By on September 26, 2012

This might be the first live shot of the Jaguar F-Type that isn’t taken on a blurry camera phone.

Here’s the important breakdown:

  • A supercharged V6, making 340 or 380 horsepower and 332/339 lb-ft of torque, is available on the V6 or V6 S.
  • A V8 S with a 495 horsepower/460 lb-ft supercharged engine is the next step up.
  • Only an 8-speed automatic will be available at launch
  • Pricing is rumored to start at just under $70,000, up to $100,000 for a V8 S.
  • The V6 S gets a real mechanical LSD, while the V8 gets an electronic unit.
  • 0-60 comes in at 4.2 seconds for the V8 S, 4.8 for the V6 S and 5.1 for the V6
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21 Comments on “Paris 2012: Jaguar F-Type...”

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    It looked better from the “leaked” press shot angles. From this angle, it just looks…bulbous. We’ll see how it looks in real life soon enough.

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    Boy, a lot of design flair has been lost since the original Keith Helfet-designed Jaguar F-Type concept from over a decade ago.

    Now it looks more like a Nissan Z car than a British roadster that is suppose to share prestigious linage with the E-type.

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      This has a much higher beltline than its predecessor and so as a result it ends up looking like a Nissan. I can’t say I’m surprised, but what a shame… at least it looks better in this pic than it did in the press shots

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    I’m getting a lot of of the 2005 Shelby Cobra concept out of it for some reason. Yeah, a lot of Nissan there too, especially in the windscreen and front fender. And the new Gaping Ferrari Maw (R).

    Too early to really tell what it will look like. I’m looking forward to better photos.

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    This is a bad photo try and then I think you may fall in love with this car

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    Looks like a higher beltline, steeper windshield, latter day reincarnation of the Z8 to me.

    Pricing right in P territory is interesting, with the 6 making Boxster power, and the 8 911 power, both at respective prices. Alas, chances are weight will be this thing’s downfall. A torque converter 8 speed, if done right, ought to trump P’s dual clutch units in daily driver driveability, for what it’s worth

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    Super-Charged V8 from the get-go. That’s nice.

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    Spanish Inquisition

    Does anybody find that the F-Type reminds them of the Ferrari California?

    Also, are they serious about the V8 getting only an e-diff option? Or is this some sort of electronically controlled clutch-type LSD? I suspect it’s the latter for that kind of money.

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    Sgt Beavis

    Do Want!

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    It’s the weight that kills it. Starting at 3500 lbs… what a bummer.

    I don’t understand all this aluminum chassis nonsense when the car is still heavier than the last steel 911 – or the new Viper, for that matter. The Viper has an 8.4 liter truck-derived motor, massive tires, and a tube steel frame, for God’s sake.

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      In fact, much as I like to whine about Porsche, they have kept the Boxster/Cayman under 3K lbs, which is about the dividing line between a sports and a GT car to me.

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      The 8.4L Viper motor shares very little with the 8.0L truck engine last seen in 2003. About all they have in common is bore centers and bore spacing. The Viper engine has an aluminum block and cylinder heads and a lot of high-dollar forged components in it.

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        I realize that, Wheeljack – I’m a big fan of the Viper – but there is no way that motor would exist without its truck predecessor.

        Regardless, the fact that the Jag is more than 200 lbs more than the new Viper is pretty sad. Maybe the coupe will be able to shed some of that weight.

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    I’d be quite happy with 300HP……..if it didn’t look like this crap. What a lost opportunity to do something great.

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    70-100K? So… retail is 9k cheaper than an XK/XKR coupe? 15 less than the covertible? How does that make any sense? I thought this was supposed to be a much cheaper alternative to the XK.

    If that is the case, I’m not impressed. Make it 50-60k to 80k max and it will be much more appetizing and won’t cannibalize the existing range.

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    It’s so generic; a plus-size Miata.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    At this price point won’t it cut into XK convertible sales? If it was priced at 50-60k fine an entry level Jag roadster, something they needed for years.

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    Ya know what’s kinda funny? Jaguar pontificating about its sports car roots then introducing a roadster weighing 3500+ lbs in base trim and doesn’t give you the option of a manual or a dual clutch.

    And I also agree that the price point is too high. It’ll be interesting to see how it sells.

    Give me a used Z4M coupe any day of the week.

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