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A couple of Instagram photos blew the cover of the next-generation Porsche Cayman. Yes, it looks like the Boxster, and under the skin it will probably be the same as well. More photos below.

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15 Comments on “Porsche Cayman Insta-Leaked...”

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    Did someone have to break up the styrofoam to get a picture of the car?

    Otherwise, quoting Clarkson: Porsche, the laziest car designers in the world.

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    word is bond

    Looks great in that almost-3/4 shot. The back end on the other hand… well, we’ll have to see more.

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    Is this a production ready car? In the first picture- those headlights look aweful 2-Dimensional. No depth to them whatsoever.

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    Was talking to a guy at the gas station the other day (with a hardtop cayman), he is starting the process of mounting two turbos under the car, titanium heads and a whole lot of other stuff, asked why he didn’t just get a 911, he said the cayman was a better car and was basically saying screw you porsche for handicapping it, hope I stumble accross him again after that project is done and maybe get a ride.

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    mid engine is always strategically better placed than being in the a*s end.
    But since 901 had been around since 1964 and almost rendered redundant when 928 was around. U think they’ll ever kill this cash holy cow?

    So as a fnd, he’s another Porsche-saurus he’s into 944, he said one can crank out so much more power than the 901 can. I take tricked out at 500+ hp is pretty much has reached its zenith. Ofcourse the magic number can keep going up but is not going to be for public consumption.

    Anyways we’re not here to decide what design is better or not, as long as one can keep reaching into your deep pocket to keep building your toy thats important.

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      Neighbor had a 928 with the small turbo from the 924 or 944 in the engine bay and the big 911 turbo from the single turbo days mounted underneath (along with all emission restraints removed, he said), said it was mechanically governed at 200mph. don’t know about the speed, but with those skinny tires I would have been terrified, said he took it to talledaga once and ran it as flat out as he could, by the time we were neighbors it hadn’t been driven in years, just stayed covered, only found out b/c I asked what it was and he had no interest to sale, his daily driver being an immaculate mid-70’s 300D (wouldn’t sale that one either and I’ve been trying to find the right one for years).

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        928 is a heavier body than a 944, maybe the handling is better.
        unless the turbo 944 engine can crank out more power than the big 5 l v8. people always have their funny reason to do things difficult.
        do heard of the 928 has a titanium hollow propeller shaft, should u let the car run on low RPM it can twist bend that expensive shaft!
        both 924 & 928 have transaxle in the rear so the wt placement is more neutral.

        I guess they’ll never install a turbo cayman right from the factory, or else will kill off all 901 sales.
        There were after market folks drop Vee8s into back of 901 too, a 500hp is not all that hard to do, except the excess wt hanging off the tail.

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    What service does the instagram filter provide, at all, in this instance? Most recently, I’ve seen these cheesy instagram photos while trolling Craigslist, where it does a great disservice to evaluating a car (and frankly, makes me question the owner). I will gladly celebrate the demise of this trend.

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    I like what’s happening at the front, but I have to say it looks a little too “styled” for my tastes. There’s a lot of stuff going on. The current gen to me is a lot cleaner, and dare I say, timeless?

    Can’t wait to see the final product though.

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    I have always thought that Cayman looks better than Boxster for the roof line. It really has the old school 911 look.

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    Agreed, definitely partial to the previous Cayman

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    A little off topic, but what exactly is the appeal of that 1970s Kodacolor shot with a $20 Instamatic camera look that Instagram gives cell phone pictures thanks to digital manipulation?

    What’s next, a faux rotary phone dialer on you cell phone?

    Edit: Yikes, I just checked. There are faux rotary phone apps for my Android cell phone. Head smack.

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