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Bloomberg is reporting that General Motors barred reporters from emailing, photographing or videoing monitors set up in a special media room during their annual shareholder meeting.

Reporters were apparently instructed to turn off their mobile devices while viewing the proceedings from a designated media room. The no-phones rule is said to be a departure from past policies, and comes amid pledges to increase transparency within the auto maker following the inquiry into recalls that led to fatal crashes.

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17 Comments on “GM Bans Reporters From Electronic Communications During Shareholders Meeting...”

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    The more the GM Recall story develops, the more I can’t help but think that Ms Mary Barra was set up. I actually empathize with her plight. Some of ttac’s B&B saw this coming and made mention of it in their comments BEFORE the recalls happened.

    If it was a White guy standing there jawing about this, I would feel no sympathy. But for Mary Barra? I think everyone will go easy on her and listen to what she has to say she is going to do with GM.

    I have not heard anyone raise their voice at here when she was grilled.

    A White guy would have been raked over the coals by now.

    So, in retrospect, a pretty smart move promoting Mary Barra to CEO.

    Another White guy as GM CEO would not have been received this well.

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      I don’t know where you have been but I have blasted her several times. She is complicit in this and knew everything that went down. She was paid handsomely to take the fall so she is happy and she gets to leave this earth as the first female CEO of not only GM, but any car company in the world. If you really think she gives two [email protected] about these hearings or anything you are sorely mistaken.

      If it had been her male equivalent who was CEO right now instead of her the treatment would be the same. Since they were not CEO or even SVP at the time of these occurrences, how much [email protected] could you really sling at them? This is all just a dog and pony show, this is not China where you have real consequences like execution. These execs and the senators and congressmen are all buddies. They have drinks and dinner afterwards and golf and whatnot. GM will pay some fine which looks huge but is actually a drop in the bucket for them and life will go on. Nothing has changed with this company and it never will.

      Women are as ruthless as men, generally more ruthless, don’t let her soft spoken demeanor fool you, she is a shark, you better believe it.

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        VenomV12, what you or I say is meaningless and has no effect. IOW, the only thing that we do that matters is to vote with our feet. That has impact!

        What members of Congress say and do is what matters. They chose to bail out GM!

        I watched those proceedings with Ms Barra (on DVR) and it seems to me that they are treating her pretty well, and without outrage, even with at least 13 dead, as opposed to the way Mr Toyoda was treated, based on trumped up SUA allegations.

        Agree that it is a dog and pony show.

        Agree that GM will pay some fine and it will be with the money provided by the taxpayers during the bailouts, handouts and nationalization. Dead companies do not have any money.

        Agree that women are often more ruthless than men. Women have more to prove.

        But in this case, it appears to me those in power treated Ms Barra better than they did Mr Toyoda, when he was before Congress.

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    I was hoping the Old Boy network was gone at GM. Guess I was wrong. Barra is just a puppet.

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      I’m not defending Ms Barra, but she has already done more than any of her predecessors have done, or would have done.

      Plus, she laid out a specific course of action to deal with the current mess and prevent it from happening again. In the past, all everyone got from GM was denial, misdirection, misinformation and obfuscation. With Ms Barra at least we get a form of acknowledgement and communication.

      I don’t see this pattern of deception with Ms Barra. Yes, she is going to try to minimize the damage, but at the same time she acknowledges to the public that GM has screwed up and will try to make it right. We never got that before from GM.

      GM’s mouthpiece will be Mr Feinberg, and it is highly unlikely that everyone will buy into the settlement he chooses, to prevent this from becoming a major Class Action suit. So the dancing will continue, but ultimately, it will be the US taxpayer who will pick up the tab. This is so different from the trumped SUA debacle experienced by Toyota. Maybe GM is taking a page out of Toyota’s PR book.

      In retrospect, the bailouts, handouts and nationalization of GM were only the beginning. Lots more to follow. Stay tuned!

      Remember, with GM the tax payers are in for a penny, in for a pound.

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        You do say the most twittish things at times hdc.

        Perhaps the news passed you by that the US sold its last GM shares this past Dec 9, thus invalidating all your arguments about taxpayers being on the hook.

        You make as much sense to me as that whizbang bloke from Oz, whose grip on reality is just as off the rails in his own direction, whatever it is

        Good Lord, you lot do like talking to yourselves, defying all facts and logic.

        And apparently learning zip. Spare us the bandwidth.

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          This is a pretty big deal for GM, at this time in history, given all that has taken place to get us to this point in time.

          So GM wants to control the message and its dissemination. Can anyone blame them for that?

          I am fully aware that the US Treasury sold its holdings in GM and that the US taxpayers lost at least $10B. Not a concern for you since you’re not in the US.

          It is obvious that to you it is alright that GM sat on these recalls for as much as ten years, or more in some cases, and it is just a blip. Business as usual, right?

          There’s talk about fining GM. Big deal. GM died. They are operating on the money that the taxpayer gave them!

          The settlement will also come out of the money the taxpayers gave them. GM had no money before the bailouts, handouts and nationalization.

          You appear to think highly of yourself with your pontification about the views an opinions of others.

          Personally, I don’t give a rat’s @ss what you think about my comments and observation. But I do wonder why you took the time to read them, and then offered your own condescending comment.

          If my comment was without merit, you would have skipped over it. The fact that you chose to offer your own comment in reply shows that you are the one with loose screws.

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          “At times”? Are you suggesting that there are occasions when he does otherwise?

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    Big deal. There is no law that everything everywhere has to be viewed and recorded.

    Not that I’m a fan of GM, its practices, or government bailouts.

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    Big Al from Oz

    It appears the rulers are now increasing the protection of the institution after slaying a bakers’ dozen or so of the less fortunate expendables.

    Barra is being protected as is the US Government. And we thought the communist Chinese had control over the media. Is GM a public company???

    Here is a simple hierarchal guide to the protection of a culture.

    Rule 1. Protect the institution at all costs, first and foremost.

    Rule 2. Protect the executives who in turn protect the institution.

    Rule 3. Protect the victims/consumers last.

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    Of note in this meeting was the election of some particularly interesting board members – Ms. Barra amongst them.

    Curious to know what was so hush-hush…

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      SCE to AUX

      “Curious to know what was so hush-hush…”

      Nothing. Maybe GM is just trying to restore some decorum to these meetings, and have people actually pay attention, rather than looking at tablet screens.

      It’s not as though anything could actually remain hush-hush at a GM shareholders’ meeting.

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      Hush Hush? It’s still open. They can still report on it. They just can’t treat it like a circus.

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    sunridge place

    I thought most shareholder meetings were restricted to actual shareholders? A member of the ‘media’ has to put their phone down for an hour, bitches about it and it is a news story? Yawn.

    They might have to actually do some reporting. No wonder one guy bitched.

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    These days, when you can buy a “pen” from ebay that records audio and video, I think it impossible to enforce bans such as this. You need only own one share to be a shareholder, perhaps some of the reporters purchased one. If not, if they purchased one share, legally, they would have to be allowed into a shareholder’s meeting. They would be allowed to vote, also.

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      sunridge place

      The CEO had a press conference before the event. The media was allowed to watch the meeting. One whiny Bloomberg prick bitched that he couldn’t have his cell phone on among the entire media covering the event who had no issue with it and Derek wrote a piece.

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      You enforce it by not allowing a particular media outlet back to the next meeting if they break the rules.

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