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2015 Volvo V60 T5 Sport Wagon Exterior-005

Volvo, with parent company Geely, is developing a lineup of premium A-segment vehicles aimed at the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class.

Edmunds reports the upcoming lineup will include a five-door crossover, a sedan and a hatchback, and will also offer the opportunity for Geely to sell their wares in the United States while offering a similar lineup in its home market.

Under the bonnet will be a range of engines driving either the front or all four wheels, including gasoline, diesel and their respective hybrid pairings, all based upon Volvo’s current four-cylinder engine family.

The A-segment joint venture will be based upon the upcoming Compact Modular Architecture developed in their China Euro Vehicle Technology research and development center, with the first cars due in 2017 at the earliest.

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15 Comments on “Volvo, Geely Aiming For BMW, Mercedes With A-Segment Lineup...”

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    I dunno… since the Chinese acquisition of Volvo, they’ve since lost a bit of their luster to me.

    I miss the indestructible Swedish Volvos (especially the boxed turbo tanks, but that was eons ago), even if the Chinese play the Tata-Land Rover card and “leave the manufacturing to them”.

    In terms of reliability AND safety… is “The Olde Gray Mare” still what she used to be?

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      I don’t know that V60 is pretty nice.

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      Volvo’s products haven’t changed the much since Geely acquired them in 2010. All Volvos have been FWD and often turbocharged since 1999- Geely didn’t purchase Volvo until 2010 IIRC. Volvo engines are still known for their durability and are usually more stout and reliable than German alternatives. Volvo’s safety has done nothing but improve – IIHS Small Overlap testing showed the premium Germans and Lexus were still trailing behind Volvo when testing was performed for the 2013 model year.

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        Chicago Dude

        Volvo has had the small overlap test in their internal crash testing process since the early 1980s. I don’t believe that any of the cars tested were designed post-Geely. Even this new V60 shares the platform that the V70/S80 started using in 2007 or so.

        The only post-Geely stats that can be measured right now are reliability and initial quality. Since Geely bought them, both stats have improved. Geely injected billions of dollars into Volvo after the purchase. So far I have seen no negatives, and I didn’t expect to see any either. Why would Geely toss $10 billion (purchase price and cash infusion) into the trash by making Volvo worse? It just doesn’t make any sense.

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      They made the top 10 reliability list, and have started been revamping their lineup.

      Giving up the reliability of mid-levek cars for “luxury” has always seemed like a lousy deal, but Volvo might be moving in the right direction. Maybe they’ll even hit a sweet spot one day!

      Next up, they need to replace that phone keypad which looks like it drives the HVAC and infotainment system. Nonstandard electronics become a maintenence problem during long-term ownership. This is one if the biggest reasons I scratched the Volvo V50 off the list when I was looking to replace my old Ranger. And, of course, something interesting under the hood always adds appeal for me.

      But they’ve made more steps toward being an appealing car under Geely than I expected, and it looks like they’re improving/expanding the product, so it’s looking like Chinese ownership could be a positive thing in this case. Time will tell, of course….

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      Yes, baseless racist nonsense is a surefire reason to not buy a car. Geely is one of the better Chinese OEMs to start with and Volvo was never particularly reliable so where is this nonsense about a drop in quality coming from if not from general racist nonsense?

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    Just got back from the pharmacy with my heart meds.

    This is worth staying alive for.

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    test drove the newest 2015 CX60 yesterday and the brand new 2.0 turbo. It caught my eye from the window sticker claiming 27!!! over all MPG.
    It was 33 HWY. It had an eight speed trans.
    It was nice…but had a little strangely black and dull dash. The car drove well in corners (the salesman kept telling me it was leveling itself out)but I thought the engine a bit noisy…considering it looked like a Ford 2.0 ecoboost in stats. But the Ford engine seems quieter in my escape.
    The Edge 2.0 ecobost drove softer and seemed more rommy inside.
    Price as I recall was 40K. Both cars are just over 4000 lbs.
    When I got home I looked it up online and even the larger engine with supercharger AND turbo was 25 overall MPG. Very nice for over 300HP.
    I think I would consider this one.
    Nice seats.

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    What’chu want, fancy peeper? We got it heel. Five car, one platfom, one enjeen, different tulbos. Same interiels.

    If you aim too high, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME.

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    SCE to AUX

    They’d better figure something out, because their US sales are on-par with Mitsubishi, and following the same trend.

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    I know Volvo is Chinese owned and is aiming at such markets, but even still *facepalm*. Smart Car was such a success right? 1 series are everywhere aren’t they? Wither Volvo.

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    I got a good look at the V40 hatchback while I was in Italy in December and wanted to pack it in my suitcase and bring it back here.

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