Volkswagen Polo WRC: 2500 Units, $40,000

volkswagen polo wrc 2500 units 40 000

Forget the Golf Syncro – what we have here might be the VWVortex reader’s ultimate wet dream. As part of the homologation process for the 2013 WRC season, Volkswagen is releasing 2500 road-going versions of its Polo WRC car.

With 217 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, the Polo WRC can outgun competitors like the Ford Fiesta ST in the all-important online bench-racing wars, but the impressive performance and exclusivity come at a price. European consumers will have to shell out $40,000 to get one of these cars. Even the Golf R seems like a decent deal next to this.

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  • Imag Imag on Dec 10, 2012

    Seriously - even Autoblog caveats the number when they run a currency exchange on European pricing. This is just flamebait. Anyway, I'm not a VW fanboy, but I'd take this Polo over a Golf R unless I really needed AWD. I prefer the styling and the size.

    • Mannygg Mannygg on Dec 11, 2012

      I know, right? I hope it's intentional to get a rise out of the B&B, otherwise it looks even more ignorant than the autoblog writers...and they are pretty bad. 40k for a Polo here in Germany is still expensive, but much more acceptable when you look at the prices of the Polo GTI and the hot Golf variants. EDIT: Seems that at €32k it's 10% cheaper than the Golf R20. Why not provide a little more information & context to go with the sarcasm?

  • Imag Imag on Dec 10, 2012

    For reference, a Golf R in the UK at current exchange rates is $50K - $66K.

  • Dolorean Dolorean on Dec 10, 2012

    Absolute madness! What we have here is not a comparison between a 2013 Polo WRC and a Golf R, but a comparison between the Polo and an off-lease, two-year-old Golf R32.

  • Mark Morrison Mark Morrison on Dec 10, 2012

    My wife drives a Polo GTI. Awesome little car and we much preferred it to the Golf GTI which felt so laggy in comparison. 180hp from 1.4 with supercharging and turbocharging and 7 speed DSG. It even sounds rorty. Lots of fun!

    • Caltemus Caltemus on Dec 11, 2012

      That has to have a really cool exhaust note with the twincharging, it there a noticeable difference?