Kia's First Hot Hatch

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
kias first hot hatch

The stupidly named Kia pro_cee’d is going to get the Hyundai Veloster Turbo’s 1.6L 201-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as part of a GT trim level. The GT will bow at the Geneva Auto Show – which TTAC won’t be covering, since the Swiss Franc’s relative strength will make even an espresso unaffordable.

The important question for North American consumers – will we get a Forte with this powertrain? Or an Elantra GT? We’ve heard hints from Hyundai that an upgraded engine is in the cards for the hatchback. This seems like an obvious choice.

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  • Speed3 Speed3 on Jan 30, 2013

    Looks pretty good--for a Kia. Actually I am impressed with how good Kia's recent products are. Who wants to bet this Kia would be more reliable than a GTI (Google GTI DSG Failure). Still waiting on my Fiat Panda and/or "Buick" Verano 5 door aka Astra.

    • LeeK LeeK on Jan 31, 2013

      Oh for crying out loud. What GTI DSG failures? A couple of cranky owners who got a lemon? I've been following the VW forums for six years and there is no pervasive DSG issue. VAG has put their DSG transmission is a dozen Audi and VW vehicles over the past decade and other than abrupt shifting issues (fixed with software upgrades) and a bad batch of mechatronic units from Bosch in the early days, these transmissions are rock solid. Besides, you always have the choice of a manual if you're worried.

  • ZekeToronto ZekeToronto on Jan 30, 2013

    Remove one superfluous kink in the rear side window and you've got a current-gen Scirocco (in profile) ... which makes sense, considering where the design came from.

  • Jconli1 Jconli1 on Jan 30, 2013

    I picked up a '13 Rio base this past fall and have been impressed. As the once-owner of an '89 Swift GTi and '93 NX2000 among others, the Rio's overall dynamics and ergos felt like home compared to its segment-mates. You can see where the money was saved (door trim and rear seats, for example), but where it truly counts (cockpit, controls, engine, handling), it is a very fun car to drive, especially for $13k. I'd love to see a turbo option for the 1.6GDI, boosting the Rio into true hot hatch territory as well (with 2 extra doors), but I also get a smile admitting that this lowly base LX would probably run circles around my old Swift (though not with the giddy lift-off oversteer the Swift handed out on command), and still get 10 more mpg... and has airbags...

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    • Niky Niky on Jan 31, 2013

      @Corey Lewis The Rio is, honestly, a good drive. A base Rio with a stick has a light, easy-to-shift transmission, a good chassis and good body control. Nowhere near as good as a Mazda2, but still lovely compared to an Accent or a Yaris. My only nit with the Rio (and with most current Kias) is the electric steering assist is vague and imprecise. Not the steering itself, mind you... it's the assist action that really sucks. If the Pro-Cee'd gets the new variable setting steering that can be locked into "Sport" mode, then odds are it will drive pretty nice.

  • Beerboy12 Beerboy12 on Jan 30, 2013

    It looks nice and I guess it will have competitive power but I wonder how it will handle? To me, any new comer to the hot hatch game gets the looks and power right but struggles with handling.