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It sure would seem so. Despite the best efforts of our IT crew, the TTAC Staff Robot is unable to read Korean,but we can read the word “Genesis” on this car’s front plate.

If the new car was rather Mercedes-esque in its choice of borrowed styling cues, the new car is a curious mix of elements from both Japan and Germany. There is a vague Audi A7 resemblence, while the Hoffmeister kink is distinctly BMW. But the car could easily be some kind of new Infiniti derivative, especially the front, which looks like the model formerly known as the Infiniti M. No word on powertrains, but this one will have AWD for the first time.


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49 Comments on “Is This The New Hyundai Genesis?...”

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    juicy sushi

    I’m seeing a lot of Mazda 6 in the front grille. Meh, not something I would be in the market for any time soon anyway…

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      Alex L. Dykes

      I agree. I think I just got more excited about the Kia K9.

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        Until you remember, it’s a Kia.

        Ba’dum, cha!

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          Nowadays, rather have Kia’s lineup than Toyota’s or Nissan’s (or Hyundai’s for that matter).

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            Hyundai & Kia still can’t design a competitive suspension for the most part, for whatever reason.

            The only Hyundai or Kia vehicles that come close are the Sonata & last gen Santa Fe.

            The current Genesis sedan has a positively harsh, unrefined & schizophrenic suspension, making the car feel like the rear and front arguing with each other.

            This is especially a mystery since the Chevy Cruz (a Daewoo) feels solid and refined.

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      Hyundai did stole the entire design for Elantra from Mazda3. Now, they just stole the nose. Lights from MB, nose Mazda, rear – Avalon. There we go. I always said, no need to invent javascript. It is all written. You just need to download it.

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        Eh, sorry.

        But Hyundai did the whole “flame surfacing” before Mazda (but originated by Bangle) and besides, the previous Mazda3 was nothing more than a “guppy smile” front-end taken from Peugeot affixed to a Pontiac Vibe hatch body.

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      Looks like they’re trying to incorporate the Hyundai hexagonal grille.

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      Hyundai and Kia need to market cars above the Azera and Credenza with separate brand names. It didn’t work for VW with the Phaeton and it won’t work for Hyundai or Kia either. They are not luxury brands, never will be, and will only have marginal success with good cars like the Genesis because of it.

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    Does anybody care?

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    And that’s about a stylish as a Genesis sedan driver gets. Striped cargo shorts and a Gore-Tex vest. This looks rubbish and has too many mock design elements from other cars. Rear lamps straight off a new Sentra, judging by the 3/4 panel.

    I hate it.

    This MKZ taxi is hilarious and much more interesting. And more rare, given the general absence of American cars in SK.

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      Rear lamps off a new Sentra? Seriously? The Sentra’s rear lamps are nothing more than a taller version of the ones Hyundai introduced on the Sonata for ’11 then expanded on the Elantra later. How can you be copying something from someone else that was copied from something you did before?

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        The Sentra is newer, so it’s copying off the Sentra. You can’t claim “had it first” for every design idea that’s been redone over and over.

        The adaptive headlamps on the new BMW are a copy of the Cord sedan. They had it first.

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    The new Genesis, where Avalon meets Model S. I kinda get that part put the Versa tail lamps leave me scratching my head.

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    Looks like the Oracle 2 by Ubermacht, from GTA5:

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      Oh that Oracle looks far superior to this mess. It drives nicely too ;).

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      Compaq Deskpro

      I thought the same thing, that it looks like a Grand Theft Auto car. All of Hyundai’s luxury cars look like video game cars, loosely based off of various other models but the still recognizable. I like that they do not have to follow Hyundai’s corporate styling, they can make whatever car that they feel like, much like Rockstar Games. Compare with the Audi approach, same sausage different lengths.

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    What’s up with “Battlefield 4” taking over this site?

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    This is a styling trend I dislike. I saw it on the new Mazda 3 and I see it here.

    The nose takes a steep dive right above the grill/between the headlights. This in and of itself isn’t terrible (it works on the Dart) but then the really tall grill extending right down to the bottom below this is what ruins it for me.

    Not pleasing to my eye.

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    That is a terrible pic of the car. We had 5 prototypes stop by my dealership a couple weeks ago. They were all wrapped up in padlocked! camo, but the car looks long and low in person. Very nice. And the interior looked very nice too (what I could see of it). This pic makes it look like an Avalon knockoff, which it doesn’t look anything like in person.

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    I agree. There is too much resemblance to the Infiniti M on the front end and those tail lamps for some reason remind me of those of the previous generation Camry..

    Remember the days when Kia copied stuff from Jag and Merc and God-alone-knows-whom-else to produce the Amanti?! Guess it is the sibling’s turn now…

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    It’s the new Infiniti 535i!

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    Any pricing information available for the Infilex 7-series?

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    One of my (bumbling) friends had a 2011 or 2012 V8 Genesis. He tried to drive through a too-deep puddle and killed the engine. Apparently Hyundai doesn’t actually stock any spare V8’s in the USA, and after several months they totalled his car.

    Not related, but that’s all I’ve got.

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    Why all the hate? My wife has a Genesis, and loves it. When I drive it I think, it’s a car for passengers not drivers. But it’s a good car for what it proports to be – roomy for 4 (will seat 5), very quiet, decent power. So far no complaints regarding quality, reliablity. Comparable cars were much more expensive.

    Would I buy one for me to drive? No, but I can understand those that do.

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    Meh…as generic as can be. At least it will offer AWD, so it should be a good competitor for the Acura TLX due next year.

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    Is that Ha Seung-Jin standing next to it?

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    I’m thinking the “Genesis” sign handing off the front might be a clue.

    Or perhaps they can name it the new “H-CLASS”.

    After driving the W222 2014 S-Class over 50 miles, I was nowhere near as impressed as I was when I first got the W221 years ago. They basically Audi’d the new S-class and updated the look of the old model. I wasn’t impressed with the new seats or the rear seat leg space. Still don’t like the exterior that much either.

    Take away the fender flaring and the W222 looks a lot like this car from the side.

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    SCE to AUX

    It looks much better than the concept vehicles. I like it, but it’s out of my league.

    I’m amused at how Hyundai/Kia are always accused of copying from those ‘above’ them, while other mfrs aren’t. (Except Ford’s use of Aston-Martin noses). Personally, I don’t care if they copy, yet do it better.

    I guess people who object to such copying are happy to pay $20k more for the ‘original’.

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    Maybe it’s a bad angle, but the design of the new Genesis is underwhelming.

    Both the greenhouse and headlights are bland and the shape of the grill is awkward at best; overall the design is a step back from the current model, which, while conservative, has a more aggressive look to it.

    On the plus-side, the interior gets an upgrade and now will be available with a much needed AWD option.

    Hope Hyundai doesn’t tone down too much of the design of the HND-9 Concept for the coupe and that the smaller RK sedan also takes styling cues from the HND-9.

    Supposedly, Hyundai is also working on a “4-door coupe” – so maybe that won’t be as bland as this.

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    Google translate has this to say. Keep in mind that Google translate is a whole lot better translating languages that are similar to each other, and Korean and English are about as dissimilar as one can get.

    A lot of it is boilerplate text for the website, but I included it for completeness.

    Genesis has risen subsequent full picture. [11] Views 24,408 | Recommend 4 | 2013.10.17 (목) 20:50

    TGVIP Writer
    Since 02/08/2005
    Cumulative number of attendance 4 | attendance four days
    Activity index 313 hp
    Post written posts 3 | 105 Comments

    Genesis Vehicle Photo climb’re here wijangmak room naked.
    In addition, information on the wheel or the brakes are coming up.
    Please check one
    Genesis Vehicle Photo subsequent thread

    ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

    Remove 2008-01-28

    List Previous Next Back to top

    Next topic
    [Spy Shots] 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe
    Previous topic
    Genesis scoop ….. for a subsequent release ~!!


    Not sure what they mean by ‘naked’! Probably ‘undisguised’.

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      Yeah, based on my rudimentary knowledge of the language and the hints above, I’d surmise it to be something like (translating for context)

      “A bare Genesis vehicle photo has arisen.
      Also, information on the wheels or brakes are coming up.
      Subsequent Genesis Photo thread is:”

      Or something along those lines. Some of those words are new to me and I went with the google translations.

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    I read some Korean, basically the original Korean post is an ad for a fan site. The text says:

    An authentic photo of a camouflage-free Genesis has been upload.

    Information about the wheels and brakes has been uploaded as well.

    Take a look.

    This is a photo of the actual next-generation Genesis.

    [web URL]

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    I like it, makes me think Audi A7. However, from the pics, the front has a lighness that does not carry to the back.

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    I hate the bloated MKZ’ish rear end. Can’t they do something different?
    When the Lincoln Mark VIII’s came out in the early 90s, they too had this same, minimalist exterior treatment. I think it was C&D who said, “Doesn’t look like 40 grand.” Or something to that effect. Neither does this Hyundai. Doesn’t light my fire one bit. Looks like a Maybach/MKZ/Lexus mix-mash. It blends in with every other one of its contemporaries.

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      I’m with you there, I would love a brand to incorporate a design that is the antithesis of everything else on the market, and then proudly laud it in their marketing.

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    Nothing original or interesting here. It looks like so many cars that have been out for years now. How about a little creativity?

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    Big Al from Oz

    The Hyundai should have the German look, even an Audi look.

    Peter Schreyer is the head designer for both companies.

    Since he rolled up in Korea to ‘help’ out Kia, Kia has had some nice looking vehicles. His design legacy will be in Korean vehicles for some time to come. How many Korean designers has he trained.

    At least the Hyundai/Kia’s won’t look completely Asian.

    I would love to see a Peter Schreyer designed midsizer.

    Now it seems his hands are all over the Genisis.

    The TT is nice looking car.

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    First – it has nothing in common with Mazda style wise.
    Second – a typical generic Asian car – might be Japanese, Korean or Chinese of any brand.

    Design is a mixture of various German and American styles – e.g. Chrysler, BMW and Mercedes. In the end it is not recognizable as a Hyundai. If I see it with no badge I would say it is a new Chrysler trying to go luxury by imitating German luxury sedans. Well Hyundai has no heritage or design language whatsoever so what else you would expect. It is like Samsung trying hard to be an Apple copycat – cannot do nothing on its own.

    As a car Korean cars are mediocre – that is one thing I learned long time ago and not much changed since. Sure Sonata and Optima are good looking cars, well because styled by Europeans, but not a pleasure to drive – unrefined and simplistic. I would rather take e.g. 2010 Ford Fusion which is superior in almost every aspect.

    But have to give them the credit for designing and build line of RWD cars on the dedicated platform and making progress in designing engines – but not there yet, Ford in contrary is a 100 y.o. company with no ability to develop a dedicated platform even for its luxury cars.

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    How come the rendering image wasn’t included it the post?

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    From the pictures, it’s not doing anything for me. The first generation Genesis was somewhat of a head turner when it first arrived. Sometimes they get it right the first time, and then it’s downhill for the future refresh. Too bad. I guess we will have to see it in the flesh.

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