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The city of Rancho Santa Fe is located in the rolling hills north of San Diego. It claims, like so many other burgs across this country, to have the highest average family income in the nation. Wherever they rank, the little town of 3,100 residents boasts some serious bucks.

And one RSF resident just lost his or hers 2005 blue-with-white stripes Ford GT supercar.

Authorities report that the $200,000 car went missing sometime before July 10 while the owner was away for three weeks. They will not identify the victim (could it be RSF’s most famous resident, golfer Phil Mickelson, long sponsored by Ford?)

Something is rotten in Rancho. The police have at least two stories: they told one news outlet that the car was stolen from a “storage area.” They told another it was taken from a home while it was being burglarized. Neither tale rings true. There is clearly more to the story and that is where you come in.

The local Crime Stoppers line has offered a $1,000 reward for the return of the filched Ford but TTAC is upping the ante. Please predict the story and outcome of this caper for a chance to win a cool automobilia prize. Will the car turn up in a Tijuana junkyard sans engine? Was it owned by a drug lord? More infighting among Carroll Shelby’s heirs? You tell us.

The winner will receive this neat glass-and-granite desktop display honoring the One Millionth Honda Accord rolling off the assembly line in Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant. This gift was handed out to Honda dealers in 1988.

The winner will be based on whose tale is closest to news reports as of September 1, 2012.  If their are no updates on the case by then, the winner will be determined by whose prediction makes us laugh the most. Good luck!

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35 Comments on “Tales From The Cooler: Who Stole My Ford GT?...”

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    Here is my proposition. Both stories are true. The thief borrowed Mitt Romney’s time machine that he used to retro-actively retire from Bain and went back in time to commit the car theft twice, so as to confuse the police and readers of TTAC.

    I expect glass-and-granite desktop display honoring the One Millionth Honda Accord rolling off the assembly line in Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant, to be signed by Bertel and the entire crew of TTAC and sent to me by the end of next week, unless someone else uses the time machine and alters the space time continuum.

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    It was taken by a drug lord to cover a drug debt.

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    My home has a storage area where I keep my car. My guess is they find the car wrecked and dropped into a canyon. Owner suspected, but the real killers are never found.

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    High profile cars like this are not stolen for chop shops. It’s in Mexico by now with the VIN altered and sold to someone, maybe Carlos Slim?

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      Agreed. Often cars stolen in Southern California land up in Mexico. For a while, it was difficult to get insurance on a Toyota 4WD vehicle because of theft.

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    Chicago Dude

    None of the above.

    It’s on a container ship headed to Asia, never to be seen again.

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    Vin Diesel is out racing rice rockets with it…

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    I predict a Ford 5.4L Supercharged engine will soon be found powering either Murilee’s A100 or the rally project/moneypit Volvo V70.

    Some uncomfirmed reports will float about of a hard to start Civic hatchback with CO plates seen in the vicinity.

    Then, in a year, we will suddenly see a “Junkyard Find” detailing a mysteriously engineless, rust-free GT in the “Brain Melting” Colorado junkyard, next to the ’52 Kaiser.

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      Also, if one plays one’s cards right, one could probably score a slightly abused, title-less GT for $500, drop a non-supercharged 5.4 into it (or a 4.6L Intech from a Continental?) and have officially the most insane LeMons ride to date.

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      No, the Kaiser will be gone, now mysteriously powered by a 5.4L supercharged Ford engine and parked in Murilee’s driveway. The Ford GT will inexplicably have a Continental six haphazardly wedged in the engine bay.

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    It was scouted, stolen and shipped to Albania.

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    Just saw one of these two weeks ago, with a blue At-DO plate, driven by a young chav in dornbirn Austria.

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    I heard that story reported on the local San Diego radio. The reported value was $250K. That amount seemed a little high to me so I did a search online at Of the 2005 GTs listed, only one exceeded $190K. For $325K you could buy the outlier, a “Sonic Blue” model claiming it is the only one in that color. I don’t know the exact color of blue for the stolen article, but either the stolen car is overvalued or the “Sonic Blue” one for sale is not really the only one.

    My guess is that it doesn’t show up before September and that someone is charged with insurance fraud.

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    el scotto

    It was secretly sold to the Federal Government, they told the previous owner to file a theft claim to muddle things. It’s been modified so the driving lights are the only external light source. It’s only driven on moonless night in conjunction with a helicopter with no external lights. The government is doing drive and fly byes of all the houses of the tinfoil hat crowd. It’s messing with them and having some fun at the same time. Don’t worry about me when I’d driving it; an Apache attack helicopter night vision system has been modified to fit the car.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    OJ escaped from jail, broke into the garage with his big knife, and took the car for a slow ride to Mexico.

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    Couldn’t “Phil” have gotten a bit too aggressive with it, trying to bring it home? Far fetched? Have you seen him play?

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    Oh, and my other guess is Dietrich borrowed it.

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    It’ll be found soon. Thief thought he had the ‘Vette he wanted till he realized the interior wasn’t craptastic enough.

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    Inconsitent stories? Insurance fraud and the car will be found in the bottom of a canyon, owner will do jail time.

    I want that Honda “award” autographed by everyone with “editor” in their title here at TTAC.

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    Inside job.

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    I saw it on Wednesday just north of Vacaville on I505. It had been painted red and was doing 55 in a 70 zone. I’m not even kidding. It was odd enough to see one on the street, but loafing along at 15mph under the limit? I was baffled to say the least.

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    Doc Brown got sick of the DeLorean … keep an eye out for a flying Ford GT replete with flux capacitor and Mr Fusion attachment.

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    Matt Fink

    Owner tuned into BBC America only to see Jeremy Clarkson drives the same car. Out of depression he sold the car for $500 to be used a Lemon’s racer in a future race .

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    The car is owned by a drug dealer who became insanely wealthy by selling “Bath Salts”. The dealer went away for three weeks to work on establishing an off shore account. His poser nephew decided to take the car to the “hood” to show off with his friends, and count money ( sort of like this,, when he decides to enter a CEELO tournament. He lost the car to George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, who while driving it back to Florida, ran out of gas. She had no money, as she just posted bail for her and her hubby, so she sold the car to one of those “We buy cars” places, so that she can buy gas. After watching the car disappear into the sunset on a flatbed, she went into the store to buy gas, only to realize that she has no car..The “We buy cars” place took the car to their lot, stripped out the drive-train, and scrapped the body, china fodder. The drive-train will likely sit under a tarp in the lot for years, until someone with a Miata sees it, buys it for 300 dollars, and makes the ultimate Monster Miata.. It will become the stuff of legends, until it crashes, and the numbers on the engine are ran by the authorities. The results of said backtracking, will ultimately land the poor Miata driver in jail for grand theft larceny..

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    It was me, and it’s going to be awesome!

    I’ve turned up the Devo and I’m cladding my Fiero with bits of sawzalld Ford GT.

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    Wayward son of law enforcement higher-up took a joyride and it ended poorly. Expect it to be ‘located by the authorities’ when the body work is complete; parts are hard to find.

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    Phil forgot to pay his monthly storage fee. His storage unit was repo to the highest bidder – Dave Hester AKA “The Mogul” from “Storage Wars”. Dave probably yelled record numbers of “YUUUP!” to own it.

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    Perhaps Ford issued a recall due to an engine fire. They wanted to tell the owner not to drive it, but seeing how he wasn’t home, they just came and got it.

    Did he not notice the loaner Focus in the driveway???

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    After realizing that he could never publicly own one, Al Gore just bought a few more carbon credits and had the Ford “ordered” the old fashioned way.

    Liscense plate to read: BUSHED or possibly ELITE1

    Later, suffering from the effects of toxic white guilt, he donates it to Cash for Clunkers II where the engine block is filled with concrete. Someone rescues what’s left of the chassis and it becomes a symbol for rebel forces in New Amerika.

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    That car is (or was) awaiting transport on a cargo ship in the port of Long Beach. Just as gone in 60 secs. would have you believe. That car is next to impossible to get past the US-Mexican border, and would be awfully hard to strip and sell without getting caught due to limited production and this car’s publicity as of now.

    Cargo ship somewhere. Maybe private cargo plane. But it’s gone!

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    The owner’s kid “borrowed” it and took it to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area southeast of the Salton Sea, west of Yuma. He was racing a dune buggy with it when it flipped over and became buried in the sand. The kid hitched a ride home and claimed no knowledge, saying he last saw it in the garage, then in the storage area, accounting for the two accounts. It won’t be found until October, when a Santa Ana wind uncovers it and a dune buggy nearly crashes into it. The insurance company that paid off the owner will take possession and sell it at auction. Steven Lang will buy it, not running, for $1500, and get it running by replacing the sand-clogged air cleaner, and sell it to an elderly couple for $500 down and $50 a week. The couple will only use it for grocery shopping and to go to church. Eventually, repairs will cost too much and Sajeev will advise them to dump it and buy a Crown Vic. With no takers for it, the couple will junk it. Later, Murilee will spot it in a self-serve junkyard completely intact, and before Jack Baruth can get there to buy it, it will be crushed. However, Murilee will have salvaged the clock and installed it in his A100, so at least part of the car will live on.

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    Goggles Piazno

    Stolen by Dennis Rodman for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to keep the crazy nights a secret.

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