February U.S. Car Sales

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
february u s car sales

Crazy double digit gains have given way to solid single digit growth (on top of the crazy gains of last year). More importantly for American makers, pickups and SUVs are moving. Stay with us throughout sales day for updates of the sales table.

February 2013 U.S. New Light Vehicle Sales

(Final table courtesy Automotive News [sub]

AutomakerFeb. 2013Feb. 2012Pct. chng.2 month

20132 month

2012Pct. chng.BMW Group25,69726,264–2%45,97646,0830% BMW division21,31121,2041%37,82437,6091% Mini4,3024,980–14%7,9848,314–4% Rolls-Royce84805%1681605%BMW Group25,69726,264–2%45,97646,0830%Chrysler Group139,015133,5214%256,746234,6709% Chrysler Division25,08327,008–7%45,77944,6123% Dodge55,63942,69230%98,86674,14633% Dodge/Ram79,46665,97421%143,680115,89824% Fiat3,3023,2272%5,8055,13813% Jeep31,16437,312–17%61,48269,022–11% Ram23,82723,2822%44,81441,7527%Chrysler Group139,015133,5214%256,746234,6709%Daimler AG24,05119,68522%48,11041,41016% Maybach–4–100%–8–100% Mercedes-Benz23,26818,91223%46,84640,13717% Smart USA7837692%1,2641,2650%Daimler AG24,05119,68522%48,11041,41016%Ford Motor Co.195,310178,6449%361,173314,93815% Ford division190,427171,73211%352,099302,90516% Lincoln4,8836,912–29%9,07412,033–25%Ford195,310178,6449%361,173314,93815%General Motors224,314209,3067%419,013377,26811% Buick16,15014,02315%29,61324,23122% Cadillac13,84511,50520%26,96120,42932% Chevrolet158,541151,1975%295,845275,0618% GMC35,77832,58110%66,59457,54716%General Motors224,314209,3067%419,013377,26811%Honda (American)107,987110,157–2%201,613193,1664% Acura11,36411,2581%20,85319,6396% Honda Division96,62398,899–2%180,760173,5274%Honda (American)107,987110,157–2%201,613193,1664%Hyundai Group93,81696,189–3%173,831174,4000% Hyundai division52,31151,1512%96,02493,8452% Kia41,50545,038–8%77,80780,555–3%Hyundai Group93,81696,189–3%173,831174,4000%Jaguar Land Rover5,0534,27718%10,2828,46721% Jaguar1,1481,02212%2,1772,0079% Land Rover3,9053,25520%8,1056,46026%Jaguar Land Rover5,0534,27718%10,2828,46721%Maserati159191–17%331345–4%Maserati159191–17%331345–4%Mazda24,93625,651–3%46,25549,647–7%Mazda24,93625,651–3%46,25549,647–7%Mitsubishi6,0514,73628%10,7109,44713%Mitsubishi6,0514,73628%10,7109,44713%Nissan99,636106,731–7%180,555186,044–3% Infiniti9,1479,239–1%16,27316,0352% Nissan Division90,48997,492–7%164,282170,009–3%Nissan99,636106,731–7%180,555186,044–3%Subaru28,16325,37411%55,82648,18116%Subaru28,16325,37411%55,82648,18116%Suzuki*1,2502,425–49%2,7363,930–30%Suzuki*1,2502,425–49%2,7363,930–30%Toyota166,377159,4624%324,102284,00214% Lexus17,33916,6824%33,55028,95616% Scion5,0524,9422%9,9458,47717% Toyota division143,986137,8385%280,607246,56914% Toyota/Scion149,038142,7804%290,552255,04614%Toyota166,377159,4624%324,102284,00214%Volkswagen45,36441,42610%88,03080,6999% Audi10,8778,53128%20,93317,88517% Bentley18012643%36824451% Lamborghini*46437%92867% Porsche2,8052,14931%6,1634,69931% VW division31,45630,5773%60,47457,7855%Volkswagen45,36441,42610%88,03080,6999%Volvo Cars NA4,8675,263–8%9,7429,7240%Volvo Cars NA4,8675,263–8%9,7429,7240% Other (estimate)2532453%5064903%TOTAL1,192,2991,149,5474%2,235,5372,062,9118%
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  • Tstag Tstag on Mar 03, 2013

    Lincoln is sinking badly by contrast look at how JLR has been flying along for the past few years and how their growth is consistently double digit! New RR Sport is coming out soon watch what that does to sales..... Bad move by Ford keeping the lights on at Lincoln whilst selling world beating Land Rover

    • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Mar 03, 2013

      Current Ford's Management's handling of Limcoln is a disgrace. It went from a make that was a proper luxury car in the 1940's to the mid 1960's to something that is barely surviving now.

  • GarbageMotorsCo. GarbageMotorsCo. on Mar 04, 2013

    Subaru is on a tear. They just passed the Chrysler by 3000 units unit and are 3000 units away from matching the Volkswagen unit. Not bad for a brand with no diesels, no larger sedan, and no fullsize SUV.

  • VoGhost 20 years ago, Sportage was the bottom of the barrel, a joke. Kia's come a long way.
  • Morley Wasn't that the war where the Brits came down from Canada and burned the White House to the ground?
  • Master Baiter I'll wait for the actual driving reviews. User interface quality and range are big question marks.
  • Jeff S Years ago Kentucky issued a license plate with a horse running with the words "Unbridled Spirit." The religious right objected and did not want the plate because they believed it encouraged people to go to the race track and bet on horses. Anyone who knows anything about Kentucky knows its famous for raising horses and yes there is Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is run but horses in themselves are not sinful. It got so bad that the state issued a blank sticker to put over the horse and the logo. Kentucky also issued a plate for those who were offended stating "In God We Trust." The latest KY plate has no logo and nothing. I always picked the horse because I thought horses were something to be proud of and associated with Kentucky.
  • Old Scold As a Marylander, I got those plates assigned to me when I purchased my car in 2016, 4 years after the so-called anniversary. I figured they were using up NOS, and it never occurred to me to check out the URL. I still don't care. It's a stupid issue, but I have my tag number memorized should I need it.