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The internet is abuzz with Volvo’s newest You Tube video of an autonomous self-parking car. The website Motorauthority is even going so far as say this feature will be offered on the upcoming 2015 XC90.

The system, by the way, is not truly autonomous in the sense that your car will wander around seeking a spot until it finds one. It will, rather, work with specific parking garages set up with an interface that will guide the car to open parking places. An in-car system will notify the driver if the service is available and if there is an available space. Sensors in the car will allow the vehicle to interact with other non-autonomous cars and people.

Naturally this whole thing adds further fuel to the fire of autonomous cars and the regulatory implications of a vehicle operating without a licensed driver behind the wheel. In this author’s opinion, Volvo is clearly pushing the envelope if they plan on including this feature on a vehicle in the next few years. Likely this system will first see operation in large parking facilities located on private property to avoid the various legal issues that are sure to crop up. Still, the future must start somewhere and, as I have said before, I welcome the better, brighter future our new robot masters are set to deliver.

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16 Comments on “Volvo Reveals Self Parking Car...”

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    I’m not amazed by a self parking car. Give me a car that can circle blocks in the financial district here while I’m in my office and FIND A PARK that won’t result in a $150 ticket.

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    I live in a gated complex with a second floor patio overlooking the street. I’ve watched many attempts at parallel parking and have become convinced the California DMV doesn’t test for it anymore. Dozens of people on my street should be driving these Volvos. My only concern is what else the DMV doesn’t test for. I’m already convinced they don’t test for turn signal use or coming to a full stop at a stop sign, and I suspect they never ask if the prospective driver knows what “yield” means.

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    Every time I read Volvo and some self-autonomy of the vehicle my mind goes back to the epic PR fail of the automatic braking system, and a Volvo slamming into the back end of a truck for the press’ enjoyment on the great auto stop technology they developed.

    One of the greatest moments in PR…ever.

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      Wrong maker, It was a Mercedes Benz that some idiot had disabled the radar cruise control without telling the driver in the demonstrator car. So the light in the car showed the adaptive cruise was on but it was turned off on a debugging board.

      Edit: Here is the video on youtube
      youtube com/watch?v=B5p4G_-zf2w

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        Sorry, but you are quite wrong.

        youtu. .be/aNi17YLnZpg

        Here is the TTaC story written by Ed himself in 2010

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          Yup, wait until Google’s first self-driving car wipes out a nun with a walking stick on a crosswalk. We’ll get to watch it on Yootoob and Google Earth, while their plans for world domination are put on hold for 5 minutes and pre-written excuse #6137 is trotted out for a credulous press.

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    Bill Owen

    Well, of course there will be drivers that lament these kinds of advancements. Perhaps this emerging technology needs refinement and testing, but it remains the future of “driving” whether you choose to embrace it or not. I am not a luddite and have accepted progressive developments in all manor of transportation even though I was skeptical in the beginning. I remember when seat belts were belittled as the anti-christ, air bags were derided as deadly and 5 mph bumpers were the end of a beautifully styled automobile. My friends, this is called progress. Do you really find personally parking a car all that wonderful?

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    Forget the parking-give me the auto drive for the interstate. This technology could make those long slow slogs across the midwest a little more endurable.

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    I thought Volvo was a smallish manufacturer with an appropriately small R&D budget. How does this kind of work get funded? For that matter, who decides that a feature like this should be a priority? Is it Geely making the Swedes work overtime to produce some Know How competitive advantage for the new owner?

    My current ’09 V50 is the last Volvo I’ll own.

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    Hasn’t Ford been selling something like this, without the parking garage interface? Isn’t there an app for that? Handy in some parts of some cities, I guess. A cure for urban parking anxiety attacks, for sure.

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    Things like this bother me, because instead of “being a better driver” as motivation, people can just “buy a more complicated car.”

    Also – what Volvo really needs to invent is the self-purchasing car, cause they’ve been falling since about 2006 (interestingly, about the time they SHOULD HAVE redesigned the XC90.)

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