2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Spied

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
2016 ford f 150 svt raptor spied

We don’t even know power or fuel economy figures for the next-generation Ford F-150, but these spy shots of the next-generation Raptor have emerged.

All we know so far is that the Raptor will appear as a 2016 model year. No word on powertrains or technical details – maybe we’ll see an Ecoboost version this time around?

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  • CapVandal CapVandal on Jul 22, 2014

    Why the extended cab business. As a Luddite, my idea of a pickup is a singe front seat. That plus a short style side bed and a performance truck is a walk in the park. The mere idea of a pickup being a raised 4 door sedan with a 10 foot bed on back is inane. And, outside of suburbia and a worksite, is impossible to park. They are land yachts. If I really wanted to haul stuff, I would get something bigger than 1/2 ton. Or tow something big. Either way, the back seat rounds to zero. The bane of automotive design is the 'do it all' mentality. A special purpose vehicle -- like a sport truck -- should do one thing well. Like go fast. And have enough space to throw a few things in the bed. And be able to tow your motorcycles or whatever. And keep the price low enough that people would actually consider driving them -- unlike the BMW/Mercedes priced luxe trucks of today.

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    • Srh Srh on Jul 23, 2014

      @IHateCars I had a raptor and loved it, but just traded it in. Several reasons: * Bed.. That 5.5 foot bed ultimately was more limiting than I expected. It was hard even to fit a bicycle in the back, much less anything I might pick up at Home Depot. * Mileage, of course. Like you I knew that going in, but realistically I seldom saw > 13mpg, which makes highway trips sad. On the other hand, I paid $53,000 for it, put 15,000 hard miles on it (including some high-speed trips on the dirt down in Death Valley), and sold it for $50,000. Then paid $53,000 for an F-350 6.7L CC LB that will manage my home depot trips just fine (not to mention gravel hauling). And gets 18MPG. I imagine lots of owners are like me. Had an itch to do something fun, did it, and got it out of their system. If I could own 2 trucks, one of them would be a raptor. But with one truck, the raptor is too much dune-buggy and not enough truck.

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jul 23, 2014

    Looks like they are running "old" Raptor" front and rear panels since they do not line up. I'd like to see a 5.0 with turbo's but most likely it will come out with a tuned 3.5 EB. The Raptor was too heavy for its intended design purpose but since I've only ever seen two if them that looked like they were off-roaded, weight isn't an issue to mall crawlers.

  • Bob65688581 Small by American standards, this car is just right for Europe, and probably China, although I don't really know, there. Upscale small cars don't exist in the US because Americans associate size and luxury, so it will have a tough time in the States... but again Europe is used to such cars. Audi has been making "small, upscale" since forever. As usual, Americans will miss an opportunity. I'll buy one, though!Contrary to your text, the EX30 has nothing whatsoever to do with the XC40 or C40, being built on a dedicated chassis.
  • Tassos Chinese owned Vollvo-Geely must have the best PR department of all automakers. A TINY maker with only 0.5-0.8% market share in the US, it is in the news every day.I have lost count how many different models Volvo has, and it is shocking how FEW of each miserable one it sells in the US market.Approximately, it sells as many units (TOTAL) as is the total number of loser models it offers.
  • ToolGuy Seems pretty reasonable to me. (Sorry)
  • Luke42 When I moved from Virginia to Illinois, the lack of vehicle safety inspections was a big deal to me. I thought it would be a big change.However, nobody drives around in an unsafe car when they have the money to get their car fixed and driving safely.Also, Virginia's inspection regimine only meant that a car was safe to drive one day a year.Having lived with and without automotive safety inspections, my confusion is that they don't really matter that much.What does matter is preventing poverty in your state, and Illinois' generally pro-union political climate does more for automotive safety (by ensuring fair wages for tradespeople) than ticketing poor people for not having enough money to maintain their cars.
  • ToolGuy When you are pulled over for speeding, whether you are given a ticket or not should depend on how attractive you are.Source: My sister 😉