By on September 28, 2012

Some unfortunate news out of the Paris show; we won’t be seeing the Volkswagen Bluesport Roadster or the Microbus-esque Bulli any time soon.

VW R&D Chief Ulrich Hackenberg told the UK’s Autocar that “there is no business case” for the retro Bulli. The Bluesport sports car may have a future, but not right now

“The segment is falling if anything,” said Hackenberg. “I don’t want to go to the board now with it as a rejection would kill it off completely. If we can make a business case for it, it can be put into production quite quickly. But if we make the proposal now, it dies.”

Take a wild guess as to what’s next on VW’s plate. If you said “MQB-based crossover”, you’re correct! I’d rather the beautiful Concept R made it to production than either of those.

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11 Comments on “Volkswagen Hits The Pause Button On Bluesport And Bulli...”

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    I know I’m in a tiny minority, but I’d love a very fuel efficient fun-to-drive TDI roadster as a commuter vehicle. It wouldn’t/couldn’t be the only car in the driveway, but would probably see more miles than my TDI wagon family hauler. And October in the Smokies would be just the time for a non-commuter trip…

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    This is unfortunate. Both of these products would have added some needed visual interest to VW’s blandly teutonic brand design profile. Sacrifices must be made, even on the road to world domination! Oh, and let me take this opportunity to suggest that the state of Lower Saxony sell all of its VW stock before economic conditions grow even darker.

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    The real answer is don’t be stealing $60,000 sales of Porsche Boxsters! There’s an opening here for someone. BMW?

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    I am frankly not surprised and did not expect production of either, but I think that a hip and not too expensive microbus would actually sell pretty well. If it was fuel efficient, it could become the minivan equivalent of a MINI — a hip/trendy, premium vehicle for yuppies making a statement. I could totally see all the hipster soccer moms going crazy for this – there is nothing else competing in this segment. hell the segment doesnt even exist yet

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    It makes perfect business sense:

    – There are fewer drivers who are interested in sports cars
    – There are fewer opportunities to actually drive sports cars in enthusiastic fashion on the roads
    – There are fewer people in the middle class with money to spend on things like this. The $35K-$65K range is, unfortunately, a dead zone for sports cars.

    It’s a bummer – I loved both the Audi and the Porsche preview versions of this, and that range does fit what I’d be willing to spend for the right sports car.

    I’ll just keep hoping that Mazda does well enough with the 6 and the CX-5 to bring the next RX-X out. Or go for a used Cayman or Exige.

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    I understand that making these cars take a lot of time, but with the release of the redesigned Beetle, this would’ve been a great time to keep riding that wave. Oh well. We get crossovers instead.

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    Bulli’s too small anyway. Now let’s learn whether VW still plans to build a new Transporter.

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    The best part of this plan was the notion of a Bugatti version of this little lightweight. That would have been spectacular.

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    Does anyone else think it would be awesome of mazda decided to steal VW’s steam by dropping their 2.2l diesel(173hp, 310 lb-ft) into the next mx-5?

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