Question Of The Day: What Is Your Dream Day…. Car Wise?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
question of the day what is your dream day car wise

The email was pleasant enough.

I had finally become a world famous ‘blogger’ according to the lady whose job was shucking an unloved SUV to anyone who would care to write about it.

“Sure!”, I thought. “Why the hell not! Where else would the term ‘SUV Sally’ have so much acceptance?”

The opening got right down to the nitty gritty.

“I’d like to extend a personal invitation for you to join our invite-only Canyonero! “BEST DAY” Social Community. To introduce the new Canyonero Titanic Edition to consumers through social media, we created a community just for bloggers and influencers where, throughout the year, we will invite you to experience and help promote the Canyonero, and in return provide VIP event passes, exclusive content, amazing experiences and chances to win your dream “BEST DAY” – maybe you’re a fashion blogger who wants passes to NYFW to interview the designers; or a sports reporter who wants dugout access at a Yankees game to interview Derek Jeter. You get the idea.”

Oh boy did I get ideas…

Let’s just say that one of my wife’s best friends is a writer of ‘romance’ and I sometimes like to create Mad Libs versions of her work.

As the phrase, “The hulking Canyonero glared at me like a morbidly obese homoerotic hunter seeing its prey for the first time.” crossed my mind, I thought to myself,

“What would Robert Farago write? Better yet, what would some of the more gifted writers throughout the ages provide this benevolent corporate contest during one of their off days?”

I’m sure even the old-school Homer wanted at one point to take a vacation in the Peloponnesus territories. Who knows?

I’m still debating the outcome of that internal struggle between ‘selling out’ in a way no self-respecting journalist ever would, and leveraging our audience to make a PG rated lifelong dream come true.

To sing this song with the legendary Neil Diamond.

Did I mention I can’t sing worth a lick? This little Hamlet of a situation will be fun to ponder. But I do have to give the PR lady credit. She did inspire a fascinating question that every auto enthusiast ponders to some degree every now and then.

“What is your dream day… car wise?”

Mine involves a pickup truck and a trampoline. But seriously folks, what would be your dream day when it comes to driving various motorized machines in different places? An M3 thru Modena perhaps? An Abrams Tank through the neighbor’s house? That wouldn’t quite count… although it may as well given that we’re in the clutches of a Friday afternoon.

Share your thoughts. Enjoy the soon-to-be weekend.

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  • Styles79 Styles79 on Aug 05, 2012

    My Celica XX, down through National Park across to Waiouru, up the desert road to Taupo, through Rotorua and home. Ok, so that would be a big day but it could be done Maybe break it up to a multi day and make a proper tiki-tour of it. I feel pretty lucky that I own my dream car, sure there are better looking cars, faster cars, better handling cars, more fuel efficient and more comfortable cars, but I now own the car that I wanted as a teenager, so I'm a happy man.

  • WildcatMatt WildcatMatt on Aug 29, 2012

    So, I'm a nerd. Give me a DeLorean with all the Back to the Future II bits added on and a stretch of road where I can run at 88 miles an hour. Watching heads turn would be fantastic.

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