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Though handicapped by continued sliding sales in the overall European market, GM announced today that global sales for the first 6 months of 2013 were up 4% over the comparable period last year.

The automaker said that it sold 4.85 million cars and light trucks, paced by a 7% increase in International Operations (1.57 million of the 1.92 million cars and trucks that unit sold were in China, where GM sales were up just under 11 percent) and in North America, where the markets continue to outperform Europe. After Toyota reports its sales, we’ll know who the biggest car company in the world is. Right now, GM is in first place ahead of the Volkswagen group’s 4.7 million units. North American sales for General Motors were up 7.7% to 1.64 million units, 1.43 million of which were in the company’s home market of the U.S. where sales were up 8% over 2012. Europe continues to be the weak man of the auto industry, where sales fell 6.5%, to 797,000 vehicles.

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18 Comments on “Strong U.S, China Results Push GM’s First Half Global Sales Up 4%...”

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    How refreshing; simple, objective reporting about GM!

    The prior Editor-in-Chief would have made snarky, derisive comments about how GM was only up 4% worldwide and was clearly and deservedly headed to hell in a hand basket due to the encroaching Toyotzilla and the indomitable, pesky VW.

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      I agree.
      Still, the mind wanders… I wonder how many committees that stock logo had to go through? It looks almost racy. It probably violates the corporate cube-wall decoration restrictions. Working Level man and bored, upper-executive wife, waiting for him to come home.

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      Indeed. The world where VW could do no wrong and GM could do nothing right was getting rather old. That paradigm was missing quite a bit of The Truth About Cars, in both directions.

      For a company that just starting to roll out a long-overdue product-line overhaul in the US and in the midst of a huge restructuring in Europe, GM’s actually doing pretty well. The stock is up 25% so far this year and it looks set to run quite a bit further if the US economy doesn’t turn south. Good stuff.

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      Totally agree.

      It was getting real tiresome when it came to anything about GM (even the positives for GM got a snarky, negative twist to it).

      Now, that certainly is not to say that GM isn’t w/o its faults and that they haven’t made missteps (like every automaker), but has also done some things right as well (such as the China market, where they had the foresight to invest heavily, unlike Ford).

      The most exciting thing about the China market for GM is its potential for growth in the luxury segment.

      The XTS is selling well for Cadillac and once Chinese production of the LWB ATS starts, as well as for the LWB new CTS, the 2 should sell well for Cadillac as well.

      What will be interesting is to see how the Omega flagship (about 2 yrs away) will fare. Unlike the others, likely won’t get Chinese production and thus will be hit by the hefty import tariff.

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    A women with her hand on the globe as if it spin it, how appropriate.

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    the stock certificate you display is an expensive piece of paper. when I bought shares in the New GM I was told it would cost me $500 additional to have the actual stock printed and delivered. this on top of the per share price and commission.

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    OMG, you didn’t bash GM! Thanks for booting Bertel.

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    A story about GM sales and China with just the facts?

    The snark saved for the B&B section?

    I’m liking the new and improved TTAC – with all the wit and snark you’ve come to love, but now with 60% more objectivity.

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    Both this article about GM China and the previous one about modular platforms were written by the anonymous “TTAC Staff.” Hmmmmm. Who would have been the author of these a week ago? How different would they have been? Maybe “TTAC staff” is the term we will see whenever it is a article that should have been BS, but for many reason is no longer, ummmm BS.

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    I guess there’s no chance of taking the “high road” and just moving on……

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    How much of this GM increase in China is due to the infamous Wuling van? You know, the outfit GM third owns but counts all the output as theirs? There’s the rub. In a typical year GM counts 1.25 million of these little buzzers as theirs, at a retail price of maybe $5K each.

    I can read dry stats like this post all over the net. The thing about TTAC was that the truth included such knowledge as the Wuling caper.

    It’s one thing to call GM the biggest car company in the whole wide world. It’s quite another to base this foundation on weird stats like this.

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    Agree with some guys that this Wulling stats are hard to clearly see if it is GM or not, many companies in China in JV are not 50:50 but 49:51 so Chinese automakers have majority and they should count those sales and not foreign companies, but hard to say here, but anyway Toyota will win this year again, also 1st half i expect their numbers to be close to last year´s 4.97m – maybe 4.95-96m this time.

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    doctor olds

    Isn’t that an old GM Stock Certificate? New GM is named “General Motors Company”.

    Automotive News reported that GM outsold Toyota in the most recent quarter, though Toyota was still ahead for the first 1/2.

    Re: China- All foreign makers are required to operate there in joint ventures with Chinese companies. If you want to discount GM’s sales there, discount VW, Toyota, et al.

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