Vauxhall Offers 30-Day Return Policy For Ampera

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
vauxhall offers 30 day return policy for ampera

Swedish clothing store H&M offers a generous 30-day return policy that urges customers to Buy It Now, Return It Later. Looks like Vauxhall will be following suit.

Customers in the UK will have the opportunity to return the Vauxhall Ampera, aka the Chevrolet Volt, after 30 days if they’re not satisfied with the car. Vehicles with 1,500 miles or less will be eligible for the program and any damage must be paid for.

Chevrolet runs a similar scheme for the Spark supermini, although buyers are allowed 4,000 miles and a maximum of 60 days. Nevertheless, the program is an interesting way to promote a technology and a vehicle that many motorists are weary of to begin with. Now close your eyes and imagine if this program were put in place in the United States.

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  • Kyree Kyree on Dec 21, 2012

    Based on yesterdays article about rampant odometer fraud, if this program were implemented in the States, people would take improper advantage of it to such extent that it would have to be quickly discontinued. On the other hand, several lucky punters would get lightly-used Volts for a substantial discount...

  • Piro Piro on Dec 21, 2012

    In Europe, you know what this needs? A diesel estate version. At a reasonable cost, this would be bought up by fleets up and down the land for maintenance vehicles and so on, yet it would still hold value well on the second hand market. Company vehicles here do not regularly consist of anything but diesel estates, for good reason. Space, economy. Yes, I know the Volt has good economy, but it has fairly lame economy when the battery has been depleted, which is where a diesel version would come in and help.

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    • Krhodes1 Krhodes1 on Dec 22, 2012

      @el scotto Europeans drive across the continent on vacation, often towing a caravan. I fail to see your point. Individual European countries might be relatively small, but Europe as a whole sure isn't. I drove from Berlin to Stockholm in one day- it was plenty far, and at $11/gallon I was certainly wishing my wagon was a diesel. Most Americans seldom drive farther than work and back, and many only have long commutes because they are seduced by the ridiculous suburban dream of having a uselessly large house and yard.

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Dec 22, 2012

    If you're going to buy this car, you're not going to return it in a month.

  • MLS MLS on Dec 23, 2012

    Uh, a 30-day return policy is not particularly generous for a retail outlet like H&M. A car company is a different story.