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While light on details, Nissan has released photos and some specs on its newest mid-size pickup, the Navara.

The new truck, which is likely to form the basis of the next Frontier, will come with two engine options in the world market, both of which are 2.5L 4-cylinder engines. The main difference lies in the fact that one is a gasoline engine while the other is a diesel. A seven-speed automatic and a six-speed manual are offered. The diesel is expected to make roughly 187 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. We’ll have more details as they’re available.


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29 Comments on “Nissan Navara Previews Next Frontier [Update: More Pictures]...”

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    As long as it gets better gas mileage then a Silverado and F150 they could have a winner. As of now both of those full size trucks get better gas mileage the frontier. A Four cylinder diesel would be the key the success for new Nissan.

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    Hope the power figures show up on the road and not just on paper.

    The old 174 hp 2.5 diesel was quite disappointing compared to the comparably powered Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 and the 180 hp variant of the Colorasdo’s VM Motori 2.8.

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    If the price was right, a diesel powered 4 wheel drive model would definitely be a new car that I would consider. I drive one for work now, a base model 4 cyl gas 2wd, and the only complaint I have is that it’s a little underpowered, but overall a very nice truck

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    It will be good to see an updated Frontier. I mean, FINALLY, you know?

    The things that will make or break the new Frontier are the things that I think have made a lot of buyers skip it — myself included — over the last 10 years or so: It is priced too high relative to its payback. Fuel economy is so-so, and the MSRP is right up there with some full-size trucks.

    I don’t expect Nissan to sell a cheaper version of the Frontier, so if they can improve upon the fuel mileage enough, that’s their best shot at winning me back as a truck customer. For now, I’ll continue driving my 2006 base Ford Ranger and getting 28 MPG until I see whether the Fronty can match or beat that.

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    I hope that’s just a photoshop pic at the top of the article. Directional wheels that aren’t matched to each side are a pet peeve of mine.

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    Personally, I like the looks of this. Not pretentious and the extended cab model looks plenty roomy enough for my needs. The only thing I want to know is, is it small enough overall, or is it trying to be a “mid-size”? At 175 hp on a 4-cyl engine, if the thing weighs over 4000#, it will be seriously underpowered.

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      175 hp should be fine so long as it has at least as much torque. My brother’s ’11 extended cab 4×4 Tacoma weighs about that much and is competent enough with the 159hp 4. It isn’t going to win any drag races but has plenty of power for most situations.

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      These diesels have around 400 Nm of torque. More than enough for the weight of the truck, and then some.

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      The cited “187hp, 331 ft/lb torque” are a dead on match to the rated power of my 6400lb 1989 F350 (185hp, 338tq). It doesn’t win drag races, but anybody who would deem it “underpowered” in a 4000 lb truck is certifiably insane.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Thailand is the second largest pickup market after the US, so it is apt to release these new pickups there.

    The engine choice is what has been fitted to the Thai D40s that we are receiving.

    When Spain is the only Navara manufacturing nation that uses the Reno V6 diesels. I’m assuming once Spain starts to manufacture the D23 it will also fit the V6 diesels.

    The D23 also come in two widths sitting on the same chassis. I don’t know if this has anything to do with Nissan’s success at selling the D22 alongside the D40.

    I’m a little disappointed the ISF Cummins isn’t fitted as well.

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    I like the lines of this truck. Much more organic than what we tend to see with USA based trucks. If rumours are correct we will see these trucks with the Cummins diesel. They most likely will become more blocky and chiselled to meet NA tastes.

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      I like the truck too. Most of It. If it was a chick, she’d be a Butter Face.

      But America is small-time to global pickup OEMs. Better they focus on the tastes of consumers around the world. And who pays the bills. And not US fleet and bottom feeders.

      Small pickup OEMs refuse to sell us their regular cab strippers. The rest of the world gets them. Not us. Even without the bed (cab/chassis)! The Tacoma was the last regular cab stripper and Toyota still forced cloth seats, carpet, tach, locking dif, and a few others, not common to base stripper pickups.

      If the US is an afterthought, as well it should be. Canada, more so. Way more so!

      *Everything’s nice …but ‘er face…

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    When the 1989 Isuzu Pickup came out, it looked like a ripoff of the Nissan Hardbody. Now the Frontier looks like a ripoff of the Isuzu D-Max, or maybe the Colorado. The circle is now complete.

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      Exactly! This global midsize truck styling is getting really old: Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Chevy Colorado, etc. All of them have that curvy shape, the weirdly shaped doors, and the awkward rear end.

      However, I much prefer this over the idea of taking the old Frontier platform and tweaking it.

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    If this is successful you have to wonder what sort of tricks Toyota might have up it’s sleeve. Nothing stays still when there is a stimulus.

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    Three things:

    -Nissan shouldn’t squander the opportunity to sell this with the diesel, not after the RAM 1500 small block diesel and the Canyon/Colorado
    -The Frontier has always been playing catch up to the Tacoma–will this compete with the new Tacoma (whenever Toyota releases it)
    -What kills products like these is price. When a compact/midsize truck costs the same as a full size (and doesn’t get better mileage), most people won’t buy it. RAM and Ford have killed their compact/midsize models partially for this reason.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    This looks a lot like it’s going to address people who want car-like comfort in a truck. And you can clearly see parts that are shared with the Altima and new Rogue. I quite like it.

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      Big Al from Oz

      @Kyree S. Williams
      Most US full size pickups are “cars”.

      Look at their size vs capability as a work truck, they could be much better.

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      I for one have little interest in a truck having “car-like comfort.” That’s what cars are for.

      I just want a truck that: fits in my garage (F-150 can’t), I can easily use for the types of projects I do (I have no delusions of towing a space shuttle), and is cheap to buy/own.

      If it’s full of hard plastic, great! It’s easier to clean. If it has no touch screen, great! Those are dumb anyway, but even dumber in trucks. If it has only an extended can instead of 4 doors, great! Then there’s more space for the bed (the whole purpose of a truck), and if I wanted to move people, I’d use a car.

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        I want “car like comfort” in my work truck, but I limit that to AC, comfortable seats, and reasonable sound insulation. I don’t want my truck wearing me out. My work does that well enough.

        My truck has both full crew cab (aka “lockable storage”) and 8’+ long bed. Of course, it’s also nearly 22′ long, and I really need a “small” work truck for gigs where I don’t need all that capacity.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Here is an interior shot of the “large” D23

    Looks quite nice.

    Here’s a shot of the chassis.

    The chassis is telescopic in a frontal accident.

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