Tales From The Cooler: Stolen Ford GT Falls To Pieces. TTAC Reader Idemmu Wins Grand Prize.

Virgil Hilts
by Virgil Hilts
tales from the cooler stolen ford gt falls to pieces ttac reader idemmu wins grand

When we last reported on the saga of the 2005 Ford GT that was stolen in June during a home burglary in Rancho Santa Fe, California, all that had been found of the supercar were some chopped up parts, with no chassis or drivetrain in site. That soon changed.

A few days later, police arrested two second-story men after discovering the remainder of the car bits in a second storage facility. Authorities also recovered two stolen Porsches and other purloined articles, including a Van Gogh print.

The San Diego Union-Tribune interviewed the owner (who continues to remain anonymous, but is not golfer Phil Mickelson as some had speculated) and he reported the Ford had only 800 miles on the clock when it was swiped. He said he paid $150,000 for the $139,995 MSRP auto in 2004, no doubt during the frenzy that surrounded the GT’s launch.

We offered up a neat piece of car business memorabilia to the TTAC reader who could best predict the outcome of the caper. As no one imagined this odd ending, we determined the winner by choosing the commenter who made us laugh the loudest, so congratulations to our friend Idemmu for his entry:

The car is owned by a drug dealer who became insanely wealthy by selling “Bath Salts”. The dealer went away for three weeks to work on establishing an off shore account. His poser nephew decided to take the car to the “hood” to show off with his friends, and count money ( sort of like this,), when he decides to enter a CEELO tournament. He lost the car to George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, who while driving it back to Florida, ran out of gas. She had no money, as she just posted bail for her and her hubby, so she sold the car to one of those “We buy cars” places, so that she can buy gas. After watching the car disappear into the sunset on a flatbed, she went into the store to buy gas, only to realize that she has no car..The “We buy cars” place took the car to their lot, stripped out the drive-train, and scrapped the body, china fodder. The drive-train will likely sit under a tarp in the lot for years, until someone with a Miata sees it, buys it for 300 dollars, and makes the ultimate Monster Miata.. It will become the stuff of legends, until it crashes, and the numbers on the engine are ran by the authorities. The results of said backtracking, will ultimately land the poor Miata driver in jail for grand theft larceny..

Idemmu, we will be in touch…

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  • Ronnie Schreiber Ronnie Schreiber on Sep 10, 2012

    "He said he paid $150,000 for the $139,995 MSRP auto in 2004, no doubt during the frenzy that surrounded the GT’s launch." Still a good investment. The GT has held its value well. A 1300 mile Ford GT just sold for $170,000 at the RM Auction held in connection with the Concours of America. A check of eBaymotors shows 19 Ford GTs for sale and all the Buy It Now prices are above the original MSRP.

  • MatadorX MatadorX on Sep 10, 2012

    Not all the parts have turned up, I know the guy that ended up getting the seats...