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Honda, Nissan and Mazda are recalling a total of 3 million vehicles equipped with defective airbag inflators supplied by Takata, following a similar action by Toyota.

Automotive News reports 2.03 million Hondas, 755,000 Nissans and 159,807 Mazdas globally are being recalled to replace the defective units. The effort comes just after Toyota recalled 1.62 vehicles outside Japan that were recalled earlier this month for the same issue, and 655,000 vehicles in the home market that were being recalled for the first time. As of June 23, 10 million vehicles between 2009 and 2014 have been recalled due to defects in Takata’s airbag units.

June’s action follow those by the four automakers conducted in April of this year, when Takata informed the group that a number of the defective units had escaped into the supplier channels due to poor record-keeping between 2000 and 2002 at the supplier’s plants in Washington and Mexico, where the moisture-infected units were assembled and stored. Moisture degraded the airbags’ inflators, which led to the units exploding, throwing metal shrapnel throughout the cabin.

Other manufacturers who used Takata airbags — including Ford, Chrysler and BMW — are also calling back a handful of affected models, especially those in humid climates such as Florida and Puerto Rico; CEO Shigehisa Takada claimed “the high levels of absolute humidity in those states” may also cause catastrophic failure of the inflators.

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10 Comments on “Honda, Nissan, Mazda Recall 3 Million Over Defective Airbag Inflators...”

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    Fans of body piercing now know what to buy.

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    Why not put a list of vehicles under this recall, instead of making me find it somewhere else?

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    The first TOTAL RECALL proves that when you have superior writing, and talented special effects/makeups artists you don’t need CGI. The new Total Recall was a complete disaster.

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    Whoa! The Japanese car makers, used a low cost, low quality, supplier. Air bags that deploy at the wrong time? Honda’s Nissans, Mazda’s? Even a BMW..assembled by little Elves in the Black Forest? Equipped with superior German engineering?

    Say it aint so! I’ll bet it was all cooked up by the UAW, and the Democrats.

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    The airbags don’t “deploy at the wrong time”, the metal cans that hold the gas generating chemicals cannot withstand the pressures created by the gas generating event.

    In short, the bag expands as the result of a regular impact, then the can behind the bag grenades, sending can shrapnel into the area around the bag. This has been a thing since at least 2009 when a girl in Oklahoma City died in a school parking lot as a result of a tiny accident. Honda rolled out the recall within days. As Takata digs deeper and deeper into the issue, they are finding more and more designs that fall short of ideal, so they are going thru the process of replacing them, regardless of actual problems.

    So, a supplier defect kills one person, and the OEM digs into the supplier’s ass so hard the supplier has to solve possible problems before they become actual problems for several other OEMs.

    Tell us again how this is just like the GM problem…

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      So, the gas generating chemicals are rendered more volatile by excess humidity and the gas pressure they generate blows the container to pieces before it can escape into the airbag?

      Leave it to the B&B here to sort the popular press.

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    I wasn’t wearing my GM fanbois hat. My point is, that none of todays auto makers are immune from recall/defects.

    As in most scandals, the issue at GM was the cover up. Not the actual defect. To a certain degree, Toyota was guilty of the same thing with U.A.

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    Weird. Japan is for the most part a humid country.
    Also, hard to believe that Civic SI is 2750 lbs. A comparable EM2 is only 2400 lbs.

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    I have a 2006 Mazda 3 and spend the last 30 minutes searching different news stories for more information on this. I think it is completely irresponsible of news outlets to not have a concise, bulleted list of affected models. What if someone dies or gets hurt because they didn’t know their car was recalled?

    Anyone looking for recall information can use this very handy site from USDOT:

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    This is what happens when companies like Takata outsource manufacturing of critical components like the canister holding the airbag. Those aluminum tubes are impact extruded. What the hell did they change??? Material???

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