What Do The Pope And Jack Baruth Have In Common?

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
what do the pope and jack baruth have in common

A vow of celibacy? Threatening to cut someone’s throat at a race track? Flowing locks? No, silly. They both love the Volkswagen Phaeton.

Our raven haired race car driver famously owned not one but two Phaetons, thereby earning himself the title of “masochist of the century” and a complimentary membership to Opus Dei – Jack’s self-mortification was only financial, rather than physical, but I’m sure the order will admit him anyways.

Meanwhile, our Pontiff is a Jesuit, and is more concerned about things like social justice and acts of humility. No wonder he’s shunned the Mercedes SUVs of the past in favor of the discrete Volkswagen Phaeton with a TDI powerplant. I wonder if Herr Schmitt, our other resident lapsed Catholic (now practicing Shinto) ever envisioned this coming to pass during his days at VW.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Wallstreet Wallstreet on Mar 21, 2013

    Derek, is it true that Jack used to own 2 Phaetons at once? Why?

  • MrWhopee MrWhopee on Mar 21, 2013

    I don't think you can say the current Pope 'love' any car, Phaeton included. He simply inherits them from his predecessor. He prefers riding public buses, if it was possible. But the old Pope (now retired) do seem to have an unnatural love (for a Pope anyway) of cars, especially German cars. I suppose that's because he's a German.

  • Cerum Cerum on Mar 22, 2013

    Religion bashing = cool on TTAC now?

  • Corntrollio Corntrollio on Mar 22, 2013

    They both tell made-up stories to a large audience on a weekly basis? I doubt the Pope names all his women Zaftig McQuippyReduction though.