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Brown Car Afficionados, Buick has your back. While the 2014 Lacrosse’s updates are either cosmetic or related to safety features, Buick boldly chose brown for the press photos. Because nothing says “would you like to upgrade to Premium Full-Size for just $10 more per day?” like a luxurious mocha-hued Epsilon sedan.

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38 Comments on “Buick Gives Nod To BCAS...”

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    Da Coyote

    Please, please, God, send us down someone who can actually design an attractive automobile.

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    One of my friends works at a dealership and this will make him happy. Another salesman’s favorite question to a couple considering a purchase is posed to the husband. “Will your wife take it in the brown?”

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    If you’re dismissing brown, that’s too bad. I like brown – in the right shades, of course. Buick has very attractive shades to me.

    The Enclave looks best in that brown hue they showed when first introduced.

    My Impala is a very nice shade of dark gray (Ashen Gray), but hey, ANYTHING is better than 90% of cars being black, white, silver or taupe, so give some credit to Buick for bucking the tired trend.

    I love the Lacrosse, but didn’t want to pay the freight on one, so another W-Body for me last summer!

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    Yes, we all know you couldn’t possibly buy a BMW or Mercedes in brown…wait, you can…I’m so confused…

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    The next car I get is going to be brown because I want to join the society! The wife does *not* want a brown car and I don’t think I’ll be able to change her mind. I think a brown Fiat 500 would be a pretty cool car to have. But I might just have to dream about turd cars for a while instead of having one in my driveway.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      At an intersection, there was a bronze 500 with darker-bronze stripes running down the side and hood, and I *almost* crossed into oncoming traffic and hit someone’s Bimmer trying to get a better look at the 500, lol

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    I like the interior. I’d pay $10/day extra for it at the rental counter. It’s more car than I need on a permanent basis. As to the color, maybe they could come up with a Mr. Hankey signature edition.

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    Fine by me, i like brown cars and i’m glad to see the color making a comeback. The Fiat 500 and Ford F150’s i’ve been seeing in metallic brown look great IMHO

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      Kyree S. Williams

      In my opinion, the individuals that are creating the color-combinations for Ford, Buick, Fiat and RAM are doing an excellent job. And I’ve never really liked bright-red cars, with one exception: GM’s Crystal Red Tintcoat, which looks awesome and is available on most of their cars.

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    They didn’t change any significant metal, so the abysmal outward visibility remains. The styling changes are minor improvements that will help the model maintain its recent sales rate, at best. Against an Avalon…

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      Didn`t the interior also get some improvements in design and material quality?
      I agree this will struggle against the brand new Avalon. At least until a brand new LaCrosse comes out in a few years – this is a minor MCE.

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      I have driven a LaCrosse, and the visibility doesn’t seem to bother me. It sold better than the ES350, at least till the latest refresh. I haven’t looked at the numbers in a year or so.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      My main issue with the pre-facelift LaCrosse was the fake-as-hell-looking wood-veneer decoration, which is just a couple of steps up from the lowest-bidder crap they use for the current Impala. Oh, and for that particular “entry-level-luxury” class, it really should come standard with projector headlamps…

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    DC Bruce

    Well, anything but the usual silver, black, grey and arrest-me-red for the adventurous.

    I once owned a brown Audi 5000. A friend of mine who was in the Army joked that it was a surplus staff car from the German Bundeswehr.

    The Buick brown is a little nicer.

    And, if it takes brown outside to get rid of black interiors, I’ll go for it!

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    Does the BCAS extend love to brown interiors?

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I’m glad to see a nice shade of brown make a comeback. It sure beats Desert Sand Mica. One of the nicest brown’s ever was the 70’s-80’s Mercedes Benz Tobacco Brown. Any Benz in that color just exuded class. You just wanted to get in one and light up a stogy and drive for miles.

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    Buick. Debuting cars in the same brown your grandfather purchased new of the lot in ’83

    Buick. Doesnt understand why they cant pickup market share of the young/professional crowd

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      Buick. Lowering their average buying age by 10 within the past 5 years.

      Buick. Beginning to pick up market share of the young/professional crowd.

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    Brown? Shoes, belts, wallets yes; cars, not so much so.

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    There’s only one redeeming feature to Brown. No one will suspect you ran down the Bieber nor will they notice the dirt clinging to the car from the state park you decided to bury him in.

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    Did we really need the lame rental car joke? A brief, factual post about the 2014 updates wouldn’t have sufficed? Somehow, SEAT escaped the snark a few posts later.

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      If you want a press release regurgitation, or you are that sensitive, you can visit Autoblog.

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        Not looking for press release regurgitation or inane “Edmunds says”-style synopses. But there’s a time and place for editorializing, and I don’t think quick news posts are it. Lacrosse rental-car joke today, “dreadfully mediocre” XTS jab yesterday—it gets old, especially when the snark isn’t doled out uniformly. Today’s Regal and SEAT news posts include some analysis, but eschew the sort of overtly subjective opinion best reserved for editorials or proper reviews. (I realize you also authored the both of them.)

        It’s got nothing to do with sensitivity; I don’t work for GM or own any of its products. Also, I’ve been reading TTAC since threw Farago’s fledgling blog a bone by recommending it years back, so I don’t appreciate the suggestion that I put up with the childishness or move along.

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          I appreciate your years of continued readership, but there is a reason we ask for suggestions regarding topics while also asking readers to refrain from telling us what not to write. It is our perogative to write what we choose. Furthermore, not everything has the available information or data to back it up (in the case of SEAT). In the previous week, I ran a fairly detailed editorial about the large car market that the Lacrosse competes in. Many of these cars go to daily rental fleets.

          You should be accustomed to the mix of editorializing and analysis by now. It’s been that way before I got here and will continue to be after I leave. And as for not doling out snark uniformly, it has nothing to do with any bias towards particular brands. They are all widget-builders in my eyes. Too much snark and the readers complain. Too little and we are accused of being shills. You can’t win, so I do as a I please.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Well my entire love for cars started with my grandmother’s brown 1985 Buick Riviera V8, so I’ve always had affection for that particular color, especially on a Buick.

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    Brown is nice when it’s new or the paint is taken care of. The “Urban Brown” color that Honda debuted a few years back looked great, but typical Honda buyers don’t maintain their car with waxes or the paint quality sucks so it looks terrible after 5-6 years.

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    I watched “The Campaign” and the part where the guy calls Marty Huggins brown Buick a shit bucket really made me laugh. One of my detailing customers has the exact same car, and she gets it cleaned every year or two. It truely is a shit bucket and I’ll be booked next time she asked, let the minimum wage boys at the autospa get that!

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