By on June 29, 2013

Picture courtesy Team Skullcandy

This isn’t quite in time for Father’s Day, mostly because it took me a little bit of time to get permission to use the photos, but these photos of club racer Mark Domo and his son Tyler working the pitlane at the recent Grand-Am Continental Challenge are timeless examples of how motorsports bring generations of men together.

 courtesy Team Skullcandy

Mark wrote to me that he and his son

… were given the honor of being part of the pit crew for the Grand Am races at MidOhio Sports Course.

It was a great opportunity to spend time with my son and to share some of my passion. It was my son’s first exposure to a race of this magnitude. While my boys accompany me to club racing events, neither of my boys had ever been to a pro racing event like this. We had Tyler help us with miscellaneous tasks in the paddock and had him operate the “lollipop” which makes the pit space more visible as the car pulls into pit row.

Courtesy Team Skullcandy

Courtesy Team Skullcandy

Courtesy Team Skullcandy

Courtesy Team Skullcandy

I can’t wait until my son’s old enough to work a pitlane with me… and by “work a pitlane with me” I mean “do tire changes during NASA enduros and help me from my wheelchair to the race car.”

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    It’s never a bad time to share a nice father-son story.

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    I used to take my son to the G.I. Joe’s races in Portland. As the progeny of my second marriage, and being an “older” father, I was determined to make up for my perceived mistakes. As he got older and more mature, he was able to comfortably express that he only went because it seemed to mean so much to me. He has turned out to be very different from his father, to his undying credit. But now I know when he does go with me, it’s because he wants to, not because I want him to be like me. I guess it’s the journey, not the goal that makes parenting such a rewarding job.

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    By the time your son is old enough to change a tire in the pit, science will have developed an exoskeleton for you to wear that will look like you when you were twenty. At least, that’s what the Singularity proponents keep telling me. I keep asking, “I’ll be like a twenty year old again – in all respects?” and look down at my crotch. They fall silent.

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    Nice use of HDR in the photos.

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