Party-Girl Daughter Of Mildly Famous Attorney Rams Police Cruisers, Evades Police, is PITed

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
party girl daughter of mildly famous attorney rams police cruisers evades police is

Normally, my adopted hometown of Columbus, Ohio is a pretty booooring place. But every once in a while, a young woman rams a police cruiser with her Nissan Rogue and starts an awesome police chase that ends with a full-on PIT.

Now, after this jump, we’re going to show you a few photos of this nice young lady from Facebook, along with a link to the genuinely awesome dashcam video compilation. BUT IF YOU’RE AT WORK, WAIT TILL YOU GET HOME, OKAY?

You can see the video here and I highly recommend you do. It’s pure gold. Now, here’s an equally brilliant video where her father, an attorney, argues against distracted driving!

And another one!

DISTRACTION IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF AUTO ACCIDENTS! Well, I don’t think Miss Kurgis was distracted at all. I think she was totally focused on her mission of punking an entire police department.

Now for the Facebook photos. You’re at home, right?

I think it’s safe to say that she’s got it all: decent figure, smiling face, and a disrespect for authority that would make Zack de la Rocha piss his surplus-store pants. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to visit the jail.

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  • CarGal CarGal on Dec 05, 2013

    Kurgis has been charged with felonious assault, fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest, running a red light, backing without safety, driving over a curb, damage to city property, reckless operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. She is going to have a fun time in court.

  • Timotheus980 Timotheus980 on Dec 18, 2013

    I assume she is leaning on the horn to try to wake up daddy to come out and shoo the cops away? Once she realizes he is gone/too deeply asleep or she is in too deep for that is when she makes a run for it?

  • Inside Looking Out "And safety was enhanced generally via new reversing lamps and turn signals fitted as standard equipment."Did not get it, turn signals were optional in 1954?
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  • Lorenzo They may as well put a conventional key ignition in a steel box with a padlock. Anything electronic is more likely to lock out the owner than someone trying to steal the car.
  • Lorenzo Another misleading article. If they're giving away Chargers, people can drive that when they need longer range, and leave the EV for grocery runs and zipping around town. But they're not giving away Chargers, thy're giving away chargers. What a letdown. What good are chargers in California or Nashville when the power goes out?
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