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Well, that did not take long. Authorities in Vista, California today found what was left of the 2005 Ford GT discovered stolen from tony Rancho Santa Fe last week. We usually don’t mind strippers at all, butt …

The car was found sans engine, transmission and frame by police as they were investigating an “unrelated” home burglary case. Detectives continue to refuse to divulge the victim’s name but are now sticking to the story that the supercar was stolen during a home break-in while the owner was out of town. No arrests have been made.

In our contest for TTAC readers to predict the outcome of this caper, no one saw this twist coming – most thought the car was somewhere in hyperspace, never to be seen in North America again.

There are certain to be more developments in this case. We will continue to follow the updates until September 1, when we announce the winner!

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26 Comments on “Tales From The Cooler: Stolen Ford GT Found Stripped...”

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    Based on Jeremy Clarkson’s experience with his GT, (car was reported stolen multiple times while sitting in his driveway, and Ford’s anti-theft tracking system let him know about it on his cellphone) I’m surprised that they had time to 1: steal it, and 2: strip it, and 3: not get caught in the act? Am I mistaken about there being a tracking system in this car?

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      IIRC, Clarkson’s GT had a third-party alarm system installed by the Ford dealer. Some UK requirement thing?

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        I dunno about it being a UK requirement, but anyone who buys a high-dollar supercar would likely want some kind of high-end security system fitted, and it is true the Immobilizer system fitted on Clarkson’s GT was third-party installed by the local dealership and not Factory OEM.. which was why it kept giving him so many problems.

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        Yes it was a third party system required to get insurance as I remeber, Clarkson had alot of problems with it as I remeber as well.

        I wonder if he told the insurance company the same thing as he has recently tweeted about Romney after the car wouldn’t start due to the security system install?

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    Its a shame that a GT would end up like this, they’re one of the few retro cars that were done right.

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      I agree. My next thought was that I hoped it would be shipped to the Ford Klassic Centre where it would be meticulously returned to its former glory. Seriously I hope it does get sent to one of the super specialty shops that would do even better. It’s too special to be scrapped.

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    Look for a Fiberfab that is disturbingly fast and well sorted….

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    “…and frame…”

    How the F’ do you steal THE FRAME without the rest of the car?

    Doesn’t it have that nice big welded aluminum center beam and ends? Is there an engine subframe in back or something?

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      Wondered the same thing. Figured it was a typo, or as I occasionally do, a mash up of two separate sentences. I don’t know the intricacies of this car, but possibly a support subassemby for the engine/trans?

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      rear sub-frame gone with the engine, I would say. It’s even probably easier to unbolt both together than the engine alone.

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    Tracking system was perhaps the first thing unplugged/disabled. Loaded onto a box truck and off you go. Probably not your common smash-and-grab theft. I think that some people with an inside working knowledge of the car and access to a factory ODB reader were involved.

    With so few of them on the road or in collectionss, would just be a matter of asking lots of questions to just a few people.

    Or I could be all wrong.

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    Virgil Hilts

    More infomation is coming in: police also found a stolen Porsche in the warehouse with the GT.

    Authorities say this about the remains of the Ford, “all that was left were small pieces that had been cut up into even smaller pieces.”

    So this car will likely never be reborn…

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    Ford GT missing engine and trany. Yesterday’s story about cars blowing through stop lights at 215 MPH in St. Pete. Perhaps I think I know where to start looking for some missing parts.

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    Ron B.

    Seriously bad karma there. One thing to be thankful for,the car was found so his insurance will have to cough up something to cover it. As usual it takes stupid people to steal stuff and think they can keep doing it without getting caught.
    Re the trackers, a lot of classic car insurance companies insist on trackers being installed . It may have even helped in the case of this car ,and it could well have been found before the morons even started the sawzall. A guy here recently found his ride on mower after it was stolen,3 hours earlier….

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    Am I missing something or would other GT owners be the potential customers/suspects for the stolen parts? Who else is going to need that fram? C’mon!

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    I’m still waiting for that engine to turn up in Murilee’s next Hell Project. ’52 Kaiser GT, anyone?

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    So what can you do with a stolen Ford GT rolling chassis? Will it end up hideously rebodied in the Mideast? Sold to a GT owner that bent his chassis?

    Ford made about 4,000 (well, Saleen assembled them for Ford) so there’s probably a market for used parts.

    I wonder if it was stolen on order.

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    It sure is a dedicated car site when no one notice the nice break there, “strippers at all, butt …” :)

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    Looks as if you confused “not noticing” with “not wanting to acknowledge”

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    I have the engine and transmission. My 1992 F-150 project is coming along nicely, too.

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    If they chopped up the body to get the intact rolling chassis, chances are the engine and transmission are still attached. Somebody’s going to re-body it, probably in a foreign country, and have a “unique” one of a kind muscle car. That’s a relief to me – I don’t want somebody in an oddly misproportioned Corolla offering to race against my Altima…

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    punkybrewstershubby aka Troy D.

    My guess is that it’ll be totalled and crushed.

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