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Kia revealed these pictures of the next Forte, with absolutely zero details about the car itself. I suppose it’s fair to say that they’ve planted the “cee’ds” in our minds…



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32 Comments on “Kia Plans The Cee’ds For The Next Forte...”

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    Spanish Inquisition

    Is it just me, or is this Cee’d looking… handsome? Where the Elantra is almost wild, this is understated but sleek. I guess the Optima’s styling’s been a hit.

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      The cee’d has the better front design and the overall look is more similar to the Rio sedan than the Optima (which is still the best design Schreyer has done).

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    Peter Schreyer is quite possibly the best hire Kia has ever made.

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    Damn…. Acura ILX already looks outclassed.

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    Eww, did this shameless Honda Civic design ripoff known to few as Kia Forte actually fail? How come? All Korean cars are a success by default!

    Regarding the Ceed, it is still the KIA of cars. You buy it only if you cannot afford a better compact. There is always the “yeah, but… it is cheap…, you know” factor in every purchase decision.

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      Praytell when did the Forte have the “jellybean” shape/roofline of the Civic?

      Only the design-challenged would say the Forte is a “ripoff” of the Civic – completely different roofline/greenhouse and rear and the front fascias aren’t all that similar either.

      The Forte didn’t have that overly narrow grill that the Civic had, as well as the chrome t-bar accent (Honda actually widened/enlarged the Civic’s grill after the Forte debuted) and the Forte has ‘kinked’ headlights which the Civiv does not have.

      Actually, the front fascia of the Toyota Camry looks like an amalgamation of the two (Civic’s chrome t-bar grill + Forte’s ‘kinked’ headlight).

      And the cee’d has beaten the Japanese hatch offerings in the European reviews.

      And the new Forte will likely have similar results as the Elantra – having a higher average transaction price than the Corolla (by $1,500) and the Civic (by $500).

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        Freddy M

        Actually, I agree that the current-gen Forte has major civic overtones. Actually saw a 8G civic parked beside a Forte and the similarities in the front ends are staggering.

        This new one however seems unique and very handsome from the front, yet the rear looks like a Ford Focus – better executed I might add.

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        Being the unfortunate owner of a Forte for a tad over a year, I would agree on the Civic-like styling – the front ends were VERY similar.

        I will also agree with the Forte being a “budget special,” it wasn’t a bad car by any means, just as long as those means involved “not breaking” or “being unable to be fixed” or “having tires from a brand you’ve never heard of, from a Chinese company nobody ELSE had ever heard of, that needed to be replaced around 15,000 miles with mostly highway commuter driving.”

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        The current Forte (aka Cerato down here) does resemble the Civic. Maybe it’s not a total ripoff, but it does look a lot like the Civic from some angles. The headlights are almost the same.

        But this new one… I’m sure Honda would love to sell a Civic that looked that good.

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        My Forte had Goodyear Tires from the factory….some “unknown brand” I guess.

        BTW the Forte has larger headlights, a larger grill, and larger foglight openings.

        God forbid that Honda actually “copy” anyone. How’s that Chrysler designed 4th sliding door and power lift gate working out for Honda??

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        The front end viewd head-on, looks VERY similar to the prior-gen Civic released… 4 years before the Forte? Not to offend your defensive, perhaps fanboy-esque sensabilities – my comment was not intended to rip on the owner of such a car, but the company who makes and does not stand by it.

        And I’m glad you made the comment you did – the Forte appears to use whatever is available. I don’t know if it’s a model thing (I had an EX, the most common model that Kia sells), a year thing, or what, but my 2010 (purchased in July 2010) used Nexen tires. Of the people who HAD heard of them (which did NOT include Car and Driver, if you are wondering) I was told that because it was a low-key, Chinese company (low-end, too, even for being Chinese) that transport, conversion rates, etc made them hard to find, at least in the state of Wisconsin, and getting replacements or having them covered under warranty was impossible.

        So yes, I had never heard of Nexen, and Kia is the only company to this day, that I’ve heard of, that uses them.

        Good job, though.

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        @ tuffjuff

        I don’t know about US, but in Canada Nexen tires are sold @ Wal-Mart as a budget brand (house brand?) of tires.

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    Volt 230

    good looking car, like it more than the Elantra.

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    Looks like every other small sedan on the market, if a little ugly.

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    I detect some Mazda 3 and Dodge Dart design elements when looking at this thing in profile. Does anyone know whether Kia plans to release a Forte coupe (okay fine, Koup) version, as well?

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    Man…just when I thought my next car purchase decision was made. KIA has to release this thing. Now I need to wait…again

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    Sad thing is, it could have been a much-more-practical hatchback with no change to the profile. Instead, it’s a faux-sedan with a tiny trunk opening. Still, it does look good.

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      That was just my thought. I really like Peter Schreyers clean lines, but I still am left thinking there goes another car with no rear headroom (does everything really have to look like a coupe?). I liked the practicality of the previous ceed wagon and hatchback and hope he will create one of these variants with the new models.

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      There will be a hatchback version, but it remains to be seen if Kia will just bring over the cee’d or do a separate hatch design.

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    you can guess what’s coming… it’ll use the new 1.8 petrol in the i30/elantra + usual 6 spd. auto/manuals

    hatchback will follow

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    I want one… now.

    I was hot for the Dart until I drove one (1.4T, 6spd). The driveline was a letdown, and the bottom-tier gauge cluster was hideous.

    Kia’s on a roll, and this car shows promise.

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    Brian P

    The big question now, is whether the ride and handling will live up to the promise that the exterior styling makes. This has (so far) been Hyundai/Kia’s weak spot. The Rio was a big disappointment in this regard.

    I fully recognize that a good many buyers in this segment won’t recognize good steering if it slapped them in the face … but I do.

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      The ride in the Rio is fine, as is the handling, but the weak point is the overboosted steering.

      The Koup actually has decent steering feel, so it remains to be seen if Kia can retain that while improving everything else.

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    Hmph. Sleek, slender, and elegant. Doesn’t disappoint in the looks department at all, no siree. If it’s like the rest of the family, it’ll offer a decent package and options for the money.

    Now it’s a matter of determining whether the ride quality and handling dynamics are up to snuff.

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    Very clean and intentional lines. Well proportioned.

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    Polar Bear

    Another claustrophobic car with small windows. People make fun of the Nissan Versa/Tiida for its tall roof, but at least it has headroom and you can see out of it.

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    The Pontiac double-kidney grille fused into a single piece;
    Headlamps reminiscent of the new BMW 3-Series;
    Fog lamps from a Volkswagen Passat;
    Taillamps taken from the Ford Focus Sedan;
    The side swoop from the upcoming Merc A-Class;
    DLO FAIL (If those are black plastic triangles ahead of the side mirrors).

    Yet despite all of these familiar styling cues, the final whole result is possibly more attractive than any of those cars (except the Focus)…and certainly better looking than the current Forte.

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      Freddy M

      +1 on all points. I whole-heartedly agree that they took those features and masterfully integrated and improved on them all to create a franken-car that looks very good.

      However I don’t think that Focus is more attractive. Focus is undeniably striking, but overly aggressive in its styling. This new Cee’d/Forte is IMO the better looking car because of its less dramatic presentation.

      But to each his own :)

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