Announcing The Winners Of The 2012 Ten Worst Automobiles Today

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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announcing the winners of the 2012 ten worst automobiles today

Ladies and Gentleman, TTAC is glad to announce the winners of the Ten Worst Automobiles Today, as voted by you, the reader. The Smart Fortwo took the top spot – but what about the others?

Second place was the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

In third, the Chrysler 200/Dodge Avenger

Fourth went to the Honda Crosstour

The BMW 5-Series GT was fifth

In sixth place, the Acura ZDX, which will take this dubious honor to its grave

Seventh place is the Cadillac Escalde – still numero uno for rappers and Texan housewives

The Jeep Patriot was eighth

The poor Fisker Karma can’t catch a break – it didn’t even win the TWATs, settling for ninth place

And finally, the Chevrolet Volt may be the EV sales champion, but it had to settled for a lowly tenth

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Bkmurph Bkmurph on Jan 23, 2013

    Say what you will about the Smart Fortwo; having had the chance to drive one recently, I love the little stinker. Before I even started and drove the car, I appreciated the narrow cabin for allowing me easily to lean over and adjust the passenger mirror. Visibility is pretty good, except around the thick B-pillar and the top of the windshield, which is too low. Ergonomics are nearly faultless. The climate controls are easy to use. The shifter feels nice in my hand. The ignition slot between the seats is kinda fun, as is the gentle clatter of the 3-cylinder engine behind you (especially at startup). Yes, the transmission is profoundly terrible, but the learning curve for smooth driving is pretty shallow. Did I mention that I actually like the engine note? Handling is surprisingly composed for such a small vehicle. The seats are very supportive and comfortable (although, again, the high hip point leaves me craning to see stoplights sometimes). The Smart Fortwo makes a lot of compromises for the sake of being small and seating just two people, but it's a much more pleasant drive than, say, the outgoing Nissan Sentra or Honda Insight.

  • Rporter Rporter on Jan 23, 2013

    No I mean a modern US jeep. Did it and the two guys in front of me were in my way. Say what you will I regularly got in the mid 40s on long 80 mph crushing w/o ac on. I like cars but would never comment in detail about one I never owned. Don't know anything about Jeeps for example. Had a 5 liter Mustang great fun but assembed by monkeys and designed by people who did not know how to spell ergonomics. Another story. In the Rockies on dirt roads I was on a BMW SUV ass on every corner. He lost me on straight but I always caught up until we hit long pavement no surprise he had 3 times the power but Smart was great fun and I don't think he expected me to stay with him as long as I did. I do know about British sports cars. Own TR6, GT6 and MGBGT v8. All great fun but Smart in many ways more comfortable, corners as well or better and in many situations is as fast or faster. It's the future and not the worst thing out there.

  • John Not everyone pays that much for power. Mine is 10 cents per kw…..
  • TheEndlessEnigma I didn't need another reason to stay away from NYC, and yet I was handed another reason.
  • Analoggrotto Telluride makes more sense. If it can win the wars of suburbia there is no batllefield on earth that can stop this mighty ATP smokin' yogabox.
  • SCE to AUX The 2.5/8A was a little weak in the heavier Santa Fe I test drove, but it could be perfect in the Sonata. The SF I bought has the 2.5T/8DC, and it's been a good drivetrain so far.I'm not in the market, but this looks like a great value at any trim level.
  • 28-Cars-Later "Yes, I wrote a while back that the truck  would be a sales flop. "Not sure if it will be a hit, but I doubt a flop - it will sell well and perhaps very well depending on eventual pricing. If they put GM Hummer EV money on it as I assume (at first) sales will be limited. But if in a year this becomes the new "Model S" being the step above model from the more plebian 3/Y (say 20-30K+) but still in the 5%er ballpark, I think it will sell well and perhaps even become a hit. "I don't think the average truck buyer who's thinking EV is going to move away from a Ford Lightning or Rivian"I disagree, if someone is in the market for this class they know about the CyberTruck. They may not like the CT, but they are also aware Tesla is the only company to have put out a serious BEV which despite a lot of build quality issues does seem to deliver on its promises. Rivian should be commended, but they are Tesla ten years ago and will suffer similar teething issues. Ford is in complete disarray with nearly all of its products, only very loyal Ford buyers are looking at Lightning. If I was in the market I would hold off for another year to see if a less, shall we say ostentatious, CyberTruck appears (or even body kits or something to refine the polarizing look which I think turns off otherwise surefire buyers)."the Cybertruck  appears to be limited in its ability to be used for  utilitarian purposes."Just like "SUV"s. "I don't think you'll see many used for towing or off-roading." Just like "SUV"s. You also won't see many Rivians or F150 Lightnings either if any at all. "I could be wrong -- opinions and predictions often are. But I just don't see Johnny the electrician, Mary the Rancher, or Jennifer the horse breeder buying these trucks for work purposes."They're also not buying the Rivians or Lightnings either. The electrical contractor whose shop is behind the building I recently bought told me he mostly runs vans but also has a Chevy 1500 2WD W/T beater like most trades/construction people. However his personal truck is a 2021ish Raptor, no joke. The Lightning came up in a conversation, and being an electrician this man is a fan of BEV but he said there was no way he wasn't getting the Raptor after he profited well enough on his 2018 F150 trading in 2022 (somehow bought the 2018 new-used or off lease or something and claimed he made 20 or 30K on it).