QOTD: UAW Vote At Chattanooga Ends Tonight, What's Your Prediction?

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
qotd uaw vote at chattanooga ends tonight what s your prediction

The historic vote scheduled to take place at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga assembly plant. 1,570 workers will vote on whether to be represented by the United Auto Workers so that a German-style Works Council can be formed.

If the UAW is successful, it would be their first victory in a long history of failing to secure organization at foreign-owned auto plants. If they fail, it will be a serious blow to the UAW and the American labor movement. For the definitive report on final day of the vote, The Detroit News has a great take.

Personally, I think that the final vote will result in the workers rejecting the union. But I am curious to hear your take.

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  • U mad scientist U mad scientist on Feb 14, 2014

    It's always pretty funny when the typical red-blooded american car fan delivers their two minute hate again unions, yet rarely put money where their mouth is by buying the few non-union cars on the market, and in fact often insist the Japanese union-made cars are better than those from the southern plants. The comedic effect is only tapered when we remember they vote with that cognitive dissonance.

  • Sirwired Sirwired on Feb 14, 2014

    What I can't figure out is that if the UAW is supposed to be so horrible for VW, why have they (VW) repeatedly said they are in favor of it?

    • Thornmark Thornmark on Feb 15, 2014

      They are required to by the German union that would like to see the TN plant fail. Like the PA VW plant the UAW organized decades ago.

  • Gogogodzilla Gogogodzilla on Feb 14, 2014

    I think it's got a good shot of passing. Mainly because Volkswagen itself is in support of the measure. Which would eliminate some of the hesitation an autoworker there might have over whether a 'yes' vote would endanger their job.

  • Bikegoesbaa Bikegoesbaa on Feb 14, 2014

    News says the UAW lost. Not too surprising, they didn't have much to offer the VW workers.