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2014 VW Golf GTE 01

How about a Volkswagen Golf that emits less CO2 than a Toyota Prius and makes as much power as a GTI?


Enter the VW Golf GTE. Officially a concept for now, the GTI hits 62 mph in 7.6 seconds, thanks to its 1.4L TSI 4-cylinder engine making 148 horsepower, along with a 108 horsepower electric motor. Fuel economy is said to be 188 mpg according to European standards, along wth a 31 mile electric-only range.

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13 Comments on “Geneva 2014: Volkswagen Golf GTE...”

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    Stop the presses, the boffins at VW have invented a Chevrolet Volt!

    (The GTE will be a different and far more entertaining animal, but I couldn’t resist the obvious cheap shot.)

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    This car was announced on Feb 20, and any likelihood that it will perform like a GTI is primarily in the eyes of the VW Marketing Dept. Lugging around over a hundred kilos of batteries will do its performance no good, and they’re claiming anywhere between 133, 157, and 188 mpge depending on the size of the gallon, US or British, and a WAG. A 7.6sec run to 60mph is over a second and a half slower than a GTI for a start.

    This is a PHEV, so mileage estimates can vary wildly depending on whether you plug it back in before the battery runs down, in which case it uses no gasoline at all, like the Prius plug-in.

    VW remains unimpressed with anything until they “invent” it, so for them Toyota doesn’t really exist.

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      Given the torque of electric motors, performance up to 40 mph is probably very similar to a GTI. In any case, it should be one of the most fun-to-drive hybrids available (not that that is a particularly high bar).

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    0-60 in 7.6 seconds is not too bad, same as a Camry Hybrid, slower than the MKZ Hybrid though.

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    The times it spends in the shop does not count for less CO2.

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    emits less CO2 than a Toyota Prius*

    *If and only if you plug it in.

    It’s incredible how every single auto publication swallows the PR material raw. I expected more from TTAC.

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    GTI… is that you? Whats happened? Speak to me, GTI! Stay away from the light!

    They’ve clearly castrated this once happy, pleasant to drive, legendary GTI. I object and beg their pardon.

    GTI meets Prius. I think Im going to vomit.

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    heavy handle

    Is this not just a Jetta Hybrid with a bigger battery pack? I hear it’s even more fun than a GTI: a hair slower 0-60, but with a better DSG, a revvier engine and no turbo lag.

    I’m surprised VW waited this long to offer it in Europe.

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    I have a GTI and I like this actually. Sure it will not be as fast, but if they can make it fun to drive and deliver the mileage of a Prius then they could really have the perfect combination. Daily driving my car I rarely need the acceleration to 60+, mostly its 0-45 which should be entertaining enough with the electric motor. And I hate the lousy around town gas mileage, which the GTE should not experience. If my commute was under 15 miles, I could get by with not using any gas at all. 100 extra pounds will not hurt the handling so much and the tradeoff IMO is worth it.

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      I also have a Mark VI GTI and am interested in this GTE as well. Zombie McQuestionbot asked last week what would interest us in a hybrid, and my response was a performance-oriented vehicle not saddled with low rolling resistance tires, no sound deadening material, and an un-engaging driver experience. We’ll obviously wait for the reviews to see how the GTE concept is executed, but this would certainly catch my attention to the possibility of a hybrid for the first time ever.

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