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Right before its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show, the Buick Envision was spied outside an exhibit hall as it prepares to make its debut in China, a crucial market that is hungry for both crossovers and Buick brand vehicles.

Although the Envision is almost certain to make its way to North America, GM has made no formal announcement of its arrival. Reports indicate that a Q2 2015 launch is likely, with the GM 2.5L 4-cylinder joining alongside the corporate 2.0T engine powering the Chinese version.

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27 Comments on “Buick Envision Spied On The Eve Of Its Debut...”

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    My apologies – Threadjacking the comments on this article to share the latest Autoblognik article. Any resemblance to real TTAC characters is purely coincidental, riiiiiighht?

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    It’s going to take more than a grill to make it appear Buick, but it certainly looks Chinese.

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      It doesn’t look Chinese. It looks modern generic. Quite nice, but generic.

      Every car in its class has that same falling, inflected line along the side. Chris Bangle gets the credit for that surfacing.

      But why couldn’t they have made a dip in it, as they have — quite successfully — on the LaCrosse. Do something, anything to set the car apart just slightly, and draw on the storied past of Buick.

      Grow a pair, Buick. You can defy convention, at least a little.

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    It looks pretty good from the A-pillar back…but forward…those light…grille…overhang. Not good

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    At least it doesn’t look as bad as the Encore. But still not my cup of tea.

    And, BTW, what’s with Ford, Buick and Cadillac all requiring E-names for its SUV’s?

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      Ford was the first to do it. “Explorer is popular? Okay, let’s name the new F-150-based SUV the Expedition. And the F-250-based SUV the Excursion. And this new “crossover” will be called the Escape, and the next one will be the Edge, and then the big one will be the E–Flex. Whoops.”

      Buick seemed to be more accidental. “Enclave” is a good name because it implies isolation (good for a luxury car) and safety (good for a CUV). “Encore” and “Envision” (I pronounce it “On-vision” like the other two) follow that trend.

      I don’t know what you mean with Cadillac. One E-name does not a trend make.

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    It needs more creases. I thought Pontiac was euthanized 5 years ago.

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      Oh be quiet. Pontiacs are still all over the road. I blow the doors off cars everyday with my 04 GP GTP that’s the best looking GP for its age you’ll find. Pontiac made some sweet cars. Wish they were still around to spice up GM’s current vanilla line up.

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    Not much to see here, is there? Maybe the point of the story is that someone was able to take pictures the day before the public was supposed to know what the car looks like. (Maybe that was done accidently-on-purpose??)
    Are cars getting uglier and uglier, or is it just me? Have all the decent designs been used up, so now we get random bits and pieces, desperately trying to find something that hasn’t been done yet?
    (My first impression was that that huge crease along the side is to make a convenient flex point for when the crusher eventually squashes an Envision… but that would be not be very nice, so I’ll just keep that thought to myself.)

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      It’s a form of bias; a nostalgic way of confirming that everything used to be so much better when cars were “good” and minorities knew their place.


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    Is that an Orlando?

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    Good enough to go up against the Lincoln MKEscape

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    “Although the Envision is almost certain to make its way to North America, GM has made no formal announcement of its arrival.”

    They’ll get around to us, Botswana and Swaziland when they have time.

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    Aside from the wing mirrors, which should be a tad more chiseled, I quite like it…

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    These things are around the Milford Proving Ground area. I saw two GM camouflaged cars this morning:

    This was the big(ger) one, and it must be the new Volt that was the smaller one (since it appeared to have a rear hatch).

    Since they’re taught to drive off when they see a moron pop up an iPhone and pace them, I can only give you impressions: This Buick minivanalike seemed to have a better presence than the GMC HHR-thing in person; it didn’t seem as ungainly long as the 7-seaters; it didn’t seem to have any aspirations to be trucky, either. It looked like a much nicer, a little taller Pacifica.

    If I saw the new Volt or I saw the new Cruz, they are making it look better and better proportioned. I think it had to be a Volt, since I annoyed the guy and he had some good acceleration from a stop and there wasn’t a lot of noise. It looked like they were testing something new (inter-car communications?) as they had little metal nipples sticking out of the corners next to the light clusters that looked to serve some actual function.

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    Buick seems to have adopted the Toyota strategy for style, but with its own vocabulary. That is, make it look vaguely like something more expensive (note the BMW X5 rear side-window upkick, only softened). The Buick’s vocabulary add-ons are the grill and (awful) hood vents, as well as the Opel side strakes and bends. It adds up to what Toyota has been selling for years: a conservative, inoffensive rendition of some higher brand’s offerings from a few years ago. It should sell by the boat load.

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    I hope to some day be alright with buying another GM vehicle, because this thing is gorgeous.

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    Strangely similar to the Suzuki Vitara in the photo below. First nice station wagon by GM in a long time. A Venza with better lines.

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    It was parked outside the exhibition hall because its already gotten it’s 1st recall, and they were waiting for the flatbed from the dealership to pick it up.

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    “Although the Envision is almost certain to make its way to North America…”

    Do we really need another friggin’ CUV? Sheeesh!

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    Aside from the taillights and the rear chrome strip, looks good (tho probably would look even better with the Opel grill).

    Should be a big hit for Buick.

    The FWD-based compact luxury segment is quickly filling up.

    Previously just the RDX and Q5, but now have the MKC, NX and soon this.

    Buick in the near future will be better off than Cadillac since they will 3 CUVs to 1 for Cadillac.

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