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Just like its sedan sibling, the Ford Territory is getting one last refresh for its final year of sales in the Antipodes.

The Aussie-only SUV gets the same mild refresh as its Falcon platform-mate. No V8 was ever available, but Ford Australia’s mega-powerful turbo I6s (putting down nearly 330 horsepower in top trim) will hopefully remain an option.

Sadly, CAFE, market demand and a host of other factors likely kept us from enjoying the Territory in North America. As cool as it is, the business case for a rear-drive SUV packing sports car power levels was probably not there in 2004, and likely isn’t there today – unless you’re SRT, and have all the components sitting around, and you need to spread development costs around a bunch of model lines.

Beyond that, the Territory is even cooler because it was a unique, locally-designed and built solution to local tastes. In an era of One Ford, economies of scale and global product lines, that is something we’re likely never going to see again.

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14 Comments on “Ford Territory Gets A Final Send Off...”

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    Agree, it is sad to see it go. But I do not like the restyle. This trend of putting a modern front on old bodies never really works IMHO. They do not really blend together all that well and it makes the vehicle look disjointed.

    Also why they show photos like the above which emphasize the new front and hide the old rear.

    Ford Australia sadly has a very long history of doing this. Even the latest Falcon really has genesis (and many styling cues) from the AU falcon released in 1998!

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    I always find the lack of interest about the Australian specific industry on this site to be disheartening.

    I’m a nostalgic sucker. Seeing this region lose it’s automotive identity makes me sad.

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      On the contrary, I find the level of interest to be disproportionately high in comparison to Australia’s (lack of) impact on the global car market.

      If I hadn’t been there and owned a car there, I’m not sure that I’d be particularly interested in it myself. But I did and I did, so I am.

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        Back when I was graduating college, I thought the Falcon made Ford’s North American product look like garbage in comparison.

        I realize I am a niche opinion, but I thought my sentiments would be more universal on a site such as this. There are a few local voices that we hear. Because of that, I am thankful for TTAC.

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          I saw the Taurus in Australia. Compared to the Falcon, it wasn’t too impressive. (A moment of embarrassment for the visiting Yank.)

          I do think that Ford should make a RWD sedan that can compete with the Germans, a sort of upscale EuroFalcon. But building it in Australia wouldn’t make much sense.

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          You are right about that, the US offerings were mighty poor in comparison

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        @ PCH101
        Perhaps you should apply to the owners and editors of the site to rename it “The Truth about Cars that only are available in North America”, limit the subscribers to people that only have a North American isp address, and ban reporting, stories and contributors from beyond the American continent.

        That is such a narrow and limited view of the world.

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    I think this Territory is an attractive vehicle – much better than the Escape, Edge, Flex, or Explorer we get. I’m also intrigued by the I6, looks like a nice, torquey powerplant. I understand why we would never get the vehicle, but I might own a Ford currently if they offered an I6. Like most enthusiast-dominated categories we (I6 fans) are too small and too eccentric to make an attractive market for the big automakers.

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    the turbo I6 hasnt been available for a good few years. n/a I6 and 2.7 v6 TDI are the only options now

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    There’s still the Ford Everest.

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