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Quattroporte literally means “four door” in Italian. A rather uninspiring name for an exotic car like this Maserati. The new QP will be unveiled in January at the North American International Auto Show. No technical specs were revealed but bet on this; 8 cylinders and two pedals.

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45 Comments on “Maserati Shows Off Its Least Imaginatively Named Car...”

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    I think that’s a safe bet.

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    “Quattroporte” sounds plenty sexy with an Italian accent. For that matter, “go clean the toilets” probably does too. Great looking car inside and out, and they sound amazing too. If I had the readies, I’d have one – Italian mistresses are the best! You keep a FIAT 500 for when it is in the shop.

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    And “Volkswagen” literally means “people’s car” in German. So what? I’m guessing Maserati has been naming their 4-door “four-door” since before you were born, Derek?

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    I prefer the look of the older one. If the black on that engine cover is plastic, then this will be the engine cover that changes my mind about engine covers.

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    It’s a Tesla Model S that burns gasoline.

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    I would have preferred this new front clip on the old body’s shape. The back half of this is too Infiniti M35

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    Just curious: how do you say “overpriced, unreliable, curvy Cherokee” in Italian?

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    Fiat name their cars Uno -one, Punto – dot, Linea – line, Bravo. Everything sounds great in Italian.

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    Looks the business, much like any Quattroporte should look. The interior is also a much needed upgrade from the current model. I’d take this over anything else.

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    Nice portholes.

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    I’m very happy to see sail panel emblems haven’t died on real cars.

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    Pretty good effort for a Huyndai, and good to see they got Honda to supply the steering wheels.

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      Same problem as the Jaguar stuff these days (minus the F). From 10 yards away it looks like just another boring vanilla mom-jeans sedan.

      No doubt the sound will be sublime, but can’t the current batch of designers at any/all the car companies come up with something besides the beige CamCord look? They’re not even trying.


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    Unfortunately, the design is now cribbing other cars. The previous model looked all it’s own, but now the front is a bit last-gen CLS, and the back is a combo Infiniti M as mentioned above, with a bit of Audi thrown in.

    Still a right sexy side profile though, and the interior is beautiful as usual. One of my favorite things about Materati interiors has got to be the ultramarine colored clock.

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    The name seems like a pretty silly reason to deride this car. Most people don’t speak Italian, so for them it’s just another beautifully sounding car.

    Even if it translates into something boring, it sure beats another Alphabet soup letter and number combo.

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    These pictures seem to show frameless door glass, in contrast to the outgoing model. The frameless style is what all the German “four-door coupes” use (Audi, Mercedes, BMW, even VW), so perhaps the change is in response to that.

    I agree that it’s overwrought in the Infiniti manner. I like the upright 1980s Quattroportes best, actually.

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    I think it looks like a 90s Buick myself.

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    I actually think the tail lights by themselves looks like those in the new Peter Schreyer designed Kia Optimas!! I don’t know if that says more about the Kia than the Maserati…..

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    Wow, it’s the new Quattroporte. This is a big deal.

    It looks really long.

    The old one is from another era, that’s for sure

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    while the name is perhaps the least imaginative name in the business, as others have said, when you say it in Italian it doesn’t matter. Look at that 500 Abarth superbowl commercial. Yes she was actually speaking Italian and if you google what she said it makes sense in conversation. How many of us did that or actually understood? How many of us cared? She could have been insulting our mothers and we would have still been turned on by it.

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    el scotto

    Top Gear said it better than me “This is the car an Italian hitman would drive”. Or something close to that. If I leased one I would go “fah” at the unwashed.

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    The world needs a luxury sedan with a decent-sized trunk (19 cubic feet minimum, 22 cubic feet, ideally). The S550 Mercedes is only 16 cubic feet, and that’s not “luxurious”. Not everyone wants to have to drive an SUV on a long trip or to the airport.

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    This is not a new thing for the marque

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    Cuatro puertas… no, it doesn’t sound good on Spanish. Why does everything in Italian sound so nice and everything in Spanish sound so corny? Even in USA Spanish words are only used for tacos and jokes.

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    I’m glad a quarter-panel window was added to the c-pillar, which makes the car look better, and that it has leapt into this century while still retaining its old-school class…

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    The name of the car “Quattroporte” sound like boring but the car interior decoration is awesome. But the back side of the car is not so much unique design. Front side of the car looking very muscular. I think car’s engine will be also muscular. The car averagely like a sedan car but it is like also a very luxurious car.

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    The three shark vents in the front panel, regardless of heritage, now scream ghetto… and I’m shocked that car manufacturers are still trying to peddle this garbage on their higher end models when there are clapped out imports and GM SUVs tooling about with these dubious stick on accessories which can be bought at the local Wal Mart next to the plastic spinnaz hubcaps.

    Anyway, it looks like a mashed up Merc from the front, a Kia from the back, and a generic stretched Infiniti from the side. That’s a lot of money to pay for an ugly car.

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    DC Bruce

    A friend of mine has one of the first generation models, with the interior specified to his order. The interior is lovely; the sound of the engine is lovely. But the SMG gearbox is jerky (I think they replaced it with a regular torque converter automatic in more recent years). And for someone who is over 6 feet tall but not overweight, the car is pretty snug inside, even in the front seat (haven’t sat in the rear).

    I have to agree that the front of this one looks sort of Buickish.

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    I don’t understand all the hate on the exterior of this car. I see a current QP around town from time to time and have always thought it was a great desing for a 4-door sedan, but that the front clip needed to be made to look more like the 2-door and the taillights looked all sorts of wrong. Here they’ve made the front and back look way way better, also refreshed the sides with some nice curves, and generally brought the whole thing a few steps forward.

    If there is any comparison with other brands, I think it’s because other brands are moving toward this more swoopy look for 4-door sedans, not because Maserati is copying others. Yes, the new taillights look rather like some recent Infinitis, but how many different ways can you put red lights on the back corners of a car?

    I generally don’t like the more ostentatious cars out there – Ferraris, Lambos, etc. might be fun to look at but I’d feel like an idiot owning one – but this is one I could actually see myself in if I ever had the money (which I won’t). Same with the 2-door.

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      She might be the sexiest girl in the room. She might be the hottest thing since sliced bread. But no one can tell, because she came to the party dressed like everyone else.

      A Maserati should have style. It SHOULD be a little ostentatious. A person should never walk up to one and say, “What’s that?”

      But hey, it’s not all bad. Let’s thank the good lord that Maserati survived it’s “K” car days. You want to talk UGLY. . .

      And there’s nothing wrong at all with the sound of a snarling Ferrari/Maserati V-8. You could put that noise in a green cardboard wheelbarrow and it would still stir the bones. In fact, whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll queue up the Top Gear Alfa Romeo 8C clip and turn up the sound. Never fails to warm the soul.

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