Volkswagen XL1 First Drive Hits The Web

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
volkswagen xl1 first drive hits the web

Wired Autopia’s Damon Lavrinc got the chance to drive the Volkswagen XL1 in Germany. Lavrinc, who has a wealth of experience writing about automotive technology and alternative powertrains, gives us a good picture of what it’s like to drive the XL1, from the awkward entry/egress, to the seemingly underpowered air-conditioning system to the lack of a simple iPod connector (because that adds weight, natch). Check it out over at Autopia.

In three weeks, Bertel will return to the scene of his crimes at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, and will drive the XL1 on the same Wolfsburg-to-Berlin trip as Wired, maybe even the same XL1 as Wired. Check it out when he returns. If he does.

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  • Niky Niky on May 23, 2013

    VW will probably "lease" every single one of those XL1s. Hell, they could sell probably one or two thousand a year at that price. It's slow, pointless as a means of saving money, and ridiculously over-engineered. But it looks fantastic. And it's cool as hell. Which means, again, they'll lease every single one of those 250, and then some.

  • Don't cover one set of wheels if you aren't going to cover the other. Think:Irobot's Audi RSQ

    • AFX AFX on May 24, 2013

      How about a bathtub Nash instead ?. I wonder how this one would stack up against the junkyard Metropolitan in a drag race or on a road course ?. Maybe we could have Bertel do a shootout test review between this VW, a Metropolitan, a Crosley, and a Goggomobil ?.

  • PCP PCP on May 24, 2013

    Why should anyone want a specific iStuff connector? And which one, old or new? Look at the numbers first: A simple USB or line in connector ought to do the trick.

  • Wumpus Wumpus on May 25, 2013

    It's a supercar. A weird, new type of supercar, but still a supercar. Car exists primarily to be seen getting in and out of (check) Car made of exotic materials (check) Excessive price is a main selling point (check) High price still subsidized for Porcshe/Peitch family & friends? (check) Purpose built for something wildly pointless that makes it useless as a daily driver (check).