I Woke Up In A Used Bugatti

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

( video and lyrics NSFW)

Once the domain of mainstream luxury brands, certified pre-owned programs are starting to filter down to mainstream brands…and apparently, to Bugatti as well.

Though scant on details, AutoGuide reports that Bugatti will apparently be offering a new CPO program. Given the limited number of Veyron’s on the market, it’s safe to assume than CPO cars will be reconditioned to tip-top shape and sold with the confidence of a factory authorized freshening – not that it would be a gateway into a luxury brand that a lesser CPO program might be.

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  • You people forget that these cars are produced in such limited numbers that "buying used" may be the only way you can actually get your hands on one, no matter HOW MUCH money you've got. If I was a billionaire, I'd be fantasizing about buying a used McLAren F1LM or a Veyron... just so I could use either of them as a daily driver. I'd also consider buying a Cadillac CIEN if possible. The Veyron is so ridiculously expensive that most millionaires couldn't afford one.

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    • Ellomdian Ellomdian on Mar 26, 2014

      Given the prevalent rumors of VW having trouble moving stock, limited numbers don't really mean much. Sure, in a few years it may be hard to find one 'new,' but this is a 10 year old car already and they still have them on the showroom floor. I think its a little frightening that upkeep on a Veyron costs more than upkeep on an F1, or a 959, or even an Enzo. It's as much a unicorn as any one of those 3, but it is VIOLENTLY more expensive to keep over the long turn.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Mar 26, 2014

    That first sentence is so confusing, had to read it four times. "Once the domain of mainstream luxury brands, certified pre-owned brands are starting to filter down to mainstream brands…and apparently, to Bugatti." Certified pre-owned programs? Cars? Filter down to mainstream non-luxury brands?

  • Raresleeper Raresleeper on Mar 26, 2014

    CPO Bugatti. Lol! Oh, come on! This is most ridiculous. CERTIFIED by Bugatti. Reliablity is key here, folks. Lol

  • Hogie roll Hogie roll on Mar 26, 2014

    Like I said before, gallardos and continentals are only a few years away from the corner BHPH lots in the hood.

    • Raresleeper Raresleeper on Mar 26, 2014

      A Gallardo with 150k miles. At a BHPH. Humurous... But I see it. I can see a subprime debtor drooling over it already, staring up at it at some ridiculous hour of the night while it's on those metal ramps. I bet he works evening shift at a warehouse as a forklift driver, has a 520 credit score (although he'll tell you it's "improving") and just bought a house in a challenged school district through a special housing assistance program. "I gotta get this in my garage, man..."