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With Toyota still in its sights, Volkswagen plans to triple the number of SUVs in its lineup in its fight for the top sales podium among the Global Three.

Bloomberg reports the current offerings — the midsize Touareg and compact Tiguan — will soon be joined by the upcoming seven-passenger CrossBlue-based SUV that will either be assembled in Mexico or Tennessee, coupe and long-wheelbase versions of the Tiguan, the Touareg and a subcompact based on either the Taigun or T-ROC concepts. The strategy would provide VW with the opportunity to meet Toyota across the latter’s range on its way to beat the Japanese automaker in global deliveries by 2018, and would build brand strength in the United States and emerging markets such as China.

Meanwhile, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche are also moving further into the SUV market, ranging from the Cayenne and new Macan — both of which are expected to account for 64 percent of all Porsche sales by next year, according to IHS Automotive — to the Q1 in 2016 and Urus in 2017. The overall game would net Volkswagen an operating profit boost over 6 percent of sales over the current rate of 2.9 percent, as SUVs are considered to be more profitable than other vehicles.

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14 Comments on “Volkswagen To Triple SUV Lineup In Fight Against Toyota For Total Global Sales...”

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    The Taigun is key in much of the developing world. On countries like mine its main competitors like Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster sell an average of 3k a month while larger ones barely crack 1k. VW better get cracking though, not even counting the Asian competition, traditional rivals like GM and FCA are readying their Taigun sized offerings. It will soon be a crowded segment like all others and profit margins should come down.

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    As with all things VAG, I’ll believe it when I see it on the dealer’s lot.

    someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t advanced widgetry like MQB supposed to make churning out new models a fast and perfunctory affair?

    Lately, it sure seems like they take longer to turn-out a mid cycle refresh than everyone else takes to crank out whole new products.

    Starting to wonder if MQB is the Exponential Field of our generation:

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      Superb link. Heh, heh.

      And Ferdy Piech might well be the storyteller, although he prides himself on being the engineer too.

      VW keeps searching for the magic key to sweep up North American buyers while ignoring the obvious, over and over and over again.

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    A coupe version of the Tiguan? My brain just broke.

    In any case, what’s your timeline VW? At the rate the Cross-Blue has been developed, I’d expect this lineup to hit lots about 2025.

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    You buried the lead: 64% of Porsche sales are crossovers next year.

    Add in Panamera, and basically 1 in 5 cars sold by Porsche are actual sports cars (and that includes 911 turbo convertibles, which are sporty only in theory).

    Maserati really missed the boat on crossovers. Add a few curves to the Cherokee and a turbo to that pentagram 6, and look out Macan!

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    I think VAG is in the business of producing cars and press releases about upcoming CUVs. Seriously, this could have been a headline any day for the past 4 years.

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    I just said T-Roc three times outloud and, voila, a mullet grew on my head as if by magic.

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    They keep promising new SUVs but never deliver. In the meantime, the Touareg is still overpriced for mainstream sales, the Tiguan is way too old to sell in any significant numbers.

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      Thats because they price the Touareg like Porsche Lite rather than VW Brougham. You saw all kinds of the 1st gen one around, I think they jumped up too high after that.

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    Checked out a Macan on Sunday at the concours. I was not impressed by the styling or the size of it (small/cramped). The door trims didn’t line up properly either. There was -nobody- around it looking at it.

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