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2014 MINI Cooper S 01

MINI’s new Cooper and Cooper S aren’t so mini anymore — which is wonderful for the backseat occupants in your life, for starters — but the BMW brand had done its best to maintain the spirit. Under the bonnets are either a three-pot pushing 134 horses out the front gate with 162 lb-ft of torque or, for the S, an extra cylinder helping to produce 189 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, with either engine paired to a six-speed manual or automatic.

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16 Comments on “Los Angeles 2013: MINI Unveils 2014 Cooper, Cooper S...”

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    What’s with the long face? And the LED light’s, and the crappy rear lights, and the “not in the center cluster” speed dial, and the wrong windshield angle….It looks like a proper Chinese rip off. The Mini concept is lost. Is it just me?

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      Burger Boy

      I’m with you. The new look is cartoonish and ugly. I think they styled the front end from the look on potential buyers faces when they see the sticker price.

      I had an ’03 JCW and loved it! Kind of raw, not too refined. It made great sounds and was a hoot to drive. There are plenty of sound-deadened, bloated cars out there if people want them…bring back the original MINI!

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    The interior is SUCH A MESS. It looks like they forgot to organize it at the factory.

    And the face of the thing now! That yellow one looks like a scared goldfish. The horn should go “OH NOOO!”

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    What’s with the big black plastic piece running across the grille? Subaru has a similar piece on the BRZ and more cars have these gaping grills. Assuming it must be covering a crash bar of some sort. Pedestrian impact standards raising hood heights, making front bumpers taller another possibility. Anyone know for sure the rationale behind these nasty plastic bumperettes?

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      I’ve assumed that they’re supposed to work like unpainted bumpers as they pop up on more newer city cars than anything, you bump a car when you park and you won’t loose any paint.

      But then again the grilles right behind them so you won’t loose paint but you’ll loose $2000 from a repair bill.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    The interior does look a lot worse than the outgoing model, in my opinion. Center-mounted speedometer or not, the second-gen MINI Cooper looked a lot more polished than this. This new one looks seems like it’s just trying to force classic MINI design motifs into an overall aesthetic that has moved beyond them. I can’t say that I have any complaints about the Cooper exterior, but the Cooper S’ front fascia is just horrible.

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    I bought a first gen BMW mini new in 04 that will be 10 years old in 3 months and my Cooper S is the best car I have ever owned even including a M-Benz 250 SL I owned in 1970 I have also owned it much longer than any other new car I have bought.

    When I heard that this new version would be the 3d major engine change from the supercharged one in my car I wondered why another design so soon. Who makes this one? Is it a BMW design? Why the change ? Cost I expect still it bothered me and I was interested to see what the new one looks like…. What a mess the front is a disaster and the interior is not something I would want to live with in a rental… Let alone own for many years.

    My plans were to shop for a new car just to keep up with new tech. I do love my electronic toys and the aftermarket Bluetooth hands free kit from Nokia I installed in 04 never worked with anything besides the Nokia semi smart phone I owned back then. And the BMW sourced sat nav system is showing its age ( rumor is that next year may be the last year for map data DVD updates for it) so I had planed to consider the next MINI as a replacement but it is now heavily crossed off of my list… A huge disappointment.

    What were they smoking?

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    “For a clownfish, he’s not that funny.”

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    Loved my ’09 Mini. This one, I’m not feelin it. Why dump that sweet 1.6 liter mill for a 3-pot?

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      >> Why dump that sweet 1.6 liter mill for a 3-pot?

      Theoretically lower cost, less parts, lighter weight, and more engine bay room – although I haven’t checked the numbers to verify they accomplished those goals. The U.S. base model with the triple does 0-60 in 7.3 seconds now versus 8.5 with the old 4, so there is some improvement in performance. The Euro version is lighter than the predecessor, but due to a couple of added knee air bags, the US version might actually be heavier.

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    Here come the 3 cylinders. Great. I’m so excited.

    These motors suck. Period. You think a 4cyl is rough or sounds bad? Wait till you try a 3. Vibration is awful. And they sound like a tractor.

    V8s dying off for V6, maybe boosted. V6s being phased out for 4cyl only. 4s going to 3s. N/A is a dying breed. I have liked the turbo 4s I’ve driven quite a lot, but better than a N/A 6? No way.

    But I will never buy a 3. Just awful engines.

    When will we see the V-Twins??

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