining about the cost of eating out in the US. It’s all relative.

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        You and your facts and your global perspective.

        Things must only be looked at through a US based lens – all peoples must drive a crewcab long bed F-150 in XLT trim.

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        “Come on, a Tremor has a max speed of 98mph, even a 2.2 diesel $hitter global is quicker, and probably handles as well.”

        Your measure of value in a pickup is what it’s top speed is electronically limited to? Things really are upside down in Oz.

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      You really do have it wrong.It is like saying a HD Pickup cannot haul the same load as a HDT Truck. They are built for different purposes. The Maloo is a Corvette with a bed

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