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Muller and lawyer Geers in court – Both are suspects of tax evasion

As suspected, the Swedish Saab scandal  over avoided taxes grows wider.  Yesterday, it reached the failed takeover artist Victor Muller. “Muller prime suspect in Saab tangle,” headlines Swedens Svenska Dagbladet, The paper obtained court documents that say Muller is wanted for questioning.

“Victor Muller is going to be called into the Financial Crimes Unit,” Chief Prosecutor Olof Sahlgren told the paper.  Says Reuters:

“Prosecutors are looking into allegations that executives at Saab, which collapsed in 2011, obstructed proper tax checks over the years 2010 to 2011, a turbulent time for the company, when it was sold by General Motors to small Dutch sports car maker Spyker, and when problems which led to its collapse emerged.”

While Saab continued losing all the money given to Muller by shady Russian financiers  and the European Investment Bank, and while therefore no taxes on profits were due, the Swedish government wanted its rich share of payroll taxes and social contributions. As suspected by TTAC commenter Piffpaff, the Muller case appears to focus on consulting payments made to Victor Muller’s  Latin America Tug Holding NV (later renamed to LAT Management NV), based in the Netherlands Antilles, Svenska Dagbladet says.

According to the files and the Stockholm paper, some $540,000 were invoiced by Muller’s tugboat company in the tax haven. The prosecutor thinks Saab’s management should have paid taxes and social security contributions on Muller’s compensation. Invoices from entities in tax havens are a favorite tool for tax avoidance.

Prosecutor Sahlgren told the Dagbladet that Muller has not been formally charged with a crime. However, by law, Muller “is responsible for the company because he has been a director, president, and later CEO of Saab.”

The scandal could widen. According to the prosecutor, more people could come under suspicion. The matter also is likely to involve generous bonus payments made to Victor Muller when Saab was going down the drain. Unusually high payments to the boss, especially before a bankruptcy rarely fail to attract the attention of the prosecutor.

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7 Comments on “Tax Saabotage: Victor Muller Named As Suspect...”

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    What do you expect from a lawyer running a major company that has no prospects for the future?

    What do you call a former SAAB owner in prison? A good start!

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    slow kills

    Who would ever trust a man that wears a plaid shirt with a striped suit, or a patchwork scarf in that fruity lark’s head knot. You know there’s a giant windsor knot under there. SO guilty!

  • avatar

    Should have been arrested by the Fashion Police. Life sentence without cravats would serve him well. Probably has a string bikini underneath it all.

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    Victor is just a fast-talking SOB, fooled a few investors in his time but always knew which side his own crust of bread was buttered on. Ahem. While looking good. The story of the self-actualizing sociopath in business, the type of person genuinely puzzled when his scheme is rumbled.

    Why, he even fooled the intellectual brainpower headquartered at, who shilled for him for free while claiming Saabs were the only real cars ever made by anyone anywhere while being the actual reindeer Santa relied on. Because they would start at midnight at the North Pole in the middle of winter without using a block heater after a 24 hour cold soak.

    This comment made in the best spirit of mean mindedness, after a bottle of brannvin. Hic.

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    mulled whine

    It seems to be emerging in the Swedish and Dutch papers, that its is about whether bonus payments to muller should have been paid at all “given Saab was under extreme liquidity pressure”.

    Apparently ‘ole Vic’ got around to formalizing his consultancy agreement two days before the company applied for reconstruction in sept 2011. At that time he was the only one left on the board.

    So he consulted with himself. Sounds like circular billing!

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    mulled whine

    Here’s what Spyker has to say …

    Spyker announces that, following a week of vilifying media rumors concerning its CEO Mr. Victor Muller and an investigation relating to alleged tax evasion in 2010 – 2011 involving Saab Automobile AB, the Gothenburg district attorney has confirmed that Mr. Muller is not a suspect and may be invited for an interview after summer, possibly in October 2013.

    It was also confirmed that Spyker is in no way involved in this matter. No additional comments will be provided at this time.

    Well. That’s that, then.

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