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Photos of the BMW i8 have appeared to emerge online prior to the hybrid sports car’s debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The three cylinder BMW, which uses the unusual straight-triple along with an EV motor to provide an all-wheel drive pseudo-supercar experience, is set to be a flagship for the brand’s upcoming “i” series of green vehicles. BMW is claiming 357 horsepower via the hybrid powertrain, along with triple digit fuel economy and CO2 emissions that are roughly half those of a Toyota Prius.


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31 Comments on “BMW i8 Revealed...”

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    Wish the interior didn’t look like an Adidas gym bag.

    Wish the exterior didn’t look like LFA-rear + R8-front.

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    Looks like a great German copy of the new Acura NSX.

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      There is no new Honda/Acura NSX – just endless speculation.

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        They’re taking deposits for an NSX though.

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          I don’t doubt that there is one coming eventually but there is no final production version so how is the i8 (which does exist in production form) a copy of something that doesn’t really exist yet?

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        The new NSX is most definitely coming, not only are they taking deposits as Ion has stated, but they’ve already dedicated floor space at the Marysville plant and money for it as well, not to mention they’ve shown a running prototype testing in Ohio several weeks ago.

        Aside from that, the i8 is three-cylinders, the NSX is a V6, with the BMW more focused as an PHEV first (which is why they tout the 3-digit eMPG and its C02 emissions that are half that of a Prius), while the NSX more focused on V6 providing the majority of the power via ICE and range/carbon-emissions being secondary, which is why the mpg estimates for the NSX aren’t expected to go anywhere near the i8s.

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    I knew they would never make it to production but I really liked the transparent doors. I don’t see the point to this other than to develop new tech.

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    While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, its good to see BMW spending its R&D dollars on trying to advancing sports car technology. It may be a complete flop or a breakthrough like the ’54 SL300 but either way, it’s a welcome break from the endless stream of luxury SUVs and obese coupes and sedans that Germany’s luxury makers seems to have been churning out lately.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Well, here’s that reincarnated 8-Series that exactly three of you have been begging for. Behold.

    I actually like it, but I just know it’s going to be one of those cars with which the options-list will double the price…

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      Pretty much every new car can be optioned-out to a final price of +50% to +100% of the base MSRP.

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      Yeah I’ll withhold judgment until seeing some more angles but the 8-series are truly gorgeous cars that still look modern over 20 years later.
      If it weren’t for the crappy German electrics and plastics I’d own one of those.

      Time will tell if this thing is fit to carry its water.

      One thing’s for sure though, that door sill is going to get beat all to hell and back…..but if a trophy wife in a mini skirt is climbing over it ill be happy to assist her.

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    Big Al from Oz

    So, BMW has be in “partnership” with Toyota with an exchange programme.

    BMW has Toyota hybrid tech and Toyota has BMW diesel tech.

    Where are Toyota’s better diesels? The current Toyota diesels are on par with Chinese and Indian diesels in the hp and torque stakes.

    Where is a decent Toyota hybrid? It seems BMW will make the most of the technology sharing between the two.

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    The interior is NOT as well done as the i3. Still undecided on the exterior.

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    Half the CO2 of a Prius? Just how small, light, and pre-chargeable is this thing?

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    This car better outperform the Tesla S or else its a major FAIL!!

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    Looks like they missed yet another opportunity to ditch the wand shifter.

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    SCE to AUX (formerly gslippy)

    Those doors are a fail for my garage.

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    If nothing else, it has an absolutely gorgeous profile.

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    R8 > i8

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    The proportions are right on the outside but I’m going to second the comments above about that Honda steering wheel. It’s not like the CRZ set the enthusiast community on fire and needs to be copied.

    For what it’s worth, I am exactly the type of person who BMW would hypothetically be aiming a new sports car at in the US and I am just completely uninterested in this. Seriously, do the new Z first, then throw this out there as a publicity stunt which we all know that no one will buy. Whatever you do don’t “tease” me with a Honda look-alike interior, exterior touches which aren’t production serious (the proportions are good but there are others accomplishing this), a too-busy design and a likely auto-only drive-train (I see that hefer lever in there.) The last thing I want to do looking at this is save space in my hypothetical future garage, which is kind of the point of a concept isn’t it?

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    Too much front overhang for a Bimmer.

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      >> Too much front overhang for a Bimmer.

      No it’s not. It’s a mid-engine. Take a look at the front overhang of it’s predecessor, the M1.

      I’m an engineer and just not into the automotive fashion like some of you. I care more about the production CFRP/aluminum construction and the drivetrain tech. than the design inspirations of the the various interior parts or the exterior. Looking at this car, my first reaction isn’t to fret over the styling of the steering wheel, but to anticipate the possibility of much lighter mainstream BMWs in the future.

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      Yeah, it’s fairly obvious from the lack of bulk in the front overhang of supercars that it exists for aero reasons and not because there’s a engine perched ahead of the front axle.

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    “Ugly, Ugly
    All of us just feel like that somedays
    Ain’t no rainbow in the sky
    When you feel U.G.L.Y.
    And that’s ugly, yeah, yeah, yeah ……”

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