Finally, A Chevrolet Dealership Has Cars That Someone Wants To Buy

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

How’d you like to buy a new Chevrolet? A real Chevrolet. Not a Daewoo. Not a New GM assemblage of lowest-bidder Chinese electronics and focus-grouped inoffensiveness. A brand-new Chevrolet from the time when Chevrolet ruled the world with a cast-iron fist. A brand-new 1958 Chevrolet. With four miles on the odometer.

Ray and Mildred Lambrecht were the owners of Lambrecht Chevrolet, a dealership that closed decades ago. When they closed the dealership, they didn’t dispose of the inventory. They retained it. On September 28, in Pierce, Nebraska, it will go up for sale. OldCarsWeekly has more details and a complete story, but here are some of the untitled, like-new cars for sale:

1958 Cameo

1964 Impala 4spd

1978 Corvette Pace Car

Vega station wagon 17 miles

1964 Corvair van 14 miles

1960 Corvair sedan 4 miles

1966 Chevelle sedan 4 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 3 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 8 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 5 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 4 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 5 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 6 miles

1965 Chevrolet truck 5 miles

1963 Chevrolet truck 16 miles

1965 Bel Air wagon 5 miles

1972 Chevrolet truck 3 miles

1980 Monza 9 miles

1976 Cheyenne 4×4 4 miles

1977 Chevrolet truck 5 miles

1984 Cavalier sedan 23 miles

1978 Malibu 11 miles

1975 Caprice 7 miles

Chevette Scooter 817 miles

1964 Chevrolet truck 5 miles

1979 Caprice sedan 5 miles

1978 Impala 5 miles

I know, right? A NEARLY NEW CHEVETTE SCOOTER. There are also plenty of ’57 Chevys and the like that were traded in fifty years ago and will also be for sale.

It should be noted that, although you’re taking delivery of a new car from dealer stock, you won’t be able to just gas up your ’64 Chevy, or even your ’84 Cavalier, and go. These cars are chock full of perishable seals and rubber items and there’s a solid chance that they’ve all perished. Still, as a restoration project, this is much easier than taking a 100,000-mile six-trey Chevy that’s been liberally salted and crashed.

We’ll keep you posted on the auction results as they occur.

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  • Art  Vandelay Art Vandelay on Jun 25, 2013

    "A Chevrolet Dealership That Has Cars Someone Wants to Buy" followed a few lines fown by the words "Vega Station Wagon". I'd like to meet THAT particular someone. In all seriousness I would completely buy one of those trucks and would pay a substantial amount for it, but something tells me they will be well out of my price range.

  • Davew833 Davew833 on Jun 25, 2013

    Does the Cameo pickup (with one mile on the odometer!) have a big dent in the front of the roof, or does it have a vinyl top that's bubbled up/distorted?

    • CobraJet CobraJet on Jun 26, 2013

      Big dent in the visor that was built into the top. Damaged during storage, I suppose.

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