Generation Why: Scion Redeems Itself Via Incubator

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
generation why scion redeems itself via incubator

Scion may have taken some heat for its heavy metal marketing initiative, but Toyota’s youth brand is about to put its money where its mouth (and marketing dollars are). Scion will launch a small-business incubator, dubbed Scion Motivate, to help young people get creative-focused start-ups off the ground.

Automotive News outlines the process as such

The 50 individuals with the best ideas will be brought to Los Angeles for a three-day small business conference with panelists and speakers, all of which will be streamed on the Web for those who didn’t win. The 50 semifinalists will then compete for 10 winning spots that will each receive $10,000, a new Scion vehicle and a six-month mentorship from a successful small-business owner.

Rather than sit and figure out ways to sell cars to “Millenials”, Scion is doing something, however small, to help solve the biggest automotive related problem for Generation Y; nobody has jobs – or a decent paying job – which makes vehicle ownership an expensive and unattractive proposition. Now, this is far from catch-all solution to getting Gen Y motorized again; things like urbanization and environmental consciousness have dampened the enthusiasm for cars to an extent, but it is far from flat-lined, as some would like us to believe.

We salute Scion’s efforts to encourage entrepreneurship among youth; in an era of “you didn’t build that” and dismal unemployment figures for young people, this is the right program with the right message, even if selling cars is the ultimate driving force behind it.

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  • Detroit-Iron Detroit-Iron on Oct 26, 2012

    "The competition, which begins today, has young, entrepreneurial artists, musicians, designers and fashionistas vying for a chance to get start-up funding from Scion." Sounds more like bullshit pandering. Why aren't they incubating ideas for things that people actually need? They could at least include application developers. F'ing bread and circus.

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    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Oct 28, 2012

      @forraymond I'm an Independent. I don't like Obama and I don't like Romney. Having said that, though, I do not believe that a second Obama term would be good for MOST Americans, unless they are standing in Obama's welfare line. But I am also equally convinced that Obama will indeed be re-elected to a second term because there simply are not enough people in the 106 counties of the eight swing states that will decide the upcoming election, who will rally behind Romney. Unless there is some divine intervention, we would be well advised to prepare ourselves for four more years of Obama and democrat policies, and safeguard or shelter our interests accordingly. Remember, it's the working people and businesses who fund Obama's socialist projects with their taxes so now is the time to get on the welfare bandwagon and start to take out instead of putting in. You can always undo what you did if Romney gets elected. That's why so many businesses are going to be laying off people by year's end. They can always hire them back if things get better under Romney. Or not.

  • Ronnie Schreiber Ronnie Schreiber on Oct 26, 2012

    "The competition, which begins today, has young, entrepreneurial artists, musicians, designers and fashionistas vying for a chance to get start-up funding from Scion." Scion is stressing how this is open to "creatives". Frankly, I'd rather they opened up the competition to other kinds of startups, perhaps those with relevance to the automotive world. Lonny Doyle needs $40K to build the next prototype of his engine.

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    • Luke42 Luke42 on Oct 27, 2012

      @Ronnie: That sounds like a great development, and with the ease of electronic bookkeeping and communications, I've thought it was a little odd how long the bank model of business credit has lasted. Anything that makes it easier for people to start businesses! Running a small business is a very satisfying and respectable way to live. (I imagine we'll disagree on some of the details of what we can do to make life easier for small business owners -- but let's save that for another day. The goal is the same!)

  • Lightspeed Lightspeed on Oct 27, 2012

    Love the idea of this, but agree it should have been opened up to any innovative start-up in contrast to 'creatives.' The best thing about this approach is that it can be repeated and can grow. If I were Toyota, i'd be talking to state governments about a matching-grant program.

  • Hubcap Hubcap on Oct 29, 2012

    This is great. Maybe Scion will discover the next Hello Kitty or better yet Sailor Moon!